Dating European Women – Useful Tips & Good Dating Sites

Why do American men are still looking for European women for marriage? If you want to create a favorable family, you can find the very European girl with whom you can build a serious relationship. Thanks to the advanced marriage agents, you are guaranteed to find irresistible beautiful European women to be potential partners for you.

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% Women use European dating site 78%
?Successful Dating European girl 90%
Language barrier no

The Slavic beauty of a European woman is the first reason why this girl is worth dating. Hot European women are really as pretty as you’ve heard. Girls in Europe can boast pretty oval faces, taut figures, and flawless makeup. European ladies are probably some of the most beautiful women in the world, along with Hispanics and Asians.

European singles always look classy. ​​The best news is that they don’t need thousands of dollars to look that way. If you are seeking a nice European woman, then mail order girls are your best bet!

Karlie 25 y.o.
Jana 29 y.o.
Borka 27 y.o.

A European single woman strives to start a family. This is another thing that thousands of American men love about them. Family means a lot to them. A family is one of the most important values ​​of people living in Eastern Europe. They make ideal mothers and wives, they respect traditional family values ​​and know everything about how to be a good partner.

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A European mail order bride will never tell you that she is “too young” to be your wife, or that she wants to build a career, or that she doesn’t want to think about children. European brides are what you need. Try dating European girls on the matrimonial portals.

Moreover, European mail order brides are always loyal and supportive. It cannot be denied that these are the qualities that every man wants to see in a girl and a wife. According to men who married Ukrainian and Russian women, European mail order wives stay with their husbands in good and bad times and never cheat on their partners.

Karlie 25 y.o.
Jana 29 y.o.
Borka 27 y.o.

Who Are European Mail Order Brides?

Simply put, a European mail bride is a girl seeking a foreign marriage partner. A European mail order wife makes a lot of efforts to get to know the man of her dreams. A mail order bride service is an online directory of affordable Eastern European woman. These are not exactly dating sites or apps.

These are serious platforms created by marriage experts who care about the sanctity of marriage and pure, sincere love. Everyone deserves affection and respect. This is the concept behind every mail order bride website referring to dating a European girl. Mail order brides sites help to get rid of loneliness. Date European girls is a good way out of the situation.

European Women

Why Do European Women Looking for American Men?

Date a European girl lies in the fact that you can meet many Russian women who prefer American men. The main reason is that Americans are considered less choosy, needy, and demanding than men from their own country. They feel like they can just enjoy the relationship and not worry so much about their weight or appearance.

Why Do European Women Looking for American Men?

On the other hand, if you date a European woman, you may find that European men, in general, do not care too much about where a woman they like or seem attractive comes from.

Wherever you go in the world, you will meet people who think that their nation is a gift from the God of the universe and are not interested in anyone or anything foreign. You will also meet people who dislike their own country. These personalities include girls from European countries when it comes to date European women.

Karlie 25 y.o.
Jana 29 y.o.
Borka 27 y.o.

What Are Characteristics of a European Woman?

They Behave Correctly

European women know how to present themselves beautifully in the eyes of society. They always look natural, dress practical and tasteful. By these criteria, they determine that a woman is from Europe. The life of women in European countries leaves a significant mark. When you meet a European woman, you will notice unique characteristics compared to women in other countries.

Success story of European woman 💌 Western Men
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Bill FindEuropeanBeauty logo
When Bill and Hanna first met online, they were both a little hesitant. But after talking for hours on end, they realized that they had a lot in common. And not long after, they started dating. After a few months of dating, Bill popped the question, and Hanna said yes! They were so excited to start their new life together.
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Otis DateUkrainianGirl logo
Otis and Lena had both been single for a long time. They were both ready to find someone special, but they didn't know how to meet people in today's world. So they turned to online dating. After talking for a while, Otis asked Lena on a date. It was love at first sight!


European girls are used to earning their own living on their own, not hoping for luck or anyone else. They become independent early enough and often start working as a student which is not surprising in the modern world. European girls prefer not to move immediately after marriage to their new spouse and his parents. European women are in no hurry to get married until they find a worthy partner.


At first, persistent women from Europe make a career, and then they think about children and everything else. Women from Europe are those divas who like to eat sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. They don’t worry if they don’t know how to cook and keep the house.

Simple and Natural

They do not make high demands on men because they like to be leaders. Girls from European countries prefer moderation and naturalness. Therefore, they often use little cosmetics for daytime makeup.

Love Great Adventures

They travel a lot. They are engaged in safe sex and only, in the end, draw up a prenuptial agreement. This is a good reason to meet European women in order to find yourself a loyal and temperamental wife.

Value Individuality

Any European woman values ​​individuality in people. The girl knows that flaws in appearance can be passed off as virtues. She is confident in herself and knows that it is impossible for everyone to like it as this is a fact of life. European women do not spend half a day in front of a mirror and are convinced that perfection does not exist. They consider we need to strive for it. Their bust, waist, and hip size will not affect personality development in one way or another.


Women of Europe have a rather realistic outlook. They provide their life at the most desired level. Almost none of them harbor illusions that they will definitely meet someone who will solve all their everyday problems. Even in a marriage with a rich man, European women are considered equal partners because they did not sit idly by. They are developed both professionally and personally. To meet European girls is a great gift.


European women get an education much earlier than American girls. For a girl studying law or economics, it can be a nice idea to gain additional knowledge.


European women, as a rule, never jump from their ancestral home to their husband’s house. When they buy their property, prefer to keep it with them even at the wedding. Who knows what will happen next.


In Europe, no woman is in a hurry to get married. The average age of marriage for European women is 26-28 years. If a girl is self-sufficient and independent, she does not need a man as a lifeguard. She thoroughly and carefully chooses a man who will be really good at relationships.

Motherhood is an Important Step

In Europe, only Asian and Latino girls give birth between the ages of 18 and 20. The rest use the most active years for their careers and personal development. Few European women think about children under 30. They take care of their health, live in favorable environmental conditions, and give birth after 30 and later.

Special Diet

What really is with the health of European women (at least with the digestive system) is a big question. At lunchtime and often for breakfast, they usually eat sandwiches without drinking. Contrary to popular belief, a small percentage of European women are affected by diet mania. Some men like skinny, some like overweight girls. But all men, without exception, want to meet a European girl who is happy with her body and eats in a restaurant with pleasure.

Without Complexes

If a woman from Europe has established herself in the profession, she does not experience complexes such as she cannot cook a three-course dinner and does not know how to knit socks. It’s none of her business. However, there are specially trained people for knitting and cooking.

What Are Characteristics of a European Woman?

Dating a European Woman Tips

When it comes to international dating, there are a lot of benefits to dating a European woman. For one, European women are known for their beauty and femininity. They also tend to be well-educated and sophisticated. In addition, European women are typically more independent and open-minded than their American counterparts.

  • Bring flowers or a small gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive because it’s not about the money. When you give gifts to your beautiful European bride, she accepts them as a sign of appreciation, and the price of the gift doesn’t matter. A bouquet, her favorite perfume, jewelry (not necessarily gold) are perfect gifts.
  • Behave like a gentleman. This is what these women adore about Western men. So, if you follow even the basic rules of etiquette, they will appreciate it. Make orders, always be punctual, open doors in front of her, be kind, and don’t forget to pay for dinner. This will make you show that you are a true gentleman.
  • Don’t expect too much from the first date. Thinking that all European brides want to have sex for one night is a great way to never get on a second date with a Slav. They want you to be patient and spend time with them, but they don’t want to find a man with whom you can only spend one night. At least most of them don’t want to date further.
  • If you’re interested in dating a European woman on online dating sites, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it’s important to be aware of the cultural differences between your own culture and that of your potential date. It’s also important to be respectful of her personal space and boundaries. Finally, don’t forget to have fun!
  • If you’re looking to meet eastern European women, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, it’s important to choose a reputable dating site. There are many European dating sites out there, but not all of them are created equal. Some are more popular than others, and some cater specifically to eastern European women.

European Mail Order Brides

Unique European Wedding Traditions

Weddings are always a special occasion, no matter what culture they are a part of. Each culture has its own unique traditions that make the day even more special. European dating culture are no different, and there are a number of unique traditions that are often incorporated into the big day.


Usually, in Polish villages, the bride’s neighbors and friends weave a wreath of beautiful rosemary leaves and then decorate the bride’s head. The Polish variation of the “dance of money” is also quite interesting. The invited guests attach banknotes to the bride’s dress in order to redeem a dance with her. But there is also another tradition: a bride and groom stand in the middle of the circle formed by the guests. The groom removes the veil from the bride, and the guests, instead of gifts, throw them money with which they will buy gifts for themselves.


Wedding traditions of the Germans include the “Polterabend” ritual. On the eve of the wedding, the bride’s friends gather at the door of her house and smash plates and dishes on the doorstep. It is believed that these fragments bring the bride good luck. After that, the unmarried girl traditionally invites friends for a cup of tea and cake or a glass of wine to thank.

Unique European Wedding Traditions

During the ceremony, the next day, a piece of bread and a pinch of salt are placed in a pocket for the bride. The groom is given grain: this is a symbol of good luck and wealth. Still wishing the newlyweds that their path was always paved with faith, luck, and luxury, the guests cover the path with fir branches. The bride and groom will walk along with it after the ceremony. All guests are given handkerchiefs so that they can wrap them up and take home the food leftover from the holiday.


In Ancient Russia, special attention was paid to wedding traditions. It was believed that strict adherence to age-old customs guaranteed a happy life. Preparations for the celebration were carried out in accordance with the script as each action was important. Some folk wedding traditions have undergone changes. Many of them are forgotten. A small part of Russian customs is familiar to newlyweds of the 21st century.

Wedding traditions of the Russian people can be divided into three parts:

  • Pre-wedding part: matchmaking, bride, conspiracy, betrothal, bachelorette party, youthful party;
  • Wedding: wedding train, bride ransom, wedding, meeting of the newlyweds, wedding feast;
  • Post-wedding part: wedding night, guest visits of the spouses.

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Marriage Legalization in EU Countries

Civil unions and registered matrimony partnerships, or so-called “de facto unions”, apply the rules used for matrimony. National rules and practices for marriage differ from country to country, mainly with respect to:

  • the rights and obligations of both parties to the marriage: in relation to their property, the role of the parents or their name in the matrimony;
  • relationship considering religious and civil marriage: if you move abroad after entering into a religious union, then be ready to check the consequences of your marital status;
  • marriage opportunity for same-sex couples. This right is granted by the following EU countries: Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Austria, France, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Iceland.


Relationships with lovely European mail-order brides will bring you family well-being. These are excellent wives and good mothers who are responsible for family life. Contact reliable marriage agencies to find your long-awaited love!