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Lithuanians are a people living on the territory of Lithuania, a state in Northern Europe. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius. Lithuanians are descendants of the Balts – Indo-European tribes who lived on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. They are related to the Latvians.

As representatives of the Slavic ethnic group, Lithuanians are mostly fair-skinned blondes. They are men of medium height with slender figures. Young ladies have a fragile, tender shape, and in old age, they are beautiful as well. Most Lithuanian women have blue, gray-blue eyes, thin light blond hair.

They boast a beautiful milky skin tone that, when combined with a healthy blush, gives hotties freshness and attractiveness.

Beautiful Lithuanian women are exactly what we’ll be talking about today. Plenty of foreign men are interested in marrying them, so it’s worth having a look at how to do it. But first, let’s get acquainted with the characteristics of a Lithuanian woman.

Lithuanian Women Profiles

Bogna 25 y.o.
Alina 24 y.o.
Brinn 26 y.o.
Ajla 22 y.o.
Anna 26 y.o.
Yarmilla 26 y.o.
Donika 28 y.o.
Mila 25 y.o.
Kaleena 25 y.o.
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Why Lithuanian Women?


Lithuanian girls have a great sense of style and know perfectly how to look good and how to impress their men.

People are often surprised by their ability to dress modestly but elegantly. Another notable feature of Lithuanian women is their height. Most of the hot Lithuanian women are taller than 66 inches.

Lithuanian women

Besides, it’s impossible not to mention their beautiful hair. Their hairstyles are so impeccable that it seems like all Lithuanian women are advertising shampoo. Moreover, they have very beautiful, harmonious faces and amazing figures. Most young women are not overweight.

It is not so easy to seduce a Lithuanian lady, and you have to try your best to do it. But be sure it’s worth it. You cannot find such gorgeous women in any other country. Of course, a single girl can be found on one of the numerous dating sites that are quite popular nowadays.


Lithuanians are known as a neat, thrifty nation with rational thinking. They show restraint in conversation and manner. Aggressiveness is not characteristic of them. At the same time, they like to argue when there is an object for this, and they defend their point of view no matter what.

These people value themselves highly and are patriots of their country. They may be offended if someone confuses them with Latvians or Estonians. Residents of Lithuania are characterized by responsibility, they are courteous and focused at work.

Despite such peculiarities, Lithuanians are cheerful and sociable, they easily get to know each other and keep up a conversation. They love songs, dances, and they dance in the streets during festivities. But what about characteristics of local Lithuanian Women for marriage? Let’s have a look.

They Are Elegant

Local Lithuanian women are always perfectly dressed. They wear high heels, prefer to choose modern outfits, and try to be maximally elegant every day. Having come to Lithuania, you will be surprised by the number of hot Lithuanian girls walking on the streets. They are elegant no matter what – be it a business meeting or a casual picnic. These ladies know how to dress properly.

They Are Smart

University education is considered very important in this country. So, all modern girls strive to get proper education in one of the best universities in the country. Parents take this question with all due responsibility, helping women to choose the future profession. So, when dating a Lithuanian woman, you will definitely notice how smart, educated, and well-bred she is.

They Are Feminine

If you like feminine women, Lithuanian Brides is what you need. They also acutely feel what their partner feels, so you will always be understood and taken care of. They are very feminine; Lithuanian women never argue with a husband loudly, they solve all the problems calmly.

They Are Family-Oriented

Having married, Lithuanian wives are ready to do anything for the family to live happily. Family is one of the most important things for local women, so they can literally sacrifice anything for family. Lithuanian girls are usually very close to their parents; their opinion is important. So, try to make them like you.

Besides, Lithuanian women are well-aware of how to keep the house; they cook deliciously and like it. Such a wife is a real gift, isn’t it?

They Are Supportive

As it was already mentioned, Lithuanian girls are smart and calm. Moreover, girls in Lithuania always support their husbands. A Lithuanian bride will never leave you alone: you will solve all the problems together with the bride, which will make you even closer.

They Know How to Earn Money

Lithuanian singles know how to earn money, which is also a huge plus, as nowadays there are plenty of girls who rely on a man only. Lithuanian women do not earn too much, but if needed, they can find a way to do it. As we have said before, they are educated, so they frequently utilize their knowledge in practice.

They Are Polite

It is a pure pleasure to visit various interesting places or even business meetings with a Lithuanian woman. Local Lithuanian women are very polite; they know how to behave in any situation. So, you can be sure you will be proud of your girl not only due to her appearance but also due to her manners.

Where Can You Meet Lithuanian Girls?

Nowadays, one can do almost anything with the help of the Internet, and looking for a bride is not an exception. There are plenty of dating platforms with lots of highly attractive Lithuanian women waiting for foreign men to find them. Here are some things to know about such sites:

  • As a rule, all the basic options are free (registration, filling in the profile, browsing profile).
  • To utilize extended options that include messaging, sending gifts, etc., you will have to pay.
  • If verification is used on a site, the probability of running into scammers is reduced.
  • Verification will help your profile to look more credible, so don’t ignore it.
  • It’s better to search for reliable platforms for finding Lithuanian women before registering.
  • Before registration, browse profiles of Lithuanian women on the site to make sure the selection is good.

Speaking about the price, it is different on different platforms. On some of them, credits are used (you buy them for money). Video chats, messages, translation services, sending presents to a girl’s house – all of those options may become available for the money.

Dating stories Lithuanian couples

Success Story #1 Image
Kevin and Dasha AmourFactory logo
Kevin had always been intrigued by the idea of dating someone from a different culture. So when he saw Helga's profile on a Polish dating site, he was immediately interested. She was beautiful, and her profile said that she loved to travel and experience new things. Kevin liked Polish dating culture.
Success Story #2 Image
Tom and Ann TheLuckyDate CIS logo
Tom couldn't help but be fascinated by slavic girls. Their dark hair and piercing eyes were so captivating, and he had met his fair share of them on dating sites. One in particular, Sofia, had caught his eye. They exchanged messages for a while, and soon agreed to meet up.

How To Date an Lithuanian Woman?

As we know, Lithuanian women are gentle and romantic, so it is extremely important for them how their chosen one treats them. Guys are often mistaken in assuming that courtship should be limited to flowers and gifts. For girls, a compliment and a small surprise are extremely important, thanks to which girls will feel beautiful and loved. The main task of courtship is to warm up the bride’s interest in a man. And we’ll tell you how to do it.

Meet Lithuanian Girls


At first glance, it seems that it is very easy to pay compliments to your Lithuanian girlfriend, but in fact, it is quite difficult to make it sincere and nice. Before paying a compliment to a woman, you should consider the following nuances:

  • A compliment should be said sincerely, it should come from the heart and not be a learned routine phrase. An artificially made compliment is immediately audible by intonation and by look. When thinking about what to say to a girl, pay attention to her hairstyle, face, or manners. If something positively impressed you in the Lithuanian woman, do not be embarrassed, tell her about it. So the girl will receive another proof that you like her and the relationship between you will become even closer.
  • Attention. Women really love it when their merits are assessed, so be sure to learn to notice what the girl has been working on and be sure to compliment her for the result and the efforts made. For Lithuanian, if your girlfriend has a new hairstyle, be sure to pay a compliment. This will clearly show the girl that she did not try in vain and spent a lot of time in front of the mirror, curling her hair, etc. Having received a compliment, the girl will try to look even more beautiful, and you will become a gallant and attentive gentleman for her.

Flowers – Ordinary, but It Works

Girls rarely receive flowers nowadays. It’s quite sad, as nothing can be more romantic than flowers received on an ordinary day. In fact, flowers are one of the best ways to cheer up a girl and show your love and sympathy for her.

Do not think that if you give a woman flowers, you will definitely need to spend a lot of money on it. Huge bouquets of roses have long been out of fashion since, after being bought, they will begin to fade in just a few days. Together with them, the memory of the person who gave them will begin to disappear.

If you give flowers frequently, the woman will remember you every time she comes across flowers. It may even be a neat bouquet of wildflowers, but the girl will already be very pleased. If you want to know for sure which flowers a Lithuanian girl likes, be sure to ask her (or her friends) about it.

Gifts – A Demonstration of the Seriousness of Intentions

When it comes to gifts, the main thing is not their cost, but originality and sincerity. One should not think that all Lithuanian women, without exception, expect to be presented with an expensive piece of jewelry or a car. In the initial stages of a relationship, only a selfish bride will accept such a gift, while a decent and sincere woman will expect a small surprise.

The Place for Dates Matters

Courtship is not only about flowers and candy, it is also about organizing your time together. When choosing a place, take into account the wishes of the girl, but do not always let her choose the place where you go, surprise her and take her to places that the girl will surely like. You don’t have to constantly ask a woman where she wants to go – be enthusiastic.

Maintaining a Conversation

When talking to a woman, it is very important to show how interesting you are, so tell interesting stories about yourself, your friends and the city where you live. So the girl will appreciate you not only as an attentive guy but also as a very intelligent and inquisitive one.

Be sure to find a common interest and build your conversation based on it. These can be movies, sports, books, or travel. You can choose anything, and the main thing is that your interlocutor really likes the conversation. During a conversation, it is important to show yourself not only as a good storyteller but also as a listener. Lithuanian Mail Order Brides like it a lot.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in Lithuanian bride dating. Local brides are similar to the girls from other countries, so behave properly, and you will reach your goal.

Bianca photo
Bianca photo
Location Rome
Age 27
Occupation Accountant
English level Upper Intermediate

What Are a Lithuanian Brides Like?

Marrying a Lithuanian woman is a great choice, as they make perfect wives. Local girls are focused on harmony and coziness when married. During Lithuanian girl dating, you may notice that parents are important for a girl, and marriage is not an exception: an Lithuanian single woman would like to get the approval of her parents before making the decision to get married.

The majority of brides prefer to have several kids only: they are not eager to have more than 3 children.

Besides, both parents earn money usually, so it may be quite complicated to take care of many children.

Do Lithuanian Women Like American Men?

There is a lack of young men in the country, which is one of the main reasons why Lithuanian women are looking for foreigners. Besides, they want to try something new while increasing their social status.

Lithuanian Brides


All in all, nowadays, any man can meet Lithuanian ladies and look for a Lithuanian wife. If you are one of those, utilize our recommendations, and you will find the love of your life!


Why Are Lithuanian Women so Beautiful?

They are so gorgeous because they enjoy taking care of themselves.

How to Attract a Lithuanian Woman?

The easiest way to attract a Lithuanian bride is to attract her with your appearance. Then, proceed to the dating techniques we have described.

Can I Marry a Lithuanian Girl?

Yes, but before this, you are to make the bride trust you. It would also be great to get the approval of her parents.

How Much Does It Cost to Marry a Lithuanian Woman?

Well, ladies are not goods to be sold, right? You will have to spend some money on a dating site, on your visit to the country, etc., but the result depends on you only.