The Elegance of Singaporean Women

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It is believed that beautiful Singaporean women are one of the many reasons why Singapore is so popular with foreign tourists. Usually tanned, with dark hair, brown eyes, sometimes slanted. Small in stature, dressed in loose, light airy clothing because of the humidity and heat, some are extremely feminine. Their favorite footwear is flip-flopped. Younger women follow modern fashions. Business-focused women wear appropriate clothing, but still take the hot climate into account.

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Characteristics of Singaporean Woman

The women of Singapore are very intelligent. Education is encouraged and very important to them, as is entrepreneurial success. These girls speak English well and make up about 46% of the workforce. There are no “forbidden” majors to study here, and an openly sexist society is just sheer fantasy.

When it comes to religion and family values, Singaporean singles are considered the best housewives who strictly observe their traditions. These girls are extremely unlikely to give up their careers to raise children. Some of them do not even have children.

These girls enjoy shopping, going to nightclubs, and celebrating local holidays. As for household chores, the middle class has servants. Singaporean brides participate in team sports and many other outdoor activities. These girls keep close ties with their friends and relatives and easily “allow” foreigners into their circle. These girls expect financial stability from men and can be picky about men. These girls meet only with people of their circle or those who are higher in status.

Why do many people want to meet Singaporean women? Well, there are many reasons why a man from Asia or even a man from the western world would like to be with a Singaporean mail order bride. Take a look at these reasons why most men love their Singaporean women.


When it comes to men, beauty is almost everything. In fact, many men will not give an ugly girl a second look. Any Singaporean girl is some of the most beautiful women in the world. Local girls have that signature Asian look without being too ethnic in style. Local girls have perfect skin and hair and almost always have a perfect weight. One of the main reasons why men want to date Singaporean girls is that these girls are physically attractive.


Another reason why many men consider dating a Singaporean girl is that they are strong in character. Local girls love the idea of a woman who fights for what she believes in. Today, Singaporean mail order brides don’t just sit back and let men run the world. Some men find that fact very exciting and appealing. Truth be told, Singaporean women are closely involved in politics and otherworldly issues.

Innocence and Purity

Though Singaporean women defy tradition in pursuit of their careers, they cannot deny their innocence. This is what many men are ultimately attracted to. Women save themselves for their future husbands, which is exactly what most men want. That way, even if they are out there doing their own thing, they still maintain strong values. Keep reading to learn how to start dating a Singaporean woman.

Singaporean Women

Online Dating Girls in Singapore

The overall picture of online dating in Singapore has changed dramatically since the first dating sites were introduced. Until a few years ago, Singaporeans deeply doubted that it was possible to find new friends or meet the love of their lives online.

Many used such apps and websites in secret and were reluctant to share how they met their partners. The question, “How did you meet?” was often followed by the indecipherable answer, “We had many friends in common. Using dating sites you can not only meet Singaporean women, but also meet other Asian women, for example, to meet japanese women for a pleasant conversation.

Was Asian society that conservative? And what could be shameful about wanting to meet new people? Today, things have changed. A recent survey shows that 43 percent of single respondents are open to online dating. This figure is more than double the 19% in 2012.

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Nick found love on a dating site and he couldn't be happier. His new wife is kind, caring, and beautiful. She makes him laugh and feel loved every day. Nick loves spending time with her, and they are always doing something fun together. He is grateful for his wonderful life.
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Nick found love on a dating site and he couldn't be happier. His new wife is kind, caring, and beautiful. She makes him laugh and feel loved every day. Nick loves spending time with her, and they are always doing something fun together. He is grateful for his wonderful life.

Tips for Conquering the Hearts of Singaporean Woman

Observations show that a Singaporean mail order wife is 20% more likely to initiate a relationship and is five times more careful in choosing her partner than a man. Before they start dating, girls spend a lot of time analyzing the details of each profile. Local girls also filter the profiles they receive according to their preferences. Men, on the other hand, are much more decisive and make instinctive decisions. Local girls spend an average of 0.5 seconds per profile, with another user’s photo being the main factor in their decision. These tips below will help you to successfully date a Singaporean girl.

Make Sure Your Online Dating Profiles Showcases Your Strengths

While men with high educational status seem more attractive to women, there is little correlation between a woman’s educational status and her popularity. As for appearance, it is far from always decisive. The overall impression of a person and facts of their biography plays a large role in the choice. Thus, you need to remember that when you date a Singaporean woman. Singaporean women are into humorous statements and cute photos. Choose pictures where you are smiling or the ones where you are doing active recreation, such as riding a bike or scuba diving.

Don’t Be Afraid When Singaporean Bride Takes the Initiative

Considering all of the abovementioned, it is recommended to work thoroughly on your profile if you want to date Singaporean women. As statistics show, among the users of the Paktor mobile application, more than 40% of conversations are started by Singaporean girls.

Find Common Interests

And because common interests and fascinating dialogues are still the basis for long-lasting relationships, the Paktor dating app, as its creators believe, is the best fit for this purpose. Every city in the world over time develops its typical habits and lifestyles, specific features of behavior that unite all city residents, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, origin, or social status. So what distinguishes or, on the contrary, unites residents of modern Singapore?

Lian photo
Lian photo
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Main Passion of Hot Singaporean Women

All Singaporean girls love to eat, and they love to eat thoroughly and deliciously. Keep that in mind if you want to meet a Singaporean girl. Local girls are food aficionados in all possible ways. Get ready to hear about one’s favorite meals when dating Singaporean girls. As soon as they get even a little hungry, they run straight to the nearest café or eatery. And yet, it’s almost impossible to find overweight people in Singapore. That is the interesting paradox of Singaporean cuisine.

Catering in Singapore is serious business. There are gastronomic competitions constantly held to fight for the title of the best chef. There are also things like the best-catering outlets, etc. One of the most famous competitions is Laksa War (“laksa war”), where several rival street stalls find out who makes the best laksa (spicy noodle soup).

The second love of all Singaporean women for marriage is shopping, or sometimes, window shopping. It is akin to the national sport, but Singaporean women are real professionals in this, they shop wisely and when it is most profitable. That’s why, according to statistics, almost 80% of Singaporeans can’t deny themselves the pleasure of going shopping and finding somewhere out there the best discount.

Singaporean Lifestyle

As Singaporean mail order wives say, “our patience is measured by the lines, especially when we are standing in line for our favorite things, like delicious food.” It’s no surprise if you see a line of Singaporeans for the famous chili crab. What’s more, you can infer the quality of the product by the size of the line. Standing in line for 40 minutes for a delicious meal? That’s the norm for Singaporeans!

A Singaporean single woman loves to drink coffee (they call it “kopi” here), and there are 12 unique ways of serving the drink depending on the amount of coffee itself, sugar, milk, and water in the cup. Do you know why Singaporeans are in dire need of tissues? They use it to reserve a seat in a popular cafeteria. It’s their way of saying that a seat is taken. This is probably the most unconventional way to use this kind of item, but consider it when you want to meet Singaporean girls.

Walking around the city or driving a car in Singapore, you can have fun reading street names. You just can’t get bored of it. Local girls are not just words, they are constantly referring to the country’s history, cultural heritage, or interesting life observations. For example, Rambutan Road (after the fruit of a tropical plant), Serenade Walk, Princess of Walles Road, or Kay Poh Road (in the local dialect, “the troublesome man”).

Densely populated Singapore lives mostly in high-rise buildings, so all of life is up in the skies. Bamboo sticks sticking out of skyscrapers to dry laundry is a common sight here. The courtyard of such a house is always bustling with life. Residents from all floors come down to socialize with their neighbors, play board games or hear the sound of musical instruments. There are so many ethnic groups living in Singapore that you are sure to find some kind of festival or a celebration. Singaporean women looking for American men dream of sharing this kind of experience with their future husbands.

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The Best Wedding Traditions in Singapore

Men who want to meet a Singaporean woman need to be well-aware about the local wedding traditions. The beginning of the marriage ceremony resembles a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, where all the ancient customs of China are upheld. First, the young couple holds a tea ceremony at the bride’s house for relatives and parents. The groom must pass several tests before he sees his chosen one, who is safely guarded by faithful girlfriends and friends.

The process of redemption of the bride in Singapore is very similar to the same ceremony at other weddings. There are also a few tasks for the groom, like bargaining with lots of laughter, cries of love, and fidelity. Giving a couple of packs of local currency guarantees that the bride is getting safely to a happy groom.

Once the Bride and Groom Are Reunited, They Are Inseparable

After the tea ceremony at the bride’s parents’ house, the couple and their friends go to the groom’s house. Here they are served traditional Chinese food. After all, Singapore’s culture is based on Chinese traditions. These are not the tastiest local dishes, but they are always served at the home of the groom’s parents. Therefore, you should try them.

Tea Ceremony Is an Important Part of the Wedding Traditions

Again, the bride and groom have to get everyone drunk with this drink. Each person present is offered a cup of tea. The guest makes a bow, and the newlyweds accept the warm congratulations. The last to receive tea from the hands of their children are their parents.

Lots of Guests on Your Wedding

Families in Singapore are usually huge in number. They all gather on the waterfront in a charming place, where the marriage ceremony itself takes place, in which the bride and groom swear eternal love to each other and are finally declared husband and wife. It is a very touching moment.

The first day of the wedding usually ends with a family celebration in the form of a dinner for 150 people. All the guests are just the immediate family. The young couple arranges a gala evening for friends exactly one week later. This time, the reception is organized specifically for friends and young people. The reason is not to traumatize the older generation with their behavior. Young Singaporeans prefer to drink beer in very large quantities.

Showing Romantic Videos About the Couple

Overall, the youth wedding parties are quite calm and decent. The newlyweds show the guests a film about their love story, which they shot in Prague and Paris on their pre-wedding trip to Europe, accepting congratulations and gifts. After that come the toasts and, of course, dancing.

Key Differences Between Singapore Women and Other Women

Next, we will talk about the differences between Singapore women and women of other nationalities.

Differences Between Singapore Women and Japanese Women

There are many cultural and physical distinctions between Japanese and Singaporean women. One of the most obvious is that Singaporeans are of Chinese descent, while the majority of Japanese people are ethnically Yamato. This means that there are genetic and phenotypic differences in appearance between the two groups of women.

Culturally, Singaporean women are said to be more independent and outspoken than their Japanese counterparts. They are also known to place a higher emphasis on education and career success. Mostly everyone, who meet Japanese women admit that they have a reputation for being extremely dedicated wives and mothers, often staying at home to take care of their families. They are also considered more demure and reserved than Singaporean women.

Differences Between Singapore Women and South Korean Women

The difference between Singaporean and South Korean women is that Singaporeans are more likely to put their careers first while South Korean women for marriage are more likely to put their families first.

Despite the fact that Singapore is a relatively small country with a population of just over 5 million, it’s one of the most economically developed countries in the world. This is largely due to the country’s strong focus on education and its highly skilled workforce. So it’s not surprising that many Singaporean women choose to focus on their careers rather than on raising children.


Singapore is a paradise filled with beautiful girls. Here a Singaporean single woman will appreciate you if you prove that you love her. If you present yourself as a typical pick-up artist, your chances of success are extremely low because they want to know that everything is serious. Try to show your sincere interest in pursuing dating. You’re bound to find your happiness in Singapore!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Singaporean Women Feel About Sex?

Regarding sexuality, BBC News reported in 2001 that Singaporean women are more open about sexual intimacy in Asia. The study found that 18 percent of Singaporean women surveyed were “most likely to initiate” sexual activity with their personal and intimate partners.

How Do I Register My Marriage in Singapore?

The Registrar of Marriages is the government agency responsible for marriage and divorce matters. The Registrar of Marriages is the first point of contact for foreigners wishing to marry or to have their foreign marriages recognized in Singapore.

What Is Wrong to Say to a Singaporean Wife?

Don’t ever tell your bride that this is not her business. You can very easily offend her by not wanting to share personal things. Moreover, it can sound extremely rude, and you risk incurring your spouse’s wrath, which you will soon regret. Feel free to tell her about the situation at work, personal problems, and so on. After all, she is your partner for life.