The Most Comprehensive and Honest Review about LuckyDate

TheLuckyDate Review

  • Neat and pleasant-looking interface
  • Ladies have serious intentions and often text first
  • Extensive user database
  • Reasonable prices
  • Quick and easy navigation

Are you interested in online dating? That being said, are you hesitant to try any dating site because you don’t know which service is best to use? So that you do not waste your time, our experts are testing many dating sites, including the currently popular TheLuckyDate. 

  • 9.0

In the new 2023 The Lucky Date dating site review, you will find out all the necessary information about this site.

TheLuckyDate Girls Profiles

Anna 26 y.o.
Victoria 27 y.o.
Alina 25 y.o.
Saint Petersburg

The Main Points about TheLuckyDate 

Below, our dating experts have written for you the most basic points about TheLuckyDate.

The number of users per month18 000
Distribution (girls/men)53% girls and 47% men
The average age of the girls20-35
The country where users are fromColombia, the US, Russia, the UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, France, Italy, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Albania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Estonia, Thailand, Turkey, etc. 
TheLuckyDate main page

Who should definitely use TheLuckyDate? 

The site is ideal for all single people: men and women who are looking for Online flirting, happy dating, pleasant chats, or serious relationships. And also for those who are looking for young and beautiful Asian girls from such regions, for marriage, or dating.

Short info about the service 

Launched in 2019, TheLuckyDate website is enjoying a steady rise in popularity. This shows clearly in the number of members, with 200,000 last year and around 18,000 users visiting the site monthly.

The reasons for this phenomenon are obvious: a low starting price of $3, a convenient mobile site format, and convenient payment methods – PayPal and credit card. The site has a helpful support team that also boosts its rankings. The beauty of the girls, in turn, has attracted more and more new visitors since 2019 to this day. 

Finally, the creators of the site are doing everything possible to minimize the level of fraud and improve the convenience of online dating for its registered members. Join TheLuckyDate and have fun or even more!

TheLuckyDate women profiles examples 

Regarding the profiles and their completeness, our experts note that more than 85% of the profiles m.theluckydate are filled in detail. Also, 91 percent of the profiles are real people. The main monthly audience is very active and updates their profiles from time to time.

3 Reasons Why You Should Try TheLuckyDate 

Below, our experts have written for you 3 main reasons why you should visit this site.

Minimal fake girl profiles

Judging by the numerous user the lucky date reviews, as well as the experience of our specialists, the percentage of fake profiles is very low. It is somewhere around 8 percent out of 100.

Technical support is also actively fighting fakes and scammers on the site, that is, you can safely complain about the support person’s profile if it seems to you somehow too suspicious and similar to fraudulent.

TheLuckyDate users

A very large selection of girls from various Asian countries

TheLuckyDate is a relatively new but fast-growing online dating site that accepts members from all over the world. As we mentioned earlier, the site has women from all over the world, here is the list of countries:

  1. USA,
  2. Asia,
  3. UK, 
  4. Canada, 
  5. Colombia, 
  6. Estonia, 
  7. China, 
  8. Russia, 
  9. Thailand, 
  10. Turkey, etc.

The user community is active, there are many smart men and women in it. Almost every profile has more than 6 photos, and more than 1 video about yourself. However, some profiles are not too detailed.

In The Lucky Date profiles with incomplete filling, there are some basic facts about a person, for example, weight, education, profession, and, of course, age. They do not contain a detailed description of expectations about ideal relationships, who exactly and what kind of sexuality they are looking for, etc. 

But do not despair: more than 90 percent of The Lucky Date users fill out their profiles in some detail with facts about themselves. Users also really like a very large selection of girls from various Asian countries, as many people really like Asian looks and Asian culture.

High quality customer support

The support team consists only of highly qualified specialists who love their job and are happy to help solve the problems of the site’s customers. The only way to contact The Lucky Date support is by sending an email to [email protected]. At the moment there is no live chat and hotline, but they are planned.

TheLuckyDate support

Pros and Cons of TheLuckyDate Dating Site

To highlight the pros and cons of the platform, our experts analyzed hundreds of the lucky date dating site reviews, and also became site users themselves.


  1. No video chat feature
  2. There are profiles with only basic detail (without clarifications about the ideal partner, etc.)


Benefits of using this The Lucky Date website are:

  1. Legal dating platform
  2. Free registration and easy the lucky date login process
  3. Thousands of girls from different countries
  4. Excellent customer support
  5. Large community
  6. High quality profiles
  7. User friendly design
  8. Free Trial
  9. Special offers for new users
  10. Prices start at $3.

What are Dating Experts Thought about TheLuckyDate?

Stephan, a dating expert with 3 years of experience

“What I liked was the especially low price for services on the site compared to other dating sites. The only thing is that looking for a serious relationship on the site, which is a priority for me, is not an option here. 

The site is more suitable for finding a mutually beneficial relationship, friendship or sexual relationship, rather than marrying someone. In principle, I liked this specificity, because I managed to make friends with several gorgeous South Asian women, with whom I still communicate.”

TheLuckyDate woman

Ahmed, a dating expert with 4,5 years of experience

“The design of the site is modern, I also liked its main swipe function. The essence of the platform is simple: I would see random profiles while scrolling through them, swipe left or right, add them to my favorites, or just instantly text beautiful girls.

I want to note that there is only the usual search feature with 2 points of location and age. As a contributor, I couldn’t use the feature to search for people by their wealth level, having children, etc., and this made me a little upset.

At the same time, my experience on the site was great, and I think that this platform is suitable for those categories of people who want to meet women or men without any pressure. At the same time, in my opinion, the site is not suitable for those who are looking for a relationship for life, a future spouse, and so on.”


Alesia, a dating expert with 2 years and 8 months of experience

“The site suits more single guys than single girls. Because there are fewer guys than girls. Therefore, as a girl, I was a little uncomfortable with this fact. But I found a few men who interested me in their appearance. We had a great time on the site. And I managed to meet a couple of guys live.”

TheLuckyDate girls profile

Real Experiences of TheLuckyDate Users and their Feedback

Below you can find 2 real reviews from customers.

Tommy S. (5⭐), September 14th, 2021

Luckydate appears, on the surface, to offer exactly what I’m looking for. I’m a relatively new member, so only time will tell, but so far so good. The ladies on the site are stunning, and I’ve already engaged in a few interesting conversations. At this stage, I would recommend the platform, as it’s one of only a few that I have found that actually work and seem genuine.

James M. (5⭐), September 9th, 2021

When I signed up, I was surprised about the amounts of women wanting to talk to me, but then I understand the reason. Firstly, they are also lonely and trying to find a soulmate. Second of all, user of paid dating are more serious. I have been chatting with Olga for over a month, and I am head over heels in love. Thank God, I clicked on an ad and joined the site. See you soon Olga and thank u TheLuckyDate. Tip for consumers: the best place for lonely hearts.

Our Recommendations For The Very Best Experience at

Our experts have collected 3 questions that people often have on dating sites and answered them below. These tips will help you in using

What are the dating rules for actually looking for a relationship?

Online dating works best when you really know what you’re looking for. Are you interested in finding a committed relationship? Or are you more interested in casual dating and sex? Or maybe you just want to meet new, interesting people?

Set a clear intention for what you are looking for. It may even be helpful to sit down in advance and write a little in a diary of what kind of relationship you want and who would be the perfect person for it.

TheLuckyDate lady

How to write a correct profile on a dating site?

  • Ask friends for help

Ask a friend to help you write your profile. Sometimes they know you better than you know yourself.

  • Avoid stereotypes

Also, if you like “walking on the beach” or “drinking wine in front of a blazing fire”, skip it in – everyone says so. Think of something interesting that could start a conversation.

  • Check other profiles

If you’re short on inspiration, why not browse the lucky profiles to see what other people are saying? A variety of reading can give you ideas to incorporate into your own. Stay tuned to find more dating profile tips with effective ways to make yours profiles more attractive.

How to avoid fake profiles on the site?

Most of the profiles on The Lucky Date dating site are real. But of course there are some fake profiles here too. However, the site is completely safe. Our experts have found an article for you with tips on how to spot and avoid romance scams. This article will help you avoid falling into the hands of scammers.

TheLuckyDate cares about the security and privacy of members, does not disclose data to third parties and persons (unless they are involved in the provision of dating services), and also does not allow unregistered members to view profiles. 

Our experts have also found a video for you to learn about Unexpected Dangers of Online Dating. This video help you don’t fall for these dating Scams!

TheLuckyDate Real Life Success Stories

Success Story #1 Image
Nina and Alex TheLuckyDate CIS logo
Nina and Alex met on a dating site, and it was love at first sight! From their first conversation on the site, they knew they had something special. After months of messaging and video calls, they finally decided to meet in person. It was even more magical than either of them could have imagined. They fell in love almost instantly and have been together ever since. Now, Nina and Alex are celebrating their two-year anniversary and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!
Success Story #2 Image
Diana and Peter TheLuckyDate Asian logo
Diana and Peter met on a dating site, and it was love at first sight! Diana was looking for someone special, and when she saw Peter’s profile she knew he was the one. After messaging each other for a few weeks, they finally met in person and sparks flew instantly. Four months later, the couple moved in together and have since been happily married for two years. They attribute their success to the dating site that connected them because without it they never would’ve found each other. They were both looking for true love and they found it in each other.

Step-by-step guide on how to find girls on TheLuckyDate

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of the site and how to find girls on TheLuckyDate.

1. Register and create a profile 

It only takes a couple of minutes for each user to go through the registration process on TheLuckyDate platform. After that, the user will also have a couple of minutes to fill out their profile. When browsing the website, you will see a registration form that you need to fill out. Potential participants should only provide the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. Birth date

Then users will need to specify their email address, come up with a password and enter it in the appropriate field. Alternatively, the user can log into the platform using Google. After logging in, everyone has to answer a few questions, such as entering their data (weight and height), their location, writing facts about themselves, and uploading a photo to their profile.

Note: The user can skip these moments of filling in the data when creating a profile. But our experts advise not to miss anything, and to clearly and truthfully answer all questions and fill out your profile to the maximum, because this way it will attract more users.

TheLuckyDate lady

2. Using the search for girls 

The search scheme for girls or guys on the site is clear and simple. Each user sees random profiles, and after viewing them, you can swipe right or left. The user can either add other users to their favorites, or send them an instant message.

The platform only has a slightly outdated search feature with two indicators of location and age. Users here do not have the opportunity to search for other people by such points as having children, income level, etc.

TheLuckyDate search

3. The first contact with the girl you like 

The main functions for communication of the site are:

  1. The function of scrolling left and right when searching for users
  2. View profile video
  3. Searching for users
  4. News
  5. Add profiles to the list of users that stand out for you (you can star them)

The platform works essentially like tinder, thanks to the features of swiping profiles left and right, and messaging. Our experts believe that the site is excellent for those who want to find their own entertainment. Perhaps, with luck, such people also have a chance to meet someone and build a relationship. 

On TheLuckyDate, users will not find video chat or call features, since the platform works to ensure that users meet and exchange contacts if they like each other.

TheLuckyDate girl profile

Free and Paid Options of TheLuckyDate

Below you will find all the information you need about the Free and Paid features of TheLuckyDate.

Free TheLuckyDate Options

The platform has a couple of features for free users, such as search, scrolling, and others. However, please remember that The Lucky Date is not free.

For example, the messaging feature is available only after payment, that is, only for those users who have enough funds in their accounts. For those who want to try and then decide whether to use the platform, there is a trial version. You can test the site without paying money, chat instantly, view photos, and get matches.

Paid TheLuckyDate Options

All users who want to use features on the platform, such as messaging, must pay money by purchasing credits for them. You can hardly do anything without them. Although, you can try a free trial first.

Prices on TheLuckyDate 

And so how much do the services on the site cost? As a user, you are invited to buy 2.99 euros for 2000 credits and can spend them in the chat. However, it is not necessary to do this immediately after registration. The number of payment methods is limited. All users can buy credits with their cards. The protection on the site is high, and all user data is protected.

TheLuckyDate upgrade profil


So, The Lucky Date review was aimed at answering whether to join the site and use it in 2023. Services on the platform are most suitable for such groups of people who are in search of true love for life, an ideal partner, or friendship.

Also, the site has an active and wide audience base from all over the world, so it can be perfect for those who are looking for finding someone attractive and hot in their country or in another country.

Our experts recommend that everyone try the trial version to test TheLuckyDate features. Because thanks to this version, everyone will be able to check and decide for themselves that this is exactly the platform that they are looking for and want to use.

TheLuckyDate Rating

Overall Score
9 of 10
9 of 10
Quality of profiles
9 of 10
Interface and design
9 of 10
9 of 10