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Dating a Danish woman is totally worth it. If you are getting bored in Denmark and looking to hook up with a Danish woman, then take your chance to prove yourself better than others in the dating scene. What to expect from the typical Danish girl? What is the culture of dating in Denmark? Searching for serious relationships, you need some advice on what makes Danish women unique.

Danish Women Profiles

Bogna 25 y.o.
Alina 24 y.o.
Brinn 26 y.o.
Ajla 22 y.o.
Anna 26 y.o.
Yarmilla 26 y.o.
Donika 28 y.o.
Mila 25 y.o.
Kaleena 25 y.o.
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Why Danish Women?

Danish girls have their own genetic look. They feed the eyes with amazing pale skin and blonde hair. Light brunettes are often met. Their bodies are in good shape due to sports, personal grooming, clothing, and posing. What are the main characteristics of a Danish woman except for her appearance?

  1. Warm temperament. If you think that beautiful Danish women are cold and unfriendly, it is not the truth. Local babes don’t always accept attempts from strangers to start a conversation, but they are just waiting to catch the right time and place. Be patient and find a key to her heart, you will see how lovely and tender a Danish woman can be. If a girl is interested in a man, she will demonstrate her true feelings without keeping anything back.
  2. Career-oriented. If you are looking for a wife for sitting at home and doing nothing, it’s not about Danes. Hot Danish girls are aimed to build their own careers and celebrate their work achievements. They like earning money by themselves. At the same time, these ladies will be excellent mothers, combining family and working duties.
  3. Family values. Girls in Denmark don’t have plans to get married in their early 20s. But they change their mind easily once they find the right man. A typical Danish woman has a dream to create a strong and loving family. You and your children become the center of her universe.
  4. Strong cultural background. Don’t worry about communication. Danes learn English and know it well. As for the cultural background, Danish ladies are well-familiar with Danish history, art, and literature. They are always ready to learn something new to broaden their outlook.

Where Can You Meet Danish Girls?

The best option for Danish girl dating is using one of the very popular dating apps. These platforms attract a lot of women who are interested in dating foreign singles. What if you are spending time in Denmark and can’t find the strength to meet Danish girls? Go online!

Danish Women

Go to Adult Friendfinder for Fun Without Commitments

Hot Danish women are concentrated online. They are so liberal and independent that they try to be shown up online. Tinder is your choice if you’re particularly good-looking. This platform is full of girls just dreaming of attention and money. Have you ever tried Adult FriendFinder? This is the only popular app where you’ll see a lot of Danish girls who are ready to communicate and meet up.

Go to International Cupid for Relationships

If you are seeking a real, long-term relationship, the best option to hook up Danish singles right now is International Cupid. This is the major platform that is focused on helping local women meet American and other foreign men. These girls are very focused on longer-term relationships. It is no secret that Danish women are not the largest part of International Cupid, but it is the best popular app in Denmark.

Dating stories Danish couples

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Kevin and Dasha AmourFactory logo
Kevin had always been intrigued by the idea of dating someone from a different culture. So when he saw Helga's profile on a Polish dating site, he was immediately interested. She was beautiful, and her profile said that she loved to travel and experience new things. Kevin liked Polish dating culture.
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Tom couldn't help but be fascinated by slavic girls. Their dark hair and piercing eyes were so captivating, and he had met his fair share of them on dating sites. One in particular, Sofia, had caught his eye. They exchanged messages for a while, and soon agreed to meet up.

How To Date a Danish Girl?

Have you an idea how to attract a girl? Forget it. Usual tactics won’t work with Danish brides. When a guy sees a woman he likes, he tries to start a conversation. Later, the man asks if he can buy her a coffee, invites them to a nightclub, or maybe go outside and get some fresh air. These tactics will work nowhere in Denmark. Danish women will throw cold water upon your attempts. Generally, the girls don’t talk to strangers. They talk to their friends.

Don’t Approach Women in the Street

Many foreign guys find it adventurous and charming to go up to a beautiful girl doing her weekly shop and try to impress her with their sharp words and jokes. As a result, not only will you not get the girl, but you may also be black-listed. Have you had a bad day? No, it’s rather a wrong tactic.

Don’t Pay for Everything, but Pay for a Few Things

When it comes to the dating scene, don’t even try to whip your wallet out at the end of an expensive meal and pay for everything. More likely, a Danish bride will insist on splitting the bill. Be charming and buy her a drink, coffee, or dessert.

Don’t Hurry Up

Danish single woman like it when everything comes naturally. Don’t rush things. Meet the girl, start messaging her, expecting her to feel the same way. It may take months and months for anything of what many would call a ‘relationship’ to take proper form.

Don’t Talk About Controversial Topics

Danish women are sharp-tongued. Talking to Danes, try to avoid any controversial viewpoints. But you can easily talk about travel thematic, history, food, books, and movies.

Bianca photo
Bianca photo
Location Rome
Age 27
Occupation Accountant
English level Upper Intermediate

Are Danish Brides Good For Marriage?

What makes strong, smart, and cute women of Denmark become mail order brides? They are powerful, financially, and emotionally strong, but steal dreaming about meeting THAT RIGHT GUY. Before marrying a Danish woman, it is better to know how good a wife she will be for you.

  • Intelligent wife. The importance of education in Denmark can hardly be denied. This is the best investment for people in their future. Danish brides enjoy learning something new at a different age. This is what makes them excellent workers and smart persons to live with.
  • Goal-oriented wife. Danish brides know what they want and how to achieve their goals. If the women are intended to do something, they will do whatever it costs them.
  • Energetic wife. Danish women are passionate and energetic. They love trying new things and learning new information. How many hobbies does your girlfriend have? Local girls usually have more than one hobby. They are fond of sports, intellectual challenges. Your future wife will never get tired of taking an active part in your life.
  • Open-to-communication wife. Danish ladies do not like strangers in the street, in cafes, and at concerts. But they like meeting new people at work, in friendly companies, and at parties. Women know how to make friends and cherish that friendship. The perspective of having such a devoted girlfriend and wife in the future will make foreign singles more and more excited.

FYI! If only one of a couple is a Danish citizen or has a permanent residence permit, you cannot get married in Denmark without both spouses having provided a declaration concerning knowledge of the rules on family reunification in the Danish Aliens Act.

Do Danish Women Like American Men?

Most Danish mail order brides don’t like changes. They don’t travel much and don’t like to make new friends. Foreign people are kind of the opposite of what many Danes prefer. You came from America. You are a stranger and rather weird-looking. Your culture is different, and you usually treat women differently.

Of course, all women are different and have different likes and dislikes. Danish women get attracted to people they personally find attractive, funny, and interesting. So if a girl finds you attractive, and so on, you have chances to try to conquer her. But being a foreigner does not give you an advantage over a local Danish man.

For Information: Dating a woman in Denmark can be tricky as foreigners aren’t familiar with local culture. It is said that Danes don’t date in a traditional way. They tend to skip the flirting phase and be very direct about their feelings. Be honest!

Meet Danish Girls


Meeting Danish women for marriage doesn’t come without challenges. They are not the ideal choice for men seeking a traditional woman for a relationship. Danish women are the most liberal-minded and open to one-night adventure. On the other hand, they will never betray your relations once you have earned her trust.


How Loyal Are Danish Brides?

Having a Danish bride is an amazing experience in your life. Are you ready for serious relationships? Even if you don’t mind the cultural differences, they still may cause some misunderstandings. What is the point? What makes Danish wives so uneasy?

American girls are self-centered and often selfish. Unlike Americans, Danish beauties are able to find the right balance between family life and career development. You just need more time to gain her trust and hold the field. Do not waste your time and start looking for your bride-to-be.

How To Date a Danish Woman?

Hoping to meet women in her country, do a little preparation beforehand. Check out how the local guys your age have their hair cut and what they’re wearing. Do some shopping. Talk to local guys and find out what you need to seduce one of the local chicks. Find the right approach to win the Danish girl’s heart. Your mission is to get with a girl and make a woman trust you. Here are some more hints:

  • Say jokes but do not get down to nasty things. Avoid some vulgar expressions and boring jokes. It will sound like an obvious expression of rudeness to a woman.
  • Intrigue and tease her, but stay within the frames of politeness and kindness. If you cross the line and say something offensive, the girl will stop your flirting attempts.
  • Make your Danish woman feel safe by proving your pure intentions to her. Whatever you point at, she shouldn’t feel any pressure on herself. This is how a careful flirting game works.
  • Just try to see yourself from another side by imagining how you would react to your words if you were a woman. Evaluate your insult and try not to go too far, dating a girl.

Where to Get a Danish Mail Order Bride?

You can find many different websites, dating platforms, marriage agencies promising to be the best place to find a Danish bride. How to find a reliable Danish dating website? Check some points first.

  1. Read reviews. The first step to pay attention to is feedback left by other users. Ignore reviews listed on the dating websites as they are 90% fake. Try forums. You can find out the truth about the quality of the service and a number of girls from one or another country on the international forums.
  2. Check the price policy. When you visit the website, seeking a Danish bride, you should be able to find a clear list of price rates. Don’t register on the platform that keeps their prices hidden. If you find the list of prices, you need to compare it with prices established by other dating services. This is how you may choose.
  3. Check how safe their payment methods are. The presence of the system that makes financial operations from your credit card safe is a crucial aspect to be considered. Learn more about payment instruments on a dating website.
  4. Check different contact options available. How can you contact your potential wife? What does the dating website offer? If you find a limited quantity of dating options, think twice whether this site is worth your money or not. Do not forget that seeing and hearing a person are the only ways to make sure that the person is real. Texting and sharing photos with a Danish girl is not enough to start a family.
  5. Check customer – friendliness. A dating resource should be easily navigated when you open the website. Do you have any questions about the website instruments? It should not have a complicated registration procedure or a lot of pop-up ads. Reaching the Customer Support Team should be simple enough to get all the necessary assistance at any time of the day.

How Much Does it Cost to Marry a Danish Woman?

Thankfully Denmark has made it incredibly simple for couples of any gender and nationality to get married, especially for foreigners wishing to marry local girls. There are plenty of Danish wedding planning services that are able to organize the trip, ceremony, and paperwork. They will take thousands of euros for their attempts. But if you are a very independent man, you can get married in Copenhagen. This is a beautiful city that every girl likes with many different wedding offices. Compare the prices. Some of them are extremely helpful and friendly.