Scandinavian Women

What comes to mind when you imagine gorgeous Scandinavian women? Is this an image of the warrior queen Lagertha from the famous TV series “Vikings”? Or is it a stereotypical top model with long legs and blonde hair? Yet, we assume that you have never thought of pretty Scandinavian brides.

What’s more, you could easily meet Scandinavian mail order brides on the Internet. You may even be lucky enough to marry a gorgeous Scandinavian woman. This idea is really rare since most Scandinavian women do not visit international dating sites or go to marriage agencies. Apparently, Scandinavian girls are so busy with their lives that they don’t worry about their marital status.

A Scandinavian girl is also not ready to marry any foreigner quite soon. All Scandinavian countries, including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (sometimes Iceland and Finland), are very wealthy both socially and economically. Therefore, Scandinavian singles are in no hurry.

Boyana 24 y.o.
Wanda 27 y.o.
Zenevieva 26 y.o.

Who are Scandinavian Mail Order Brides?

A Scandinavian mail order bride is quite a loyal and sweet woman. Such unmarried girls are sometimes called Scandinavian mail order wives. These ladies are looking for a foreign spouse by advertising themselves on marriage sites or through special agencies.

Even though she is known for her restraint, a Scandinavian bride is still quite friendly and open in her feelings. Most hot Scandinavian women are social climbers. Such courageous women need to achieve professional success as most women from Europe do.

Scandinavian women for marriage are quite self-sufficient and are not used to being financially dependent on their spouses. Dating a Scandinavian woman will give you an especially loyal and reliable wife you can count on in case of any difficulties.

Boyana 24 y.o.
Wanda 27 y.o.
Zenevieva 26 y.o.

If you are interested in finding your potential Scandinavian wife, you need to consider right away that a Scandinavian mail order wife needs a lot of free time and personal space. So don’t expect when dating a Scandinavian girl she will be by your side all the time. Marriage is also important in the life of this obstinate girl. Still, most of the time she prefers to spend time on herself which is actually in the order of things.

For example, Slavic girls are always seeking new interests to develop their personalities. In addition, these girls rarely voluntarily choose to be in the role of housewife simply because it is not something they are particularly interested in. For example, in Denmark, more than 70% of women work, and in Iceland almost 80%. Based on these data, when choosing between a career and a family, these girls choose the first option. If you are attracted to successful Scandinavian girls, they will be perfect for you.

Why Are Scandinavian Women Looking For American Men?

The reason why most Scandinavian women choose American men is that Americans are culturally more inclined to socialize. This amazing fact benefits you when you date a Scandinavian girl. Nevertheless, countries such as Sweden are very suitable options when you are seeking Scandinavian girls. So a little tactic if you are going to date a Scandinavian woman.

The second part is that Americans are naturally more patriotic. Thus, their political views may be perceived as uncouth. If you are smart, you stay away from these topics of conversation. This is especially important when it comes to date Scandinavian women. Otherwise, the usual rules apply. You will have a natural advantage in your social discernment, so take advantage of it. If you’ve read about how you can meet Scandinavian women, try to be more relaxed than in the states.

Beautiful Scandinavian Women

Characteristics of Scandinavian Woman

Without going deep into the stereotypes, the Scandinavians have some things in common. In the end, when you grow up in a particular culture, you will likely develop the same paths and manners as your fellow countrymen. When you meet a Scandinavian woman, you will understand that she has a gentle soul with a big heart. Dating Scandinavian girls, remember that they believe in caring for each other and the world around them.

Boyana 24 y.o.
Wanda 27 y.o.
Zenevieva 26 y.o.

Many girls in Scandinavia (including Norway, Sweden) are compassionate and helpful. When they marry, they will not leave anyone in need and are often very generous to family members.

Health Issue

Scandinavians keep good nutrition, personal care, and exercise. They don’t just ride everywhere, they walk, ride a bike and go hiking. These people believe in “everything in moderation.” Although Scandinavians love sweet and fatty foods, they don’t eat too often.

For fitness and health, a Scandinavian single woman do not choose gyms and treadmills as often as women elsewhere in the world. Instead of playing sports, these girls prefer to do sports that they like. This includes rollerblading or long walks. Scandinavians even use winter for skiing and skating. If you meet a Scandinavian girl, be prepared for a variety of sports!


Gullible Scandinavians believe in the goodness of others. They are happy to help other people and expect the same from those with whom they communicate. Although our world is not without bad characters, Scandinavian women tend to take the opposite approach. They usually believe in others and believe that if they need help, they will easily find it. You can meet Scandinavian girls who will fully open their souls to you.

Meek and Good-Natured

You will probably find exactly those Scandinavian mail order brides who will happily enter into a heated argument with you in a particular situation. For the most part, these ladies prefer to avoid disputes with their spouses at all costs. Scandinavian women usually let their friends and acquaintances express their own opinion. Date Scandinavian girls to feel worthy and respectful.


The fact that the Scandinavians are descendants of the Vikings does not mean that they behave like warriors. These girls tend to prefer simpler things in life for marriage. They perceive comfort, both physical and moral. Don’t be surprised if you see a Scandinavian just walking away from the conversation.

They are not Shy About Their Age

Most Scandinavian girls do not take risks with beauty injections or plastic surgery. They do not intend to pluck gray hair and do not constantly wear uncomfortable underwear. They believe that every stage of life has its own benefits and they enjoy it at any age. It is believed that older Danes are the happiest in Europe. As Scandinavian women get older, they understand what makes them happy and try to live their lives.

Swedish ladies, for example, keep their youth pretty well. Many countries can compete with Sweden as they often surpass others. Sweden is at the very top when it comes to those women who still look good.


These women do not intend to make scenes and resolve any conflicts with the help of calm, sincere conversations. This approach makes communication with them as comfortable as possible. Yet, it also makes them seem cold and reserved. This often makes it difficult to understand their true emotions.


Scandinavian women take a very clear position in their professional and personal life. Often at work, they compete with male colleagues for positions. In a nascent romantic relationship, they don’t wait for the other person to take a step. They send the first message, invite the candidate they like on a date and not be afraid to talk openly about marriage. Scandinavian girls are easy to approach.


Scandinavian girls have enough self-confidence and will never be intimidated by men. Household responsibilities are shared between both partners: a wife will not spend the entire day off in the kitchen while her husband is watching TV. Family relationships are built taking into account the interests of both spouses. Fathers also watch over children.

Dating Scandinavian Woman Tips

There are certain benefits that come with dating European single ladies. First and foremost, European ladies tend to be very confident and independent. They know what they want in life and are not afraid to go after it. This can be a refreshing change of pace for guys who are used to dating women who are more passive and reliant on their man.

European ladies are also known for being extremely stylish and well put- together. They take pride in their appearance and always look their best, which can be a major turn-on for men. Finally, European single ladies tend to be very open-minded and adventurous, which means that they are always up for trying new things.

She Can Be a Little Formal

Scandinavian culture is subtle in fact. Expressing emotions, as people in hotter countries do, is most likely not part of her nature. She’s not inclined to confess her love for you anytime between your first date and your twentieth date. But don’t panic and stop it because you think she doesn’t like you. Be patient. Don’t expect a two-page letter with ten different “I love you” metaphors. But when she finally says those three words to you, know that she really means it!

Most Likely She’s a Feminist

Don’t be intimidated or think that she hates men. But she takes gender characteristics seriously. Most likely, a supporter of parental leave, financial independence of women, and equal representation of women in politics, she is not afraid to call herself a feminist.

She Doesn’t Expect You to Always Pay

Your new girlfriend does not consider you a breadwinner just because you are a man. She values ​​financial independence and may receive a check from time to time. Having said that, chivalry is not completely thrown out the window: sending her flowers or opening a door is still appreciated.

She Speaks English Perfectly

Intercultural relationships can sometimes be challenging due to the language barrier. But if you are fluent in English, there is no problem communicating with a Scandinavian girl. Learning English from the age of six, watching many English films with subtitles, and speaking it daily, taking a tourist trip allowed her to master the language.

Scandinavian mail order brides

Wedding Ceremony in Scandinavian Countries

In the traditional Christmas dish (rice pudding), the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries hide a surprise – an almond nut. According to the omen, he or she who gets this surprise will tie the knot before the next Christmas.

In a leap year, a girl herself can make an offer to a young man she likes. If the guy refuses to marry her, then he must buy her material for a new dress. Thus, he contributed to her dowry.

A girl in Denmark starts saving money for wedding shoes from early childhood. It is believed that this will bring her good luck. A Swedish bride does not button her shoes. If during weddings she loses a shoe, then they say that her first birth will be very easy. The best time for weddings is the middle of summer. July and August in Scandinavia are associated with fertility and abundance.

In Sweden, they believed that the pungent smells of various herbs would help scare away evil trolls. Therefore, herbs were necessarily included in the bride’s bouquet, and the groom certainly attached a small sprout to his suit. The bride’s father put a silver coin in her left shoe, and the mother put a gold coin in her right shoe. Parents believed that thanks to this, their daughter would be happy in marriage.

The wedding procession includes musicians, usually violinists and accordionists. On the way from the church to the place where will be a festive dinner, they entertain the guests.

In Norway, one of the traditional wedding decorations is birch twigs. The heads of the beautiful brides are crowned with equally beautiful wreaths. In Norway, it is a wreath of white flowers. The Swedish bride will consider herself the happiest in the world if raindrops are poured on her wreath.

Immediately after marriage, a young Finnish wife is cut off her braids and put on a linen cap, symbolizing her new unfree status. This ritual performance is an integral part of the traditional wedding ceremony not only in Finland but also in other European countries. The same can be said about various wedding games, according to the condition of which the bride is blindfolded. At a Finnish wedding, girls dance around the “blinded” bride. Whichever one she points to will marry first.

Marriage Legalization in Sweden

When marrying a Swedish citizen, the foreign wife or husband is required to obtain a visa of the appropriate category before arriving in Sweden. A marriage contracted on the territory of Sweden is recognized as valid on the territory of the United States, provided that the documents confirming its conclusion contain an “apostille” and an authorized translation into English.

The official marriage ceremony takes place, as a rule, in municipalities (communes), local church parishes, or Swedish diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad. Data on the conclusion/dissolution of marriage, change of residence, and change in the composition of the family are subject to mandatory registration with the Swedish Tax Service.

A civil marriage (along with an official one) provides for the spouses to have rights and obligations, incl. in relation to joint children, property, etc. If circumstances arise that prevent normal cohabitation (violent actions, inappropriate behavior, etc.), one of the spouses has the right to contact the “Crisis Center”.

With regard to a Scandinavian woman who divorced her marriage and does not have a permanent residence permit and joint minor children, a decision may be made to expel her from the country. This practice is most often applied to women whose marriage to a foreign citizen is dissolved within the first two years of cohabitation.

The issue of raising joint children is decided by the guardianship authorities, as well as in court. In accordance with international practice, the fundamental factor in making a decision is the child’s Swedish citizenship.

A child is a Swedish citizen by birth if at the time of the child’s birth one of his parents has Swedish citizenship (regardless of the place of birth of the child and the existence of a registered marriage between the parents). If there are appropriate grounds and decisions of the guardianship authorities or the court, a child can be transferred to a foster family.

A citizen of Sweden (including a child born in a mixed marriage, or a foreigner who has acquired Swedish citizenship), who also has citizenship of another state, is considered by the local authorities exclusively as a Swedish citizen.


Slightly obstinate and reserved Scandinavian women are a great find for a man who wants to build a strong relationship with a woman-leader. Mail order brides from Scandinavia carefully select American men for the very best.


How Charming Are Scandinavian Girls?

These girls always know how to start a conversation. They are quite attractive and charm with exquisite manners.

Where to Find the Irresistible Woman From Scandinavia?

You can contact specialized agencies that will provide you with all sorts of options with potential wives. The second best option is marriage websites with catalogs of single beauties.

How to Interest a Woman in Scandinavia?

You can write first to an independent beauty and then develop the dialogue in the right direction.