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In Romania, you can feel the spirit of the adventuresome Middle Ages. There you can see ancient castles, mystical Transylvania and stunning landscapes. There are beautiful Black Sea beaches, lakes and health resorts. On this land you will find a lovely Romanian woman who longs for romantic adventures.

Beautiful Romanian women are the treasure of this European country. Romanian brides attract Western singles from different social statuses and positions. Thousands of men from the United States are ready to seek help from marriage brokers. Often, they use international marriage services to get local brides.

A Romanian bride is known for her catchy, vibrant and unusual beauty. Typical appearance of a Romanian girl is thin facial features, fragile, delicate curves and black hair as an integral attribute of feminine attractiveness. If you want to date a young woman who looks like a Latin beauty but lives in Europe, then Romanian girls are what you were looking for.

Romania is one of the most popular countries in terms of virtual dating Romanian women. On the most reputable dating sites, you can find from 1000 to 3000 members where Romanian singles come across. In 2019, over a hundred hot Romanian women obtained visas and married American wife finders.

Why choose a Romanian single woman? If you are a family man who wants to find a beautiful, active, expressive and rather independent woman to marry, then dating Romanian girls would be the right choice!

Romanian Women Profiles

Bogna 25 y.o.
Alina 24 y.o.
Brinn 26 y.o.
Ajla 22 y.o.
Anna 26 y.o.
Yarmilla 26 y.o.
Donika 28 y.o.
Mila 25 y.o.
Kaleena 25 y.o.
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Who Are Romanian Mail Order Brides?

A Romanian mail order bride is a person who is searching for a foreign life partner. Often, Romanian girls refer to the term “Romanian mail order wives”. Thus, those charming beauty is known as a “Romanian mail order wife” is chosen by most American bachelors.

Moreover, bride matching agencies only offer the best conditions with Romanian women for marriage. Think of a dating service if your purpose is marriage. This is the basis of dating a Romanian girl.

? Female population51,5%
⏳ Female life expectancy at birth74.0 years
❓Can I buy a Romanian brideYes
? Is Romanian loyal?Yes
? ReligionChristianity – 99.5 %
? Literacy98,8%
Hot Romanian Women

Why Are Romanian Women Looking For American Men?

Romanian women are aiming to marry an American man. Now they are thought to be some of the most sought-after women. Americans are accordingly attracted to smart and educated girls from Europe at the expense of a good education. Nevertheless, this does not help to make money in a country with a poor economy. Marrying an understanding and caring American man is a good way out of the situation.

Using international marriage services, you will be able to find suitable girls in Romania who have already studied or worked in another country. You will be sure that your bride is ready to move and in a couple of months after moving will fully correspond to life in America.

Local European women use the Internet to find decent American husbands. All in all, in real life it is quite difficult to do. Meeting an American who is seeking a wife from Romania is no longer a rarity. Family-oriented girls interested in long-term relationships often use marriage services hoping to find a caring husband overseas. Date Romanian girl to be on the way to success!

Dating stories Romanian couples

Success Story #1 Image
Kevin and Dasha AmourFactory logo
Kevin had always been intrigued by the idea of dating someone from a different culture. So when he saw Helga's profile on a Polish dating site, he was immediately interested. She was beautiful, and her profile said that she loved to travel and experience new things. Kevin liked Polish dating culture.
Success Story #2 Image
Tom and Ann TheLuckyDate CIS logo
Tom couldn't help but be fascinated by slavic girls. Their dark hair and piercing eyes were so captivating, and he had met his fair share of them on dating sites. One in particular, Sofia, had caught his eye. They exchanged messages for a while, and soon agreed to meet up.

Characteristics of a Romanian Woman

Knowledgeable and Educated

There is an opinion all over the world that education is the best chance for a good life. This is especially concerning successful women who want to get married. No wonder they say that in Europe there are very smart and well-read girls.

Note that to date a Romanian woman implies a relationship with enlightened and wise women. This very surprising idea has taken root in the minds of many Romanians (mainly women). Heritage and education are paramount to these adorable girls.

The average Romanian family tries to encourage children (both men and women) to learn about different world cultures and get an education in any way. As a result, there are some of the most open-minded people in your life.Romanian ladies become quite tolerant and understanding of the views and personal opinions of their interlocutors and other personalities. They are brought up to make effective use of the power of education. Date Romanian girls to get the most educated partners.

Mesmerizing Attractiveness

Romanian girls are known as some of the most charming and exquisitely beautiful in the world. The key factors that contribute to the success of European girls are their genes and their way of life. They have stunning dark skin and thick black hair that makes others jealous. So if you manage to add a Romanian wife to your family circle, then you will provide good genes to your heirs.

Romanian women are especially concerned about looking impeccably dressed at all times, as most mail order brides do. They take pride in their looks and you can surely appreciate that when it comes to date hot romanian women.

Mail Order Bride From Romania

Big Heart

At first, Romanian girls may seem a little reserved. However, if you are persistent enough, you will see that they are actually cute and welcoming. They are very affectionate and warm-hearted. They are not angry with people and do not look down on others to seem better. Romanian girls always strive to make new acquaintances and forge new relationships.

Traditional Values

The average Romanian girl is pretty smart. She is knowledgeable about life within her country. This means that marrying a foreigner and ultimately changing her environment will not shock her. Marriage is an important event for local girls. Romania is a country where traditional gender roles and views on marriage are preserved. They believe that the main function of Romanian wives is to be the best friend and support to their husbands.

Romanian women will strive with all their might to create a favorable environment for their new families. If you get the chance to meet a Romanian woman, be sure to visit her country, visit the big cities and beautiful beaches on the Black Sea coast, as well as small villages. Your feelings will be overwhelmed with an abundance of beautiful Romanian girls wherever you look! You can also meet Romanian women online through trusted dating sites. It is known that online dating is a more convenient option for dating and communication in the modern world.

Bianca photo
Bianca photo
Location Rome
Age 27
Occupation Accountant
English level Upper Intermediate

Dating Romanian Woman Tips

You are passionate about the idea of ​​Romanian mail order brides. You are probably thinking about methods on how to successfully make a Romanian girl yours. Here are a few tricks that help you in your endeavors:

  • Try to learn her language: she can speak English but learning her language shows her that you are trying to cover all aspects of her;
  • Explore Romanian culture: Romanian brides value their culture as much as Icelandic women. Learning the intricacies of her traditions will help you communicate better with her. Thus, you will score important points;
  • Dress fashionably: as most Europeans know, women love to dress in ways that “kill” with their attractiveness. If you want to grab her attention and get a chance to win her heart, learn to dress well;
  • Compliment often: a sincere compliment will draw her to you. After all, what woman doesn’t like compliments? Compliment her hairstyle, clothes, the little extra effort she put in to look good to you. But don’t overdo it and make your compliments meaningful!

Before you meet a Romanian girl, you should consider that they are brought up with high moral standards and taught to value the work of their own hands. This means that they will work for what they want. They are not intellectually lazy and tend to be self-sufficient. This means you need to prove your worth to Romanian lady, and you also don’t have to worry about opportunists among them. They strive to create a family and will not leave their beloved alone to provide for his family. They will be especially helpful with your financial well-being. This is the perfect balance between a leader and a loving wife. To meet Romanian girls means to become the happiest man ever!

Romanian Mail Order Brides

Wedding Traditions in Romania

A Romanian wedding is a crowded event. These are dances and ceremonial round dances. Musicians who do not give their instruments a rest for a minute. A local wedding includes bright and colorful clothes, universal fun and jubilation. This is a holiday for the soul. Having appeared at least once at the Romanian wedding ceremony, you will not be able to forget it for a long time. The atmosphere of love and romance spreads everywhere, noisy shouts and songs, warm smells of bread and tart wines, all this is a wedding in Romania!

More and more newlyweds want to formalize serious relationships within the walls of state institutions, the brides and grooms of Romania respect folk traditions. The ceremonies carry a piece of the past. It is an integral part of the present that allows you to bring happiness to a family. Romania is not a large country but even despite its size, each region has its wedding traditions.

In many regions of Romania, folk rituals are held to bring happiness and well-being to a young couple. These customs differ from region to region. The common element is the symbolism of the bride and groom’s costumes. A traditional wedding is rich in decorations and includes important moral elements.

Guests are greeted with wine, bread and salt. During the festival, which lasts until dawn, musicians perform traditional dances and sing songs. The menu consists of many traditional dishes such as cabbage pies and wines. Sour giblet soup or pickles are served in the morning.

In Maramures, the northern region of Romania, weddings include many ancient customs. The ceremony itself is simple enough. First, a confidant from the groom’s family goes to the bride’s house to ask for the girl’s hand. A positive answer is usually given a third time, then the questioner and the bride’s parents discuss the ransom and the date of the engagement.

All arrival at the place of the wedding and ceremony is based on symbolic elements: the choice of clothing, gestures, adherence to a certain order. There is a very emotional “forgiveness” moment at the ceremony, where the bride and groom ask forgiveness on behalf of their parents for possible mistakes they made before this special event.

Marriage Legalization in Romania

In order to enter the territory of Romania after marriage, a foreign spouse is obliged to obtain an immigration visa. You must first file I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, on behalf of your spouse with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which has jurisdiction over your legal residence. If the petition is confirmed, your spouse must obtain an immigrant visa (IR-1 or CR-1) from the US Embassy or Consulate.

Visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services official website to find forms, supporting documentation you need, and information on where to register them. The processing petitions time depends on the service provider. It may also depend on the circumstances of a particular case.

If you would like your foreign spouse to enter the United States before USCIS completes processing I-130 and is issued an immigrant visa, you can file an I-129F petition so that your spouse can apply for a K-3. It usually takes eight to twelve weeks from the time a petition is filed with USCIS before that embassy receives a notice of approval of the petition.

If your fiancé (s) is not a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States, you must first file I-129F, Foreign Fiance Petition, on behalf of your fiancé (s) with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), which has jurisdiction over your place of residence. If the petition is approved, your fiancé (s) must obtain a nonimmigrant visa (K-1) from the US embassy or consulate abroad.

Officially, the marriage takes place within 90 days of your fiancé (s) entering the United States. If the marriage does not take place within the above time frames, then your fiancé (s) must leave the United States. Extension of the period of stay is not possible in this category.

Are Romanian Mail Order Brides Legal?

In the United States, mail-order marriage services must comply with the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act 2005. No man using the agency is able to contact a foreign woman unless she says yes. This is carried out to protect women who come to America. Mail order brides are in complete control of the situation or at least they need to know what to take.

What Is the Cost of a Romanian Mail Order Bride?

In addition to immigration costs, most clients spend between $ 6,000 and $ 10,000 to get a foreign wife. There are also mail-order husband services but they are less common unlike the services with their female counterparts. All in all, dating Romanian girls is becoming immensely popular.


Being lonely doesn’t have to be your future. With the emergence of sophisticated Romanian girls, you may choose a worthy family partner. With the advent of dating sites and marriage agencies, you will meet someone with whom you can build a strong relationship. Romanian mail order brides are just a click away! So, subscribe to any trusted mail order service to start dating gorgeous Romanian women.


How Sexy Are Romanian Girls?

These are quite attractive and hot ladies! You can experience all those unforgettable emotions when you get in touch with these beauties!

Can Romanian Girls Be Easy?

In some moments, they show their openness to men. Romanian women are often more reserved. However, it does not prevent them from remaining attractive in the eyes of Western men.

How Loyal Are Romanian Wives?

These are some of the most serious women in terms of family relationships. A woman from Romania entering into marriage gives herself completely to her beloved spouse.