The Most Comprehensive and Honest Review of Asian Melodies

AsianMelodies Review

  • Asian women from different countries
  • High level communication aspects
  • Ladies have serious intentions and often text first
  • Watching streams for free
  • Verified profiles

If you want an honest, unbiased review, reading through this Asian Melodies review of the site is the best thing you can do. We aim to discover the truth about using this site and what it can do for single men looking for love.

  • 9.4

There are many dating platform options where men and women date online. The difficulty is finding out which one is the best. That is why we are here. We do all the homework so you can have fun on the best site. Let’s take a closer look at AsianMelodies and see what it has to offer.

AsianMelodies Women Profiles

Rating 9.6
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The Main Points About Asian Melodies

Number of users1 million users per month
Sex distribution70% male, 30% female
Average age of women 25-30 year old women 
Top countries Thailand, Philippines, and Japan
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Who Should Definitely Use Asian Melodies? 

There are lots of reasons to use a site such as Asian Melodies. It is an online dating site with an excellent reputation and many sexy single girls. When you use this website, you have access to fantastic features, and it will not be long until you are in contact with beautiful ladies.

There is a comprehensive selection of women looking for long-term relationships. You will find girls who want to be with western men and change their life. The opportunity to date single on the site is excellent as AsianMelodies has everything in place on the site to cater to making relationships successful. 

AsianMelodies members

It is an ideal place for those single men who adore East, Central or South Asian women. This dating site is a perfect place if you are a middle-aged man who has been divorced from the west. You can use this online site and look for an alternative girl. It is a brilliant place to change your life and start a new life with a stunning Asian partner. During this asian melodies review, we have learned that the females are super keen to be with western guys. They desire to live overseas, and this online dating site is the best method for them to date men for their dreams.

Asian Melodies

The easy and convenient method of operating this site makes it super appealing. It offers a single person a lifeline to a new life. The amount of sexy Asian women looking for love is high. Single men can search through countless profiles looking for the most suitable partner. There is something magic about Asian girls; they offer an exotic, sexy partner with high values. Through the online dating site method, you can meet a matching partner almost effortlessly. 

Main Things to Know About The Service

Our Asianmelodies review has discovered the dating service offers many features which make searching for a date entertaining and smooth. A site like this gives every user every opportunity to meet the ideal partner. Check out the bullet points below, which explain more about the Asian melodies dating site:

  • The most popular Asian girls search service in 2023
  • As Asian Melodies use a credit payment system which means clients only pay for what they use on the site. Currently, $2.99 is the lowest price which is for 20 credits, and 250 credits which will cost $69.99, which is the maximum. 
  • The Asian Melodies dating site uses active moderators that filter fake accounts, ensuring there are fewer time wasters.
  • You can use the Asian Melodies site for free with some features. 

Asian Melodies Women Profiles

Another bonus when you visit the site is that all the Asian girls on the dating site are up to date, and their profiles are checked. You will have the opportunity to search through any profile you desire for free. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Asian Melodies 

There are so many reasons to love using this dating site. If you are a lover of the natural beauty of Asian women, you are in the right place. The list below gives you reasons why this site is a brilliant place to hunt for sexy girls online. Nowadays, dating websites are the number one hangout place for singles. The days of standard face-to-face dating are over.

Convenience is king, and so online chatting and communication is ideal for so many people who have a hectic, busy schedule. So millions are flocking to use dating establishments like this every month. It is a fantastic time to be registered on a dating website online.

Large database of women

A vast number of Asian beauties make this dating site a wonderful place to spend your time. If you desire a sexy Asian girl, you will undoubtedly find her here. There are plenty of ladies looking for love with western men on asian melodies.

The amount of girls from various Asian countries is incredible. It does not matter what type of woman you admire; you will find it through the asianmelodies site. Our asian melodies reviews have been impressed with the amount of Asian women available. 

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Free and Paid Features

The free features are excellent, making this online site a brilliant option. When you use this website, you can check the basics out without using your own hard-earned money. These free features make looking for an Asian woman convenient. 

Fair Cost

The cost is fair and low, so everyone who wants to find a sexy Asian girl can do so. Through asianmelodies the credit payment system is ideal for keeping costs down. 

These are all great reasons why using asianmelodies is a wise decision. You are sure to have lots of fun, and through the various features on the site, it will not take long until you are with a partner. Within a few minutes, you can be finished with the sign up process, and then the entertainment begins. 

What is the key factor that makes Asian Melodies dating site so popular?

High level of reliability and security.

Asian Melodies dating site provides a safe and secure environment for modern men to connect with potential partners, with features such as verified profiles and built-in reporting tools to help prevent harassment and abuse.

High convenience of use.

Dating site Asian Melodies allows modern men to communicate with potential partners from the comfort of their homes, which saves them from having to spend time and energy visiting dating bars and clubs.

Availability and variability.

Thanks to the wide range of girls' profiles on Asian Melodies' website, which meet different preferences and orientations, modern men have access to a diverse range of potential partners, which increases their chances of finding someone who suits them.

High efficiency.

The dating site Asian Melodies uses algorithms and matching tools to help modern men find a compatible partner quickly and easily, allowing them to focus on making a connection rather than endlessly scrolling through profiles.

Pros and Cons of Asian Melodies Dating Site 

You always want to make sure the dating website you choose to use has more benefits than negatives. The good news is that through Asianmelodies reviews, we found that so many singles are satisfied with this site. Those searching for a date with Asian ladies can not go wrong with using the asian melodies platform.

So we have decided to create a list of pros and cons which will give every reader the advantages and disadvantages of using the asianmelodies dating site. Do not forget that creating a solid profile will get lots of eyeballs on it. This is the key to success; the more eyes see your profile page, the more dates and communication opportunities you will gain. 


  • Easy to use website which is very responsive
  • Customer support assists with any issues on the site
  • Most users are verified members
  • A vast selection of beautiful Asian women
  • Top-quality features which make dating online fun
  • Asian females from several Asian countries


  • Some fake profiles
  • Moderators block personal data on chats
  • No monthly membership fee

These both sides of using the asianmelodies dating platform. The good news is there are far more pluses than negatives. This means clients will have more enjoyment than not when using asianmelodies. The great thing about using the platform for all your dating needs is the constant turnover of ladies monthly. So every month, new females join, which makes life very interesting for single men looking for their soulmate. 

AsianMelodies girl profile

What Are Dating Experts Thoughts About Asian Melodies? 

Paul Charr, author

“There are lots of young and sexy girls on the site. All the girls were real, which was a great start to my dating experience on asianmelodies. I found the features to be easy and smooth to use as well as the price affordable. The fact that you can use the dating platform for free is a great touch. I found all the profiles well-detailed, which makes life easier. With no monthly subscription, users only pay for what they need, which is ideal for most people.”

Rebecca Platt, dating coach

“When visiting asianmelodies I was struck at the number of profiles I saw from various Asian countries. There is a wide selection of men and women from all over Asia. The site caters for those who are looking for serious dating opportunities. It was easy to navigate the platform, and the credit pricing is fair to me. The video chat was my favorite feature; it makes communication much more intimate.”

Liam Norris, relationship psychologist

“I have checked out a few dating sites featuring Asian girls, and this is right up there. The amount of variety is impressive, as well as the features to make contact. I did not come across a fake profile which is rare. The website offers real communication with singles, which is what we are all here for. I give the establishment high marks, as it does what it says it will do, and that finds you a date.”

Real Experiences of Asian Melodies Users and Their Feedback 

Troy, Indiana

I can only say positive things about my experience on the asianmelodies site. I have been using the platform for a few months, chatting with various women. I find the features easy and reliable to use. I always seem to be able to chat with like-minded people in the chatrooms, which is fantastic. 

Ian, London

I was a little nervous about registering with Asian Melodies online dating site as I have never used one before. But after getting signed up within a few minutes, my nerves disappeared. I was glad to find lots of beautiful Asian ladies online every day. The communication was perfect through video chat which I always try to use when chatting with women, as I love it. I am still searching for my soulmate, but I know with the amount of contact I have had through this online dating site, I will find it soon. I enjoy using the asianmelodies online dating website.

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Our Recommendations For Best Experience With 

When you aim to get a suitable partner from the Asian Melodies website, there are some things you need to consider. You want to make your life as easy as possible to find a perfect date. The list below will give every user the best opportunity to find love through the AsianMelodies dating site. As long as you are polite with every interaction online, you will have every chance to meet the right person through the Asian Melodies establishment.

Make your profile stand out

Make sure you spend some time to create a profile that is detailed and verified. This will save you from messing around with time wasters. By adding information about yourself and what you are looking for on the AsianMelodies website, you will get more communication and contact from other users. 

Turn On Notifications To Not Skip a Chance

By turning on the notification on your profile, you will get notified when someone who matches your requirements is online. This speeds up your search on the dating site and makes your online dating experience smooth. 

Avoid Time-Wasters

To avoid wasting your time and looking at a fake account, only search for the AsianMelodies verified members. You will see badges on the profile pages of those clients who are real. This will allow you to enjoy your time better on AsianMelodies.

Try Video Chat

It is a good idea to use the video chat option when looking for a girl on Asian Melodies dating site. This will give you a better understanding of the girl and what she looks like. With online dating, things are not always as they seem. So video chat is the best way to check for a real girl. 

Buy Credits

On AsianMelodies dating site, it is better to buy credits and become a member. This will give you full access throughout the site and increase your chances of finding a girl on the Asian Melodies website.

Act Like a Gentleman

Being respectful and using manners will make you a gentleman, and these females adore gentlemen. So never rush or pressure the lady you are chatting with, as this will undoubtedly push her away. 

By following some of these helpful tips, you will have a greater chance of being successful online. Remember, preparation is everything; homework before registering on the website is always a good idea. These tips will not only help you meet the woman of your dreams but keep her in your life. 

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AsianMelodies Real Life Success Storie

Success Story #1 Image
George, San Jose AsianMelodies logo
You never know where you can meet love. Luckily, I found a fantastic woman on AsianMelodies dating site. I always dreamed of meeting a woman who would read my mind and become my soulmate. The woman I met online impressed me with her manners, which western women lack. She told me she loved me, which conquered my heart. I think that Asian women are special and that many American guys can find luck with them.
Success Story #2 Image
Luke, Kansas City AsianMelodies logo
I always found Chinese girls sexy, but after meeting Fang, I knew she was not just a pretty face and nice body. I didn’t think a girl in her early 20s would be so wise and intelligent. It instantly drew me to her. She spoke excellent English, which helped us to understand each other and find a connection. After a couple of months of chatting online, I invited Fang to San Jose. It was a lovely weekend when we realized we didn’t want to spend a day apart. We got married last month and are now planning to have a baby.

Step-By-Step Guide How To Find Girls On Asian Melodies

Here are a few tips to help you get good results on the service.

Fill Your Profile With A Much Info As Possible

Make sure you get your registration done correctly and create a strong profile page. You need to add your name, age, and some physical characteristics. It is a good idea to add your profession, religious beliefs, and education. This will stop time wasters. The more details, the better. 

Use Search Tools 

Now, you can move on to the fun stuff, searching for a date. The AsianMelodies site has some excellent features, so it is a breeze. You want to type in what type of date you are looking for. Add your preferences, like what habits you like, do you want a girl with children, and which country you would prefer her to be from. Your online dating experience will only get better this way. 

Connect With Brides

You can now make contact with the female. This is an excellent moment on the AsianMelodies dating site because now the fun begins. You can send her a message once you have bought credits for communication. There is also the chance to send a wink, located at the faces feature. It lets the lady know you are interested.

AsianMelodies gifts

Impress Your Date

Once you have made contact and are getting on very well, you should use the AsianMelodies features to impress her. You can send her some real flowers or a gift. This is a brilliant feature which, if you take your time, ensures you get in her good books. The Asian Melodies online dating platform caters to all with its features.

Free and Paid Options of Asian Melodies

You always want to know what you need to pay for when you enter the AsianMelodies dating site. There are some excellent free options for those that prefer not to buy credits. But it is a limited experience, and it is far better to purchase some credits for Asian Melodies. You then increase your ability to make contact with all the sexy singles online. 

Free options

  • Registration
  • Sending winks to other users
  • Adding other members to the favorite list
  • Sending likes to other users

Paid options

  • The ability to watch AsianMelodies members profile videos
  • You can send gifts to other AsianMelodies clients
  • Send a meeting request
  • You can upload your own videos 
AsianMelodies prices
20 credits$2.99
50 credits$19.99
125 credits$44.99
250 credits$69.99

For those wanting to send gifts to other asianmelodies clients, it will cost 100 credits per delivery. Using the live chat feature will be 2 credits per minute. Sending chat videos will cost 50 credits per video, making the service more than fair.


As you can see through this Asian Melodies dating review, it is well worth a visit. If you have a soft spot for Asian beauties, this online dating platform is for you. It is a dating website with everything you need to create a new partnership. Once you finish with registration, you can get on with looking for love with hot ladies – overall Asian melodies dating site ticks all the boxes and is a wise place to spend some time. 

AsianMelodies Rating

Overall Score
9 of 10
9 of 10
Quality of profiles
9 of 10
Interface and design
9 of 10
9 of 10