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Sri Lankan women are exotic looking and warm-hearted. This description fits them perfectly. Being next to India, you may think that Sri Lankan brides are just like Indian women. However, this is not true. Women from this country look even prettier. They have delicate facial features and look very authentic. They have all the positive traits a man looks for in his future wife. If you are looking for an exotic female to date and marry, Sri Lanka can be the right place. Keep reading our article to learn about Sri Lankan brides in detail, find out what kind of partners they make and where you can meet Sri Lanka stunning females. 

How Do Sri Lankan Women Look?

The natural beauty of Sri Lanka brides amazes men worldwide. Sri Lankan females have dark hair and eyes. They are pretty short brides with delicate frames and nice curves. Sri Lanka girls have quite dark satin skin. They also have white teeth, which makes their smiles attractive. The average height of a Sri Lankan bride is 5.2. Sri Lankan women look gorgeous and draw the attention of white and black men. Being under the sun, near the ocean, and having a healthy diet that consists mainly of fruits, Sri Lanka girls look healthy and young compared to their western peers.

Sri Lankan Brides

What Are The Main Characteristics Of Sri Lankan Brides?

A bride from this part of the world seems to have all the necessary features to make a man happy. They still follow the traditions of their ancestors when it comes to commitments and creating a family. So, you can expect a lady from Sri Lanka to be traditional and devoted. In this part of the article, we will discuss Sri Lankan girls’ characteristics in detail. 

The Best Wives and Mothers

No one can doubt that brides from Sri Lanka make fantastic marriage partners and mothers. These brides were born to devote themselves to household chores. No one needs to tell them what to do; they enjoy caring for the house, kids, and their partners. Caring is in their blood, so if you are looking for a female you can rely on and feel comfortable around, a bride from Sri Lanka is the best choice. 


You will be amazed by how honest, and open Sri Lanka brides are. They do not lie and do not tell what others want to hear. If a lady likes you, she will tell you this on the first date. If she doesn’t fancy you, she will not be able to hide it. Local brides are pure and innocent; this is why men find them incredibly attractive. 

Sri Lankan women


Sri Lankan women, like most women from South Asia, are smiley, cheerful, and joyous. Being around them brings men happiness and peace. Sri Lanka girls do not live in a developed and wealthy country, but they find joy in simple things like the sun, food, and love. These things make them happy and content. Your chances of becoming better and happier after marrying a woman from this country are very high. 

Amazing cooks

One of the main characteristics of brides from Sri Lanka is they have great cooking skills. They are taught from a young age how to cook delicious meals since preparing food for their partners and children is essential. In Sri Lanka, there is no eating out culture as in the west. Here girls cook from scratch using the freshest products. Fish, fruit curry, and pickles are foods your future Asian wife will cook for you. 


In Sri Lanka, people are religious and take marriage exceptionally seriously. The divorce rate is meager, which proves how devoted and faithful Sri Lankan people are. Each girl here sees marriage as God’s gift, so when meeting the right man, she treats him like God. She stays devoted to her partner throughout life, allows him to lead, and respects him.

Sri Lankan girls

What Wives Do Sri Lankan Girls Become?

Sri Lankan brides make exceptional marriage partners. They are caring, loving, and nurturing. They do not only look soft, but their personality is soft. They do not argue but talk nicely with a smile on their faces. They are good at cooking and will treat you to traditional South Asian meals. An authentic Sri Lankan wife will stay faithful and support you regardless of circumstances. 

Why Should You Date And Marry a Woman From Sri Lanka?

The reason to marry a lady from this country is to build a strong bond and create a happy family. We have not heard of such faithful and caring women before. Sri Lanka women never lie; they do not cheat or take advantage of their partners. They do not look for rich men but those men who treat them nicely and make them smile. 

American vs. Sri Lankan Mail Order Brides

To help you find out more about Sri Lankan brides, we created a table of comparison.

AmericanSri Lankan
MarriageAmerican women seem to be interested in marriage less and less. They care about wealth and independence more than anything. Many become feminists and it seems like they lose interest in men completely. The average age of an American lady to become a wife is 35 years old.Asian females see marriage as a gift from God and every single girl dreams of meeting Mr Right from a young age. Since the majority of women in the country are religious, they take marriage and commitments seriously. They make great marriage partners every man dreams of. The average age of a girl becoming a wife in this country is 20. 
DatingIn America, women can date for decades before they make a decision to commit to one man. Many women in this country prefer dating a few men at the same time. There is no real dating culture in Sri Lanka. Most marriages are arranged. Even if two young people meet, they introduce each other to their parents in real life. Some young girls are more independent than others so they join international dating sites and look for foreign men for dating and marriage. 
Role in marriageAmerican women prefer equality. They hate being called housewives and they rarely cook homemade meals and gather with their partners and children around the dinner table. American women choose to work hard and earn as much money as men or even more to show their strength. The role of a traditional woman, wife has been almost completely lost in the west. A South Asian female is a traditional wife in marriage life. She enjoys household chores and looking after children. She is an amazing cook and looks after of a house and her elderly parents. She is always waiting for her husband from work by serving his favorite dishes. Sri Lankan women are responsible for peace. Young girls who become marriage partners seem very wise and understand that a happy relationship must have a man who leads.

Now you know the main differences between Western and Asian females. Those men who want loyal, caring, and faithful females, will undoubtedly be happy in marriage with Sri Lankan women. Sri Lanka women have all the right traits to make men feel loved and cared for. 

Sri Lankan wife

Facts About Sri Lankan Wedding Culture

A Sri Lankan wedding is a unique event not many Westerners know about. If it is undoubtedly interesting to witness a Sri Lankan wedding, but if you are going to marry a Sri Lankan girl one day, then it should be even more exciting. In this part of the article, we decided to tell you about Sri Lankan wedding customs, which will help you to learn more about Sri Lankan women and their beliefs.

Pirith nool

This is an essential ritual that takes place before the wedding. This ritual aims to unite young people who are going to commit to each other and live happy life together. The pirith nool is a sacred thread tied around the bride and groom’s pinkies. The Master of Ceremonies ties the couple’s fingers together with a gold or white string and then pours holy water on their joined hands so that the water lands on the soil on an ornate tray. This is where the whole princess of creating a new family begins. 

Presents for the bride’s mother

To marry Sri Lankan women, grooms have to present gifts to their mother. This way, a young man shows his gratitude and respect. Usually, young men present white woven cloth. He first needs to give it to his bride, and then the bride transfers the fabric to her mother. Sometimes, the groom’s parents add a sari as a gift to their son’s new mother-in-law. Also, the young man has to promise his mother-in-law that he will take care of her daughter and make her happy.

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Sweet milk rice for the couple

Rice milk is one of the popular drinks in Sri Lanka. During the wedding party, a couple eats pastry, bread, sweets and then drinks milk rice, which is called “kiribath” in Sri Lanka. The bride’s mother has to feed her daughter and her son-in-law, and then the newly married have to feed each other with milk.

Brass oil lamp lighting

As the ceremony comes to an end, the bride and groom must light a brass oil lamp together. During this ritual, they promise to keep the burning of their commitments forever. This is the last wedding ceremony ritual. Once it is done, the feast begins.

Sri Lanka wedding traditions have been followed for centuries and are precious. If you decide to marry a woman from Sri Lanka, you will need to respect Sri Lanka marriage customs and follow them at your wedding. 

Where to Meet Women From Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a beautiful place on earth. It attracts travelers worldwide and leaves lovely memories for everyone who comes here. The island is a true beauty: it is surrounded by pure water and has lush green grass, animals, delicious food, and some of the kindest people in the world. Since this is an affordable destination for people from most countries, you can plan a trip here to explore the island and meet its warm-hearted women. 

Top places to meet Sri Lankan womenTop cities in Sri Lanka: Colombo, Kandy, and Galle. If you want to meet Sri Lankan brides online, then you should head to top Asian dating sites that provide profiles of single brides from Sri Lanka. 
Average Cost of Bride$5,000
Successful rate60%

If you enjoy being in the sun, eating tropical fruits, and riding a bike, this is the right place. Meeting Sri Lankan people will leave unforgettable memories. They will treat you like a God, as in their religion, every guest is sent by God. They will treat you with love and want to feed you with their most delicious meals. Everyone who comes to this island leaves blessed and happy.

date Sri Lankan brides

Visiting Sri Lanka will give you an opportunity to meet a good-looking girl for marriage. However, it is not as easy as it is said. Even though Sri Lankan people are happy to see foreigners, you may struggle to take a woman for a date and have some privacy. Her parents will try to watch you as there is no dating culture, kissing in public places, or sex before marriage. 

This is why joining an Asian dating site can be a much smarter idea. There is an great choice of Asian mail order bride sites that host profiles of single girls from Sri Lanka. You can browse through their profiles, exchange messages, and find out about them without leaving your home. 

Using a dating site is less than $50 a month, which is affordable for most single guys. The advantages of looking for your future bride online are getting access to profiles of the hottest girls, chatting with them without limits, and meeting women genuinely interested in foreigners and marriage.

How To Conquer the Heart Of a Sri Lankan Bride?

Dating a woman from Sri Lanka is exciting and challenging at the same time. Before you make the first move, you should learn about the Sri Lanka culture and the people. According to what we said about South Asian brides, you need to understand that they are entirely different from Western women who have extensive experience, are open-minded, and live in much more developed countries. 

So here are tips that every foreigner needs to learn about to succeed at dating a Sri Lankan woman:

  • Be yourself

With women from Sri Lanka, you do not have to pretend to be someone you are not. Do not try to impress them, and do not play cool. These women do not have extensive experience, so just be yourself and show your true self. 

  • Keep in touch

Once you find a good-looking South Asian mail order bride online and contact her for the first time, keep in touch. Your chances of making a woman fall in love with you are high if you show them your interest. 

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  • Ask about her parents

As every girl treasures and respects her parents’ opinion, it would be nice for you to ask about them. She will love telling you about her relatives, their relationship, and traditions. 

  • Do not wait too long before the proposal

As we have already mentioned earlier in the article, Sri Lankan women are not experienced in dating and going out with guys, plus there is not really a dating culture on the island. Most marriages are arranged. If two young people meet each other, they are supposed to introduce each other to their parents as soon as possible and get their approval. 


Marrying a Sri Lanka woman will make you a happier man. If you want to find a woman who would never cheat on you and be on your side, a girl from this island is the best candidate. Not only are they naturally stunning, but have a rich inner world. 

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What is the best place to meet Sri Lankan women?

An Asian dating site is an ideal place to meet a Sri Lankan woman. You will get access to hundreds of girls’ profiles and can communicate with them regardless of distance. Also, the membership fee for using a dating site is less than $50 a month.

How long should I date Sri Lankan brides before marriage?

If you feel you like the girl and want to be with her, travel to Sri Lanka to meet her parents or help her to get the right visa and come to your home country.

What is the main difference between American and Asian girls?

Aisna women have not lost the desire to become wives and mothers. They have proper values and respect men. They want men to lead while American women try to prove their strength and independence, which pushes away single men.