The Most Complete And Honest Rose Brides 2024 Review 

Rose Brides is a dating site that helps western men find their ideal type of relationship abroad. Works with users from all over the world. Now, there are a huge number of international sites for dating Russian users with foreigners, but not all of them deserve your trust. And it always makes sense to read the reviews of the site where you want to spend your time.

Instead of you, our experts analyzed dozens of Rose Brides user reviews and created a Rose Brides review. In it, you can find out how much Rose Brides costs, what to expect after signing up, and even the actual user experience!

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The Main Points about RoseBrides 

Our international dating site experts have spent dozens of hours analyzing RoseBrides reviews and testing them on their own as normal users. Get free access to this useful information by reading our new 2024 RoseBrides review! Below, in the table, you will find the main points about RoseBrides.

The number of users per month3 000 000
Distribution (girls/men)55% girls and 45% men
The average age of the girls25-35
The country where users are fromEastern Europa, Asia, Ukraine, South America, Russia, and Latin America 

Who should definitely use RoseBrides? 

The Rose Brides site is ideal for single men and women who are looking for Eastern European men or women, such as Russian women . You can also find profiles of other foreign women and men living in other parts of the world, such as Asia and South America. So, if you want to find young and beautiful Asian girls from the listed regions for marriage, dating, etc., then the site is for you.

Short info about the service 

  1. The most popular Eastern Europa and Asian girls search service of 2024,
  2. minimum cost of a membership,
  3. maximum benefit from Premium Membership,
  4. The quality of the profiles corresponds to 88%,
  5. Response rate of participants 80%,
  6. The average score on Trustpilot is 3.

RoseBrides Women profiles examples 

More than 80 percent of the participants on the RoseBrides site have an active audience. Also, most profiles are up-to-date and are updated from time to time.

3 Reasons why you should try RoseBrides 

Our dating experts have put together the main overall benefits of the RoseBrides site for you. You can find them below.

Minimum fake girl profiles

Of course, like all dating sites, there are fake profiles in Rose Brides too. But there are very few of them, and technical support tries to block them as much as possible. At the same time, you should remember simple security rules, that is, do not disclose your bank details and other data that you consider important to keep secret.

Extensive free features

There are a lot of free features on the RoseBrides site. Here are some of them:

  1. View profiles who viewed your profile
  2. View profiles who added your profile to Favorites
  3. Create favorite search results
  4. Save favorite search results
  5. Sending a welcome message
  6. Personalized matches

And other features that you can learn about in the Free RoseBrides options section

A very large selection of girls from different Asian countries

Our experts sampled in Rose Brides, Asian women between the ages of 18 and 35. The experts were given as many as 2594 profiles of beautiful Asian girls. That is, the choice of girls on the site is really huge. To make your search easier, our experts have found Key Statistics for you in 2024 in the dating industry.

Rosebrides users

What is the key factor that makes Rose Brides dating site so popular?

High convenience of use.

Dating site Rose Brides allows modern men to communicate with potential partners from the comfort of their homes, which saves them from having to spend time and energy visiting dating bars and clubs.

Availability and variability.

Thanks to the wide range of girls' profiles on Rose Brides' website, which meet different preferences and orientations, modern men have access to a diverse range of potential partners, which increases their chances of finding someone who suits them. Modern men can use Rose Brides' dating site to explore a wide range of romantic options, from casual encounters to long-term relationships and everything in between.

High efficiency.

The dating site Rose Brides uses algorithms and matching tools to help modern men find a compatible partner quickly and easily, allowing them to focus on making a connection rather than endlessly scrolling through profiles.

High level of reliability and security.

Rose Brides dating site provides a safe and secure environment for modern men to connect with potential partners, with features such as verified profiles and built-in reporting tools to help prevent harassment and abuse.

Pros and Cons

So that you do not waste your time analyzing the reviews for this Rose Brides site on your own, our experts have collected in this Review a lot of details about the relationship search platform. Below are the pros and cons of their service.


  1. There is no video call feature.
  2. There is no app for iPhone and Android.


  1. Simple and fast registration process.
  2. Many services are available for free users.
  3. Effective protection of user data.
  4. Clear, modern and user-friendly design.
Rose Brides girl profile

What are Dating Experts Thoughts about Rose Brides?

Alexander, a dating expert with 2.5 years of experience

“When I went to the site, I was immediately knocked out the main information about who the brides by mail are and a greeting message. On the one hand, it’s cute and useful, on the other hand, it looks a little outdated in terms of web design. 

After registering on the site, I easily found more than a dozen Asian girls that matched my tastes and chatted with them. It was quite a pleasant experience.”

Ksenia, a dating expert with 3 years of experience

“I liked that the site seemed to say hello to you when I first got to the main page of the site. It was not difficult for me to find interesting profiles of men and girls, as well as to register. What’s cool is the broad search, which allows you to find people specifically for me.”

Artem, a dating expert with 4 years and 8 months of experience

“After quickly registering, I discovered a huge list with a selection of brides by mail. And I really liked it, because you can choose both Russian Brides, Ukrainian Brides, Belarusian Brides, Asian Brides, and Latin Brides. And it’s mega cool. 

Specifically, I was looking for Ukrainian Brides and Asian Brides. And I succeeded. All the girls I talked to were cute and beautiful. With some, I even managed to agree on a joint trip to Asia.”

Rose Brides Real Life Success Stories

RoseBrides Real Life Success Stories percentage is pretty high on this site. And it certainly pleases.

Real Experiences of rose brides: Users and Their Feedback

Below, you can read 2 real reviews from real customers of this site.

  1. Jacob Garcia (US) (5 stars from 5)

I met my wife on here. There may be some fake accounts, but before I found my wife, I was messaging nearly 100 women a day. 10% response rate. Lots of video chat contacts.

Date of experience: 05 October 2021

Rose Brides girl profile
  1. Shannon Fitzgerald (US) (5 stars from 5)

So, I just got married. Well, 3 months ago now 🙂 

Thank you Rosebrides, we are truly made for each other and have such a great time together, and we never would have even met if it weren’t for your rock star status site 🙂

So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

You have 2 giant fans in the US 🙂 I hope you’re all staying safe and happy and well and if you’re ever in New England!


Harry and Shannon Callan

Date of experience: 21 June 2024

Rose Brides Success Stories

Our experts recommendations for the best experience with

Our experts know that dating tips often make finding brides easier. Below you will find TOP recommendations from our experts for the best experience with Also, our experts have found for you the article How to be better at online dating, according to psychology. 

How not to make a mistake, choose the right picture and draw attention to yourself?

Below you will find tips on how not to make a mistake and attract the attention of women or men on the site.

Photos from parties

More than 58% of respondents will not continue dating if they see in your profile numerous photos from parties where you are drunk, openly dressed, or communicate too closely with the opposite sex.

Dark glasses

Do you think dark glasses make you look mysterious? Just not on a dating site, because trust is necessary to start not only relationships, but also correspondence. Do not hide your face – more than 60% of users do not want to see portraits in sunglasses in the profile, photos of you wearing glasses can be added to the album.

Rose Brides girl profile

How to void scams, fake profiles, and bots?

  1. If you do not want to become a victim of fraudsters, do not do anything that can compromise you. In particular, do not send nude or seminude photos to online fans and be responsible for information security and filter your actions online.
  2. If you have any doubts, look for blacklists of “marriage” scammers and check if your new acquaintance is there. In this video, you will learn how to Avoid Online Dating Scams.

  1. When planning a date with a person from a virtual network, never agree to a meeting in a deserted or remote place, as well as in an apartment. The main alarm signal is when a person does not look like the photo in the profile. 
  2. Be sure to tell your friends and loved ones about your plans – tell them where you are going and leave the contacts of the person you are meeting with. It is best to refuse the consumption of alcoholic beverages. But if you do become a victim of a rapist, contact the police immediately!

How to fill in your profile correctly?


62% of respondents are against meeting people who do not know how to use dictionaries and have not learned their native language. In ordinary life, you manage to hide your difficult relationship with the rules of the English language, but on the dating site RoseBrides, attractiveness consists of many things, and your text becomes, in a way, your clothes.

Try to formulate thoughts clearly, re-read and check the text before publishing. And avoid another common mistake – an excessive number of clichés in the questionnaire. 74% of RoseBrides users spoke against hackneyed phrases and clichéd expressions. And our experts have found for you an article with reliable tips on how to succeed in online dating.

Step-by-step guide on how to find girls on RoseBrides 

The registration process can be completed quickly. Also, so that you don’t suddenly have any problems, our experts have written a step-by-step guide for you on registration and the process of how to find girls on RoseBrides. All steps are below.

1. Register and create a profile 

  1. When you open an online dating site RoseBrides, you need to click on the top left button called “Register” or just click here.
  1. After that, open the page where you need to fill in all the fields.
Rosebrides sing up
  1. After filling in all the input fields, you will need to click on the checkboxes in the two special boxes.

In the first box, by checking the box, you confirm that you are not a robot. By ticking the second box, you certify that you are at least 18 years old, as only people over the age of 18 can use this platform to receive its services.

Rosebrides sing up

After all the above points, any user will successfully complete the registration process. Our experts advise everyone to fill out everything in detail in the form from the 2nd paragraph and truthfully. This will help you find the perfect relationship.

2. Using the search filters for girls finding

For the best results in the search for love (women or men), you should fill in all the fields you are interested in, such as appearance, marital status, eye color, and so on, in the Search section of the site. You can go to this page by clicking in the header of the site on Search, or simply click here.

Rosebrides search

3. The first contact with the girl you like 

In case you think that the user you found suits you, you can add him or her to your favorites list. Alternatively, you can start chatting or send an email to the user. Our experts note that the downside is the lack of a feature for requesting contacts and sending winks, as on other sites.

Instead, you can say hello, add to a hotlist, or send a message. Please also remember the Online Dating and Dating App Safety Tips. You can read those tips here.


Free and Paid Options of RoseBrides

The registration process is very fast in passing. The site also has a feature with which you can see users who, at the time you use the site, are also online. You can also filter women by age, and you can also log in to the RoseBrides online site through your social networks. Below, our experts have described the Free and Paid features of RoseBrides for you.

Free RoseBrides options

The following features are free:

  1. Registration and profile creation
  2. Unlimited profile photo posting
  3. View people who viewed and favorited your profile
  4. Create and save some search results in Favorites
  5. Sending a welcome message
  6. Personalized tags
  7. Removing members from a view
  8. Receive a match by mail
  9. Finding matches
  10. Displaying your profile as a user in search results
  11. Viewing profile photos of male and female participants

Paid Rose Brides options

Paid features include:

  1. Possibility to write your data while chatting
  2. Ability to reply to messages
  3. Sending and receiving unlimited messages
  4. Ability to hide the profile if desired in the search results
  5. All features that are free

Below, in the table, you will find a summary of the cost of the various memberships:

PlanAmount of timeCost
Premium Membership1 month$49 per month
Premium Membership3 months$30 per month
Premium Membership6 months$25 per month


Reviews of previous years of Rose Brides did not give a clear answer to the question: is the Rose Brides site legit, and does it provide a quality online dating experience. Our dating experts reviewed the site, and in the end they found no obvious signs of fraud on the part of Rose Brides. 

Our experts believe that the features of this site, as well as on other similar dating platforms, are designed to entice you to spend money on finding a bride, groom, or other relationship. However, this dating site connects a wide variety of people from all over the world, and it also helps to find the perfect relationship for them.

In this 2024 site review, our experts have spent a lot of time analyzing the site and user reviews, but it is up to you to decide whether to use this site or not. Experts believe that the site is worthy of at least one try, due to its extensive experience in finding mail marriages and extensive searches for women. 

In any case, if you decide to use this platform at least once, you, as a user, will get an unforgettable experience of learning about other cultures, traditions and also get friendships or relationships that suit you with men and women from different countries, and with Asian brides, who are popular on the site.


Is Rose Brides Legit?

The site is completely legal and has state-of-the-art data protection, so you should not worry about your safety on the site, and that it may be illegal, and you will violate some laws in your country.

How much does it cost to use Rose Brides?

There are different Rose Brides membership plans on the site. You can try the site for free for a test. If you want a better experience on the site, then you should buy one of the membership plans, as the most expensive one is the one-month plan, and it costs $49 per month. The more months a plan lasts, the less it costs.

Do Rose Brides have a Mobile App?

At the time of writing the review, the Rose Brides developers have not yet created a mobile application. At the same time, you can safely use your phones as the site has an optimized mobile version of the site design.

Which girls can I meet on Rose Brides?

As a Rose Brides user, you have a wide selection of girls from different nationalities. That is, you can meet both Asian girls and Ukrainian women and other attractive girls.