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EasternHoneys Review

  • Lots of Asian women of different age
  • Engage in group conversations with women during the live streams
  • Private and public photo and video content
  • Fast registration up to 10 minutes
  • 24/7 friendly customer support

Eastern Honeys online mail order bride service is one of the top-rated establishments that has been helping westerners to connect with single Asian brides. Since the popularity of Asian brides has increased significantly over the last decade, the number of dating services has also increased.

  • 9.8

Eastern Honeys online is one of the top-rated platforms that cater to singles looking for long-term relationships. So keep reading this unbiased review on and find out why this online platform is worth choosing this year. 

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Rating 9.8
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Rating 9.7

The Main Points About Eastern Honeys

Number of users per month200,000
Gender distribution (men/women)27%/73%
Average age of brides25-40
Countries covered, locationsChina, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Korea.
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Who Should Definitely Use Eastern Honeys?

The popularity of Easternhoneys is because it is the right dating site for middle-aged western men looking for young and pretty Asian females. Those guys who want to find women for serious relationships and marriage can undoubtedly count on EasternHoneys as the online website proved to be effective in connecting with like-minded person and helping them to create meaningful connections regardless of location.

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Facts To Know About the Service 

Before you decide to join, we would like to tell you the main points about the famous Asian online dating establishment and prove it is one of the leading platforms to meet beautiful foreign brides:

  • One of the top international online dating services that cater to a person looking for long-lasting relationships.
  • A credit-based system that allows customers to control their spending.
  • Every new user of the site gets 20 welcome credits at no cost.
  • Prices start as low as a $2.99 payment for 20 credits.
  • Singles of all nationalities, religions, ages, and locations can have a date.

Through our comprehensive easternhoneys review, you will learn more about the current prices and learn what features this famous mail order bride service provides.

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Eastern Honeys Women Profiles 

Eastern Honeys dating website has up-to-date information about women from different countries in Asia. The team frequently checks brides’ profiles and makes sure they are active. Regarding Asian brides’ profiles and information, men can be sure they are real and belong to real women. All female profiles with information get reviewed and moderated before being posted at Eastern Honeys. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Eastern Honeys

Among a vast choice of online dating platforms, we picked the Eastern Honeys website thanks to its popularity. There are quite a few good reasons why we think joining Eastern Honeys for a single guy from the US or the US is worthy. Please learn about the main 3 reasons.

Real Profiles Of Women

From our Eastern Honeys review online, you can learn that this dating site has minimum fake profiles. As we have already mentioned earlier, all profiles get reviewed and moderated. Women are asked to present ID, so you can be sure that the profiles you come across at Eastern Honeys belong to real women with genuine intentions. 

Affordable Membership Prices

Eastern Honeys website has great popularity as it uses a credit-based system that allows customers to buy credits whenever they need and not pay for a monthly membership. According to our Eastern Honeys review, everyone will get 20 welcome credits upon signup, which can be used for testing some of the site’s features.

Prices start from $2.99 for 20 credits which is fair. The positives of using credits is controlling your spending and buying as many credits as you need according to your activity on the eastern honey site.

A Large Number Of Profiles

Even though most EasternHoneys customers are men, the selection of female profiles is impressive. Every single day, more and more single Asian brides join the platform hoping to meet handsome and genuine men to date. Easternhoneys has great popularity because it aims to provide western gentlemen with a great choice of potential girlfriends to date. This is why EasternHoneys continues to be one of the most popular and effective dating services. 

EasternHoneys like or dislike

What are the key factors that make the Eastern Honeys dating site so popular?`

High convenience of use.

Dating site Eastern Honeys allows modern men to communicate with potential partners from the comfort of their homes, which saves them from having to spend time and energy visiting dating bars and clubs.

Availability and variability.

Thanks to the wide range of girls' profiles on Eastern Honeys' website, which meet different preferences and orientations, modern men have access to a diverse range of potential partners, which increases their chances of finding someone who suits them. Modern men can use Eastern Honeys' dating site to explore a wide range of romantic options, from casual encounters to long-term relationships and everything in between.

High efficiency.

The dating site Eastern Honeys uses algorithms and matching tools to help modern men find a compatible partner quickly and easily, allowing them to focus on making a connection rather than endlessly scrolling through profiles.

High level of reliability and security.

Eastern Honeys dating site provides a safe and secure environment for modern men to connect with potential partners, with features such as verified profiles and built-in reporting tools to help prevent harassment and abuse.

Pros and Cons of Eastern Honeys Dating Site

Knowing the strong and weak spots of EasternHoneys will help you to make the right decision: to join the site or keep looking for a better option. Please review all the advantages and disadvantages of joining EasternHoneys below.


  • Extensive database of single Asian women
  • A credit-based system that allows buying credits only when you need them
  • Great communication features
  • Verified members
  • Suitable for people looking for meaningful connections


  • No app for mobile device
  • Bigger number of men

Continue reading our review on EasternHoneys to learn about the site’s features and how new customers can use them for good results.

What Are Dating Experts Thoughts About Eastern Honeys?

EasternHoneys message

Read dating experts’ Eastern Honeys reviews and see what they think about the mail order brides service. 

“The desire to search for a foreign partner is easily explained as we are always looking for excitement. I have seen many western men being pleased with eastern brides because their relationships are pure and genuine. Eastern Honeys has an excellent interface and seems like a great opportunity for many western men who want to find happiness, peace, and love.”

Laura Grant, relationship psychologist

“After reviewing Eastern Honeys dating service and its great interface, I wish there were more dating services at this time that would focus on genuine connections. The site has a matching system that can save a person a lot of time and connect with compatible people. There is nothing better than finding a “matching” partner who you are excited to discover and connect with.”

Hayden Stone, mental health practitioner

“At this time, I think Eastern Honeys has a good potential to help single men to find perfect girlfriends and wives. The site has an intuitive interface and all the necessary tools to connect with a matching person. Western men have been interested in Asian ladies for decades. Delicate, soft, and caring Asian girls are like magnets for western men who are used to being surrounded by independent and feminist women.”

Tomas Morgan, couples therapy practitioner
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Real Experiences of Eastern Honeys Users and Their Feedback

Please check genuine Eastern Honeys reviews shared by the website users.

Darren, New Orleans

I joined Eastern Honeys a long time ago, hoping to get acquainted with women from Asia. I was always fascinated by the appearance of Chinese and Japanese women and always looked for a chance to meet them. I can say that meeting foreign women online is much more convenient than meeting them in real life. The language barrier and not knowing how to approach a foreign woman always scared me. When I joined Eastern Honeys, I forgot about these issues. I enjoyed chatting with different women, it was fun, and I had a great online dating experience. Thanks to so many useful features and affordable prices, I have been using the site for a few months. I met a lovely girl from China who I fell in love instantly.

Craig, Denver

I like the interface and features of easternhoneys. It is a convenient and easy-to-use dating site with an extensive database of girls. If you fancy Asian women, you will meet girls from China, Japan, and Korea here. The prices are fair, and I enjoyed the credit system as it does not require you to pay for a month if you log in to chat with women just a few times a month. I noticed that easternhoneys has many women who want to get married, so if you wish to have fun and casual conversations, this site may not be the best option. But for the guys who are looking for wives, easternhoneys is a good spot.

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Our Recommendations For Best Experience With

If you want to get good results and meet as many charming Eastern girls as possible, you may need expert tips. Keep reading EasternHoneys review and tips on how to make your profile stand out, how to avoid scam for a safe online dating experience and how to connect with girls fast.

Make Your Profile Attractive

Your profile represents you, so it should be attractive and tell some story. It is recommended to add some quality photos to get the attention of Asian beauties. After adding a few pictures where girls can see your face, add information about yourself. Tell about your personality, interests, and hobbies. Tell what kind of a woman you are looking for at Eastern Honeys. 

Use Common Sense To Avoid Scam

As we have already mentioned, the vast majority of profiles are not fake. However, the number of people who join Eastern Honeys every single day is very high; this is why sometimes it is difficult to skip someone who has wrong intentions. To protect yourself and have a safe online dating experience, you need to skip profiles that have no photos or information.

Never send money to a woman you have just met at Eastern Honeys. A typical scam on a dating site involves a woman who asks for financial help telling a man her relative is sick and needs immediate help. Block or report such users as soon as possible to not receive such messages in the future. You will also help to protect other members of Eastern Honeys. 

Use Credits To Chat With The Hottest Asian Mail Order Brides

According to our EasternHoneys review, the good news is that every customer received 20 free credits that can be used to test chat features like instant messages and emails. With credits, you will be able to access all premium features that enable quality communication with Asian brides at Eastern Honeys. You can purchase a package of 20 credits at $2.99 and start sending messages to women of your interest for this payment. 

Keep in mind these tips for the best online dating experience at Eastern Honeys possible. Do not forget that you can always reach out for help and ask for assistance with any query. Eastern Honeys customer support can be reached via email. 

Eastern Honeys Real Life Success Stories

Success Story #1 Image
Bryan Saunders, San Diego EasternHoneys logo
Easternhoneys dating site has completely changed my life as I met my dear wife at a perfect time. I met her almost accidentally by liking her photo. She sent me a wink, and we started chatting. I was amazed at how polite and respectful she was. Back in the US, you will unlikely meet women who are that well-mannered. We got married last year, and I helped her to move to Austin. Signing up at easternhoneys dating site was the best decision, and I believe any guy looking for Asian girls will find luck here. The girls here are gorgeous, and they are very keen on meeting foreigners.
Success Story #2 Image
Steve, Austin EasternHoneys logo
Because I met my loving wife on the Easternhoneys dating site at the perfect time, my life has completely changed. I almost met her by accident after appreciating her photo. She winked at me, and we started talking. She was so polite and respectful, it amazed me. In the US, you probably won't run upon women who are that courteous. The year before, I helped her move to Austin after we were married. Joining the easternhoneys dating site was the best decision I ever made, and I am sure that any male looking for Asian ladies would find success here. The lovely local females are excited to meet travelers.

Step-By-Step Guide How To Find Girls On Eastern Honeys

Easternhoneys has all the necessary features for finding like-minded women and communicating with them via chat messages or emails. Please review the steps that will help you to start chatting with beautiful Asian women through Easternhoneys.

EasternHoneys message

Create An Account And Fill In Your Profile

Use your mobile or desktop device to register and add your information at EasternHoneys website. Add information about your age, what type of relationship you want to find, and what kind of women attract you.

Use The Search Tool

Click search and review random profiles of Asian brides. If you fancy women of a certain age, appearance, and location, use filters. According to our Eastern Honeys review, advanced search will help you to meet compatible women by location. You can meet women in specific locations, who have never been married, do not have children, and have the same hobbies as you. This gives a higher chance of success at Easternhoneys.

Buy Credits To Reach Girls

With credits, you can send texts, emails, photos, stickers, and virtual gifts. This will create a real date atmosphere. Communication is the main tool for connecting on a dating site like Easternhoneys.

EasternHoneys pricing

Free and Paid Options of Eastern Honeys

Not all features at eastern are paid. Online dating website members will be able to benefit from free features and still get entertained by this dating platform. Please review all the paid and free features at eastern in the lists below.

EasternHoneys features

Paid features

  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Sending media files
  • Stickers
  • Virtual gifts

Free features

  • Adding your information
  • Filling in your profile and adding photos
  • Reading the first email

From our Eastern Honeys review, you can learn that the website does not offer various plans and prices. There is no monthly membership but a credit-based system that allows members to buy as many credits as they want as often as they need. 20 credits cost $2.99. the first 20 credits every new member will get for free. 


Coming to the end of our Eastern Honeys review, we would like to say that eastern honey is a good place for men who look for young, attractive girls for serious relationships. If your intentions are casual dating and hookups, this is the wrong place. Eastern honey caters to a person with genuine intentions willing to commit regardless of location. With fair prices, lots of useful features for communication, and quality female profiles, your online dating experience should be positive. 

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