The Exotic Wilderness of Panamanian Women

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Panama is a small country in Central America. It is the most famous in the region because of the dramatic story surrounding the Panama Canal. Its global importance can hardly be overestimated. The land on both sides of the canal belonged to the United States for many years and Panama City, the capital, is a colonial metropolis similar to Hong Kong. Panamanians are a combination of people who for various reasons have settled in this state: descendants of black slaves, immigrants from various Asian countries, and the Caribbean.

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Panamanian brides are traditionally Hispanic. Panamanian girls are treated as equally as men with “deference and respect”. There is something exotic about them, and their uniqueness is so remarkable that one cannot but consider having a relationship with them. In this article, we will delve into the noteworthy traits of Panamanian mail order brides, the culture of their country, and give you examples of how you should perform on your first dates with them.

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Typical Characteristics of Panamanian Woman

What is the recipe for hot Panamanian women, you ask? It is a wild cocktail that will fill you with inexpressible sensations. No European woman can compare with the image of the Panamanian woman. Now we will tell you the most remarkable features of these charming succubi.

No Dieting

An average Panamanian bride is short in height, has gorgeous, thick hair and sensuous lips. Their main distinguishing feature is their figure. Modern Panamanian women look after themselves, exercise, but do not pursue excessive thinness.

They Are Masters of Expression

“I love you”, ” you’re the love of my life”, “my heart” are frequent expressions from a Panamanian mail order bride to her husband and children. At the same time, Panamanian girls tenderly address not only their daughters but also their sons, constantly using phrases such as “my king”, “my heaven”. There are no restrictions concerning emotionality. In fact, the residents of Panama have been recognized as the most emotional people on the planet.

She Befriends Her Mother-In-Law

Panamanian mothers are a menace to future daughters-in-law, they often interfere in the family’s affairs, and can even come to you at any time with a check-up. In Latin America, the main thing is to make friends with the mother of the future husband. Sometimes mothers-in-law spoil their sons so much that they are not ready for family life.

Panamanian Girls Are Very Jealous

The most common stereotypes about Panamanian mail order wives are that they are jealous, passionate, emotional, and can be irritated to the point of breaking dishes. Of course, they do not do such things but they will show off their jealousy. Furthermore, Panamanian girls talk quite loudly, and this gives the impression of permanent slight dissatisfaction, although in practice it is just a pleasant conversation.

Panamanian Girls Keep Their Work in Balance

Beautiful Panamanian women know how to delegate. Every family ( with average income and above) necessarily has a housekeeper or even a nanny. Panamanian women looking for American men do not burden themselves with cleaning, cooking, and household chores, they calmly leave their children with nannies and go to work, or take a vacation. What is interesting is that most apartments have special small rooms where a housekeeper can live.

Panamanian Women for Marriage

Celebrating Adulthood

At 15, most girls in Panama officially celebrate growing up. Panamanian girls throw big parties, dress up in princess dresses, wear eye-catching makeup, and celebrate the transition from childhood to adulthood all day long. It seems that Britney Spears’ song “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” was written specifically for this event.

Panamanian Girls Live With Their Parents for a Long Time

Panamanian women live with their parents long enough. The rent is high in the big cities, a nanny or housekeeper takes care of the apartment or house. Even when you’re no longer a baby, parents may well impose a curfew, and moms are very protective of their sons. Dads are strict with their daughters as well. Modern Panamanian women pursue careers after university and only start families by or after 30.

Panamanian Girls Love Skinnies and Leggings

Oversize, “mom jeans,” flowing dresses? No, Panamanian women love to show off all their curves, which means skinny jeans and leggings will never go out of style in Panama. Sofia Vergara even created her brand, which mostly features skinny jeans.

They Love the High Heel and the Wedge Heel

Panamanian girls and heels are like burritos and Mexican tortillas or like the ocean and surfers: inseparable from each other. Because of their short stature, they wear high-heeled boots. Additionally, all Panamanian dancing requires heels, too.

Panamanian Girls Do the Gelding

The detail by which you can identify a Panamanian woman is her gray hair. Panamanian girls happily lighten their rather stiff and dark hair, but since platinum blonde looks too unnatural, they just dye it chocolate and add lots of honey strands.

They Salsa for Their Life

Panamanian singles love to dance, and more importantly, they’re great at it. It seems like literally, every girl can salsa. They enjoy dressing up and going to practice in local bars and nightclubs. No one is embarrassed. If you dance like a Panamanian woman for at least an hour, the next day all the muscles in your legs will be sore. Their dancing involves so much squatting and sinking to the floor that it can replace a full cardio workout. It’s just that Panamanian women mostly work out the lower part of the body in the dance, while other women are active with their top.

Differences Between Panamanian Women and Puerto Rican Women

Puerto Rican women are known for their curves and sexiness, while Panamanian women are known for their elegance and grace. Panamanian women are typically a little taller than Puerto Rican girls, and they have a more refined features. They often dress in elegant gowns and wear their hair up. Puerto Rican women, on the other hand, tend to dress more sexily with lots of curves and cleavage. They often wear their hair down in long waves.

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Customs and Traditions of Panamanian Women for Marriage

Panama is home to many people, so traditions are mixed and unusually distinctive. Amerindian customs are common in the south, many of which date back to pre-Columbian times, Spanish customs along the Caribbean coast, and American customs along the Panama Canal. This cultural diversity is also reflected in the character of Panamanians. They are extremely tolerant, polite, hospitable, friendly, and sociable. However, sociability can sometimes hide self-interest, as the standard of living in the country is quite low.

Locals Celebrate a Variety of Holidays

Panamanians love to have fun, so the local calendar features a great variety of holidays. In winter, there are carnivals with noisy acts, colorful spectacles, and costume contests taking place all over the country. During carnival week, almost no one works, people move from place to place in search of new sources of fun and holiday cheer.

Festivals Are Loved Here

Coffee and Flower Fair, Indian Festival, Black Christ Festival, rowing competitions, traditional art exhibitions — any time of the year Panama has something to surprise its guests. The organizer of public events is usually the church, which is highly respected here. Even in the small villages, you will see a religious building, a center of culture, and a traditional place of interaction between Panamanians. Those events are perfect for dating Panamanian girls.

Dress Up Neatly

Panamanian women are very appreciative of a person’s ability to dress tastefully. In business settings a European suit or at least a light shirt and nice pants are necessary, in the theater — an evening dress and jewelry, in casual settings more simplistic clothing, is acceptable.

Respect National Attire

Many Panamanians, especially in the provinces, wear their national attire — ponchos, leather pants, and hats with a wide brim. The traditional players, a white dress with an abundance of skirts and ballerinas decorated with embroidery, are extremely appreciated by women. The cost of such an outfit, along with unique pearl jewelry for the hair, is thousands of dollars.

Young women in Panama, especially unmarried women, are seen as persons of “very high symbolic status,” including the role of carnival queens. One concrete example of this reverence for adolescent girls is the Kuna Indian celebration, which is a three-day celebration of adolescent girls’ adulthood.

Keep Your Belongings Secure

Panama, like other Latin American countries, has a fairly high crime rate, so here you should observe all the usual precautions for such places. Do not visit remote areas alone, be wary of pickpockets in crowded places, carry a certified copy of your passport (not the original one), do not give your luggage even to friendly strangers if they are not wearing a special uniform.

Thefts can also occur in hotels, so keep all valuables and documents in hotel safes, and choose the upper floors. The most dangerous areas in Panama are remote areas of the capital and Colón, suburbs (Ancona, Veracruz, etc.), Kun-Yal, and Darien. However, in the national park of Darien, the situation is calm because the order there is monitored by special rangers. Since the climate in the country is hot and humid, we recommend you always carry a hat, sunscreen, and repellent (mosquitoes are especially common in the Caribbean coastal areas). Keep reading to find tips on how to date Panamanian girls.

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Tips for Dating Panamanian Woman

Consider the Apprehension

What can you expect if you go up to her and ask about her name? Nothing. In the worst-case scenario, she will say, “I’m in a hurry,” and that will be the end of your communication. Not the best-case scenario, but still.

A Panamanian woman takes any attempt to get to know her as the best compliment to herself. If you come up first, most likely, she will think that she is so attractive that she captivated you and encouraged you to take some action. She’ll be pleased either way.

This means that she is in the mood to communicate, especially if the topic is about her personality. The main thing here is not to be confused and keep up with the conversation, and when necessary, turn it to your liking. By the way, most Panamanian girls do not mind meeting on the street. According to surveys, they sympathize with guys who start acquaintances with an innocuous cute joke or a compliment.

They Give Preference to the Guys Who Are Neatly Dressed

You don’t have to be ultra-fashionable or flashily dressed like a parrot when trying to date Panamanian women. You’re not in kindergarten. Being overly trendy is the best way to get rejected because a woman is a woman. She wants to be more beautiful than any man. That is exactly why Panamanian girls usually choose not the most handsome guys. That way they will look like the beautiful princess next to you.

The First Impression, Although Sometimes Deceptive, Must Be Positive

Be always prepared, do not make any sudden movements, and do not make vulgar or offensive expressions. Instead, you should smile a lot. By the way, the phrase “the way you dress, the way you are perceived” is to be taken into account here. Be sure to keep it in mind. In general, just be nice and considerate, and then she will reach out to you.

The Easiest Way to Date Panamanian Woman Is to Approach and Ask Something

Ask about getting to the library or the nearest place with an ATM. The main thing is to ask about the location of any known objects that she probably knows. This is a great start to getting her attention. Then, by asking a few questions, you can tell if she’s right for you and if she’s in the mood to get to know you.

Deception Is an Effective Tool

A lighthearted but cute lie is your savior. For example, when you want to meet a Panamanian woman go over and tell her that you lost a bet to a friend and now you have to meet a random girl on the street (you can also say you have to meet the prettiest one). That is the first step to attract her. The second one is to please her with a nice compliment.

Ask Her How to Find a Girl and See What Happens

Come up and tell her that you don’t know how to meet a Panamanian girl and you are just learning now and ask her how to meet Panamanian women. At first, she won’t believe you, then she will smile, and then, feeling like a great psychologist, she will lecture you on seduction.

Listen carefully, ask her questions, and in the meantime, remember and analyze. After all, she is not talking about anyone, but about herself, about her expectations, her wishes, etc. As a rule, such introductions flow into long conversations. So do not waste time and invite her for a walk or lunch at a cafe.

Impress Her With Some Frivolous Action

For example, simply walking past the flower shop, and buying her a bouquet is going to make her delighted. She is going to think that you are serious about your actions as you spend the money.


A Panamanian single woman is a source of endless energy with whom you will never be bored. They don’t need much to prove that you love them. Be honest with them and they will instantly see you as the groom of their dreams. At the sight of her face, you will know for sure that you are destined to be together and nothing else. We hope we have helped you find a better approach to the question of finding a Panamanian mail order wife. Remember that your marital happiness is in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy for a Foreigner to Meet Panamanian Girls?

Most Panamanian women love foreigners and give them a warm welcome because travelers from other countries arouse their interest. They can spend hours not only talking about their country but also listening with genuine interest to stories about cultures they don’t know very well. In Panamanians, honesty and frankness are combined with modesty and concern for other people’s feelings, so they often say “maybe” instead of a firm “no” when they want to refuse something to their interlocutor.

Do Panamanian Girls Pursue Their Careers?

The modern urban Panamanian woman is employed on an equal footing with men in almost all areas of production (except for particularly dangerous professions) and social life. A woman with higher academic education, a woman manager of large and small enterprises and companies is becoming a not so rare phenomenon for Panama.

How Do You Get a Panamanian Girl Interested in You When You First Meet Her?

You should try to be confident enough and be a little bit relaxed. Usually, most Panamanian girls respond well to an initiative to get to know you. They are not afraid of you and do not want to rush away. You become interested in your own right, not because you want something there and so you actively impose yourself.