Everythings You Should Know About Italian Ladies: Marriage, Dating, and Courtship

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Many people think that Italian women looking for love are not hard to approach or not serious. We have studied the generalized image of a typical Italian woman to explain to you which stereotypes are true and which ones are not. Let’s embark on this journey to win the hearts of these women together!

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The Dating Culture in Northern and Southern Italy

Romantic relationships in Italy are usually a long and unhurried business: the average length of the candy-bouquet period can last for a year and increases depending on the couple’s preferences. Thus, the initial stage of a relationship is described by the verb “frequentare” (“we see each other,” “we meet periodically”), which may imply close physical contact, but not necessarily. This can mean both “we sometimes go to the movies and look at each other” and “we are sleeping with this Italian girl”

There is no specific event that needs to happen to change this verb and call yourself a couple with an Italian girl, and this period can last several months. Then you can already do without verbs: say “we are together,” call one of the beautiful Italian women your partner or the term “fidanzata.” The title “fidanzati” means a higher degree of development of relations—engagement. For others, it remains just a synonym for the “second half,” and in the case of an engagement, they add the term “ufficiale” – “official.” The term “civil marriage” does not denote cohabitation with Italian women.

A standard date with Italian girls means meeting for an aperitif: any cafe offers a “glass and snack” formula from about five to nine in the evening. This meeting format is less obligatory than dinner, and longer than just drinking coffee since coffee in Italy is usually espresso, which is drunk in 30 seconds. In the country’s southern regions, the gentlemen usually pick up their girlfriends in a car. In the northern regions, Italian women and men arrive at the first meetings on their own to avoid too personal questions like “what is your address.”

Italian women

It is not customary to give flowers to Italian girls in any region unless we are talking about some important event like a birthday (and even then not necessary). Moreover, local etiquette, in general, differs from the rules of behavior in other European countries or the post-Soviet space: a gentleman (like a work colleague or a casual acquaintance in an elevator) may, for example, blow his nose loudly or complain of severe diarrhea in front of hot Italian women. Thus, you can’t go too personal with Italian women — they are quite tolerant.

The closer to the South, the more actively the couple first plays cat and mouse with the “unapproachable woman” and “persistent man.” Sex on one of the first dates can stigmatize a lonely woman as “easy.” So, you should never wait for the lady herself to offer intimacy as this is out of the question even online (unless, of course, the Italian girl is determined to continue the relationship). It is customary for a man to continue to insist when dating an Italian woman, demonstrating his serious interest.

Things are a little different in the north of the country, but there is no female sexual emancipation in Italy.

How They Talk About Love in Italy

Problems do not arise in all areas of communication: Italian singles talk a lot about love and feelings. Italians generally speak a lot in a melodic, melodious language. They can switch from the correct language to the dialect of their region and emphasize the shades of their sentiments with active facial expressions and generous gestures. Even if you don’t know the language well, you can roughly guess what exactly an Italian single woman is talking about and what she feels. At first, this greatly facilitates communication and encourages the continuation of the conversation.

An Italian girl is very jealous and expressive. She likes to play it loud and can throw an argument in the middle of the street. Passionate sex is, of course, a part of the further reconciliation. Perhaps not the worst option for resolving conflicts, given that the relationship here basically lasts for years (if not decades).

If you are interested in dating Italian girls, you should prepare yourself for emotional rollercoasters and never try to settle conflicts calmly. Throwing a plate in the wall and shouting at each other during a spice argument is normal for Italians. However, not everyone is satisfied with this national trait. Many local men prefer to date foreign women who do not make scandals for the most insignificant reason.

Though many partners suffer from constant quarrels, they remain together because they are scared of loneliness. Most men have never had the experience of independent life, only with a mother or a girlfriend — and life alone seems to them more terrible than scandals. Thus, girls in Italy are used to taking care of their husbands and often behave as mothers in relationships.

Dating stories Italian couples

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Marriage in Italy: Is It Hard to Get an Italian Mail Order Bride?

Italians are reluctant to marry. The average marriage age for a woman is 33 years, for a man — 37. As a rule, several years pass from the beginning of a romance to cohabitation. The legalization of relations takes even longer. This approach is often blamed on the economic crisis, high level of unemployment, and emotional infantility. Many people in long-term relationships continue to live with their parents.

If there is no need for that, the couple is in no hurry to move in together. But, on the other hand, if everything is successful in the relationship, no distance and visa difficulties separate young people, why spend extra money living together? Thus, if you want to date Italian girls, you shouldn’t worry that she will insist on moving in together. In this country, dating and living separately is normal for most people in their 30s.

There is usually a year between the ring proposal and the wedding itself. And sometimes the ring does not imply a wedding at all: many couples wear them to indicate “I’m busy.” On the other hand, if the ring means just an offer to get married, the wedding itself can also happen after a very long time, since this is a dreary and costly business. Thus, you can date a mail-order bride long before having kids and moving in together.

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Bianca photo
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4 Advantages of Dating an Italian Girl

Italians are romantic and flirtatious. These women are hot and take care of their natural beauty. Is it what you imagine when you think about a female from Italy? Some of these statements have appeared for specific reality-based reasons and are true.

Italian women are known for their beauty and passion, so if you’re looking for a hot partner who is also fiery and passionate, then hot Italian for dating might be just right for you. When it comes to dating Italian girls, remember that they are very family-oriented, so make sure you are open to meeting her parents and extended family. Also, be prepared for some intense conversations and passionate arguments – Italians tend to be very expressive when it comes to their feelings! But ultimately, the rewards of dating an Italian girl are many – so if you’re up for the challenge, go ahead and give it a try.

All in all, we will try to explain what benefits you can expect from dating an Italian.

Having a Home Language Teacher

The advantage of being in a relationship with women looking for American men who do not speak the same language as you are is that you have a free private tutor at home! If you are interested in language practice, you can introduce the rule of “Sundays in Italian”: a ban on speaking any other language for the whole day. This exercise is quite effective. What works even better is “Sicilian Dialect Sundays,” which will prevent you from getting lost when native Italians start speaking their dialect.

You Learn to Be Tolerant of Difference

An international relationship between two people from different cultures makes you both more tolerant of each other. You will pay more attention to being clear about what you mean and feel in a discussion. Indeed, leaving too much room for questions when you do not have the same cultural references can quickly turn out to be perilous.

One of the characteristics of Italian woman is their hot temper. Do you feel more susceptible during an argument? Indeed, blaming some of your differences on the “linguistic barrier” or “cultural differences” can help put things into perspective. Do not feel personally challenged when you and your partner don’t have the same outlook on some things.

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Going Out With an Italian: Food at the Top of Its Game

This point is perhaps the most specific to Italian culture. Because going out with Italian women for marriage also means discovering the richness of their gastronomy. Indeed, it is rare, even exceptional, that an Italian girl is not obsessed with food.

If it is sometimes a little irritating because Italians tend to be a little too sure that their country makes the best food in the world, you should quietly agree. Are you a food junkie? Then you will love dating Italian girls as they will show you so many country regions and each will have new specialties to discover.

Traveling With a Country Expert

Being in a relationship with someone not from the same country is an incredible opportunity for all travel lovers. What could be better than discovering another nation with someone who knows it perfectly as a guide? No more potential “tourist scams.” Instead, prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the country. What can be better about the many culinary discoveries, historical tours, and sunbathing on the beach?

If you meet Italian women looking for American men, you can invite them to the USA and show them your Motherland. Italians love to travel and eagerly leave their country to explore the world. But, then, it will be a matter of your taste to choose which country you want to stay in.

Tips on Winning a Heart of an Italian Bride

Now we share a few tips on how to win the favor and heart of a beautiful Italian bride for sale. So, is it true that the best way to win an Italian is to meet her friends?

  • First of all, yes, you will have to get acquainted with the locals to meet your love. Please get to know the girl’s closest friends, gradually gaining their trust. This method is the first step to the heart of your beloved. If you’ve got the support of her friends, try asking her out on a date. If you’re lucky, it won’t be limited to one meeting.
  • Buy her a drink, but be sure to pay for the drink yourself. The best option would be to invite a girl you like for an aperitif, offer her a glass of wine and light snacks. Taking a woman to dinner is a responsible act in Italy.
  • What advice do Italians give to foreigners who meet their compatriots? As a rule, they warn of burning jealousy. These girls don’t like jealous guys, but they are very jealous of themselves. So they will need to know where you are and what you are doing at every moment.
  • What is more, Italians tend to give preference to urban children rather than the inhabitants of the provinces. They like men who have the same vision of life as they do, with mutual friends and acquaintances. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t communicate with foreigners. Italian girls are impressed by foreigners who speak their mother tongue and dress tastefully.
  • Luckily, you don’t have to be fluent in Italian: just a few words are enough. If you have a great style and know a few pretty words, you have all chances to date Italian women. It is enough to demonstrate some effort, and they will do the rest of the job.
  • Finally, if you want to win the heart of an Italian woman, show your respect for her. They like real gentlemen. A respectful man will never ask you to pay the bill in half. Instead, he will shower a woman with compliments and make sure that she gets home safely after a date. And remember: you have to take the first move if you want to meet Italian women.

To conclude, what is the best advice for a foreigner looking to win the favor of an Italian? Make her smile and respect her!

Final Figures on Italians

And to finish with a little humor, here are some figures on Italians and love (well, especially sex) according to a poll carried out by Lelo in March 2019:

  • 69% like to have sex outdoors;
  • 40.6 have cheated on their partner;
  • 81% communicate their sexual fantasies without problem;
  • 38% of women have faked an orgasm at least once;
  • 70% like to use sex toys.

And you, have you had any romantic experiences that have particularly benefited you? Hopefully, our tips will help you meet Italian girls and find a perfect partner!


Is It Easy to Get a Mail-Order Wife?

The hardest step is to invite an Italian on a date. Decide on this only after you are convinced that she feels comfortable in your company. If you hurry up with the invitation, it will likely be declined, even though she likes you. You cannot win the heart of an Italian mail-order wife overnight. They are not used to open flirting and quick hookups. So you will have to play a long game.

Should You Meet Her Parents to Ask For Her Hand?

If your relationship with a beautiful Italian is developing very quickly, be prepared for the exhausting acquaintance with her parents. Most Italian guys are not very enthusiastic about having dinner with a girl’s family. Most likely, you will have a couple of cocktails at the bar with your future father-in-law.

How Can You Meet a Girl From Italy?

The quickest way to meet a girl from Italy is via dating platforms. They are particularly convenient for people who are always in a rush or those who want to get in touch with a girl before the first visit to the country. Thus, use dating sites to meet Italian women and fall in love!