Hot Black Women: Top 10 Dark-Skin Hotties You Will Like

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If you are a man who fancies black women, this is the right article to read. Here we will talk about 10 stunning and famous black women who made successful careers in the entertainment industry. Despite their high popularity among men, according to the source, black girls and women face certain difficulties in everyday life.

Most of them are of African and Latin descent: their matriarchs are Bolivian, Ethiopian or Haitian women, which makes them uniquely beautiful. You will find the names of ten gorgeous black females you have probably seen in music videos, movies, and on stage. For every guy who admires the beauty of an African-American lady, here is our list. 

List Of Top 10 Hot Black Women

A black woman represents exotic and natural beauty and mental strength. These women come across as intelligent, powerful, and talented. When we were thinking about black girls to tell you about, these 10 deserved their place on the list:

  1. Jasmine Tookes
  2. Robyn Rihanna Fenty
  3. Kelendria Trene Rowland
  4. Malika Louback
  5. Lauren Keyana
  6. Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
  7. Jo-Issa Rae
  8. Casandra Elizabeth Ventura
  9. Marsai Martin
  10. Ciara Princess Wilson

So now it is time to learn who these black women are and learn how they impacted the world. 

Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes is undoubtedly one of the hottest women, thanks to her career in Victoria’s Secret. She has been one of the sexiest Angels with a fantastic body, shiny long hair, and magnetic eyes. Her first modeling attempts were for UGG Australia and Gap in 2010, and the next year she was selected as one of the biggest lingerie fashion shows.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

In our list of hot black women, we can not forget to mention Rihanna – one of the most beautiful, talented, and famous black girls worldwide. Bad Girl Riri has 137 million followers, which is a whopping number. By 2018, Rihanna has 250 million records worldwide and hundreds of awards. She also has a beauty company with all the products every woman loves. 

Kelendria Trene Rowland

Kelendria Trene Rowland

Thanks to her participation in Destiny’s Child band, which was very popular in the late 1990s, Kelly has become one of the biggest black stars. In 2014, Fuse ranked Kelly Rowland in their “100 Most Award-Winning Artists” list at number 20. On top of releasing dozens of songs, Rowland wrote two books: Whoa, Baby! and Always With You, Always With Me. 

Malika Louback

Malika Louback

Malika Louback is a successful fashion model and engineer of French-African descent. This stunning and sexy black girl has a fantastic body and has become famous after appearing on the Vogue cover. She is the first woman from Djibouti who appeared on fashion magazine covers and drew the attention of designers worldwide. In 2021, she became “the face” of fashion house Loro Piana and now joins the list of top 50 models. 

Lauren Keyana

Lauren Keyana

With over 11 million followers on Instagram, Lauren Keyana is not only one of the hottest black women you will see on TV but one of the most talented black girls. She is an amusing lady who loves to share her life with fans. Lauren has been nominated for the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Female TV Star, Favorite TV Actress, YoungStars Award, etc. She is only 29, but her acting career is growing rapidly.

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman


Zendaya is one of the youngest hot black girls, yet she has already been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2024 by Time magazine. She debuted in Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel, then appeared in the film Spider-Man, and then the musical The Greatest Showman. 

Jo-Issa Rae

Jo-Issa Rae

Issa Rae is one of the biggest stars in the US with a successful acting career. She is one of the sexy black women famous for her web series Awkward Black Girl on YouTube. In 2016, she gained huge popularity thanks to her role in the HBO television series Insecure. Later she was nominated for Golden Globes and Primetime Emmy Awards. 

Casandra Elizabeth Ventura

Casandra Elizabeth Ventura

If you want to know another hot black girl on our list then it is undoubtedly Casandra Elizabeth Ventura or simply Cassie. With over 9 million followers on Instagram, this hot black woman impresses with her stunning look, fit body, and fantastic songs. In 2004, this young black girl was signed to NextSelection Lifestyle Group and since then became famous thanks to her singles Moments, Excuses, and Hungover.

Marsai Martin

Marsai Martin

Even though now this hot black actress has 4 million followers, at the beginning of her acting career, she had to work hard to gain fame. She is best known for her role Diane Johnson on the ABC sitcom Black-ish. This young black girl is only 18 years old, but she has already been included in the “Time 100 Next” by Time magazine and received Young Artist, Screen Actors Guild, and Teen Choice Awards. 

Ciara Princess Wilson

Ciara Princess Wilson

Ciara is a beautiful black woman with a fantastic voice and dancing skills. This hot black singer has almost 33 million followers on Instagram as she has massive fame in the US and loves to share her life. In 2004, she released her first album, Goodies, which made her one of the leading singles in the US and UK. She says she was always inspired by sexy black girls and singers from Destiny’s Child and Janet Jackson and dreamed of becoming a good singer since her childhood. 

Summary About The Hottest Women

Please review the table below as here we decided to summarize all the information we collected about black women:

Which cities have the hottest black women?You will come across these women in different parts of the US. Many black females like in the UK and Europe. If we talk about the US, the biggest number of black girls live in New York City.
OccupationThe majority of women we reviewed in this article are models, actresses and singers.
Languages they speakEnglish, French, Spanish
CharacterIndependent, social, faithful
AppearanceDark satin skin, brown eyes, slender and athletic bodies, curly hair, average height 5.5

Why Do Foreign Men Prefer Hot Black Women 

There is an extensive choice of men who would rather date a black woman than a white, Latin, or Asian woman. There is a specific type of man who finds African-American females attractive and sexy. First, these girls easily draw attention thanks to their unique looks. Dark skin, curly hair, and dark eyes attract men’s attention like a magnet. Most black ladies have sexy curves that no man can skip. Black women usually have big breasts and curvy hips, which shows their feminine side.

Compared to Slavic or Asian women, African-American females are flirty, open-minded, and joyous. They come across as more confident and chatty. Many men found such behavior more attractive and feel more comfortable in the company of black girls. They seem more easy-going and fun-loving. 

Is There Any Difference Between Sexy Black Women And Average Black Brides?

If you compare women who wanted to become Miss World with average girls you can see in supermarkets, transport, or gym, you will not really see a big difference. African-American women are beautiful; it is only down to your taste what kind of ladies you prefer. Girls who enter beauty pageants are usually tall and slim. However, there are many sexy BBW black females who look stunning. 

If you sign up at an international dating platform and search for African-American female singles, you will be impressed with the results. There is a vast choice of gorgeous ladies with amazing bodies and cute faces. The good thing about looking for a beautiful woman online is that it is an extensive choice. 

Men are visual creatures, and they enjoy looking at photos of hot females. At a quality dating platform, you will be able to see women of different appearances: different ages, heights, and body types. You will see many good-looking black girls as pretty as some of the black celebrities we have reviewed in this article. 

Current research suggests that beautiful and successful black women are increasingly choosing white men as life partners.

Guide To Meet Hot Women On Dating Sites

So, you decided to check out a dating site and meet single dark-skinned chicks. Well, you will undoubtedly enjoy viewing profiles of sexy females, sending them winks and likes, as well as communicating with them via texts or video chat.

The only question remaining is, “How to succeed in dating beautiful black women?” Here is a quick yet practical guide for you to meet charming African-American girls online:

  • Be open-minded

If you are a white guy who is interested in a woman of another race, things may not be as easy as you think. Dating a black female is not easy for every guy, as many people around can be judgemental. Stay open-minded and give yourself a chance to learn about a woman, her likes, and her interests. Apart from a physical attraction, you can discover a rich inner world of a dark-skinned woman you have just met online. 

  • Make her feel comfortable around your family and friends

Some of your family members or friends may not be as open-minded as you when it comes to dating people of other races. Tell them about a woman you are dating and how important it is for you to make her feel comfortable. 

  • Entertain her

Black ladies are fun-loving and joyous. They would love to sing, fane, watch a movie, play a table game, etc. African-American women fancy active and creative men who they never feel bored with.

Keep these three tips in mind, and you will undoubtedly get the attention of a woman you like. 


So you have found out about 10 black and hot women like singers, models, and TV personalities. We bet you were impressed with the way they look and how many things they achieved. If you have always been interested in dark-skinned girls, why not try your luck at an international dating platform? As discussed earlier, African-American women are fun, easy-going, and flirty. No matter what big city you head to, you will find attractive dark-skinned females.