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How to Attract an Asian Bride

Today we will be giving you tips on how to seduce an Asian woman. We are guessing this topic will receive a lot of questions and controversy, as Asian women are often part of male fantasies these days. Many men want to attract Asian brides.

Can foreigners marry local women? Yes
What age do girls get married? 18-27
Language they speak Asian languages
Perfect match for foreigner men 80%

They are not only among the most exotic and attractive women in the world, but they are also very clean, polite, and respectful, which is not always the case with European women. Today, we are going to talk about several tips that help men to meet Asian women of all kinds, whether in their native country or elsewhere.

It is true that hot asian singles are popular for a number of reasons. They tend to be incredibly good looking. With their striking features and slim figures, they’re easy on the eyes. They also have a reputation for being excellent lovers. Their passion and intensity in the bedroom is legendary, and many asian women are known for their skills in the art of seduction.

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Let’s go in search of Asian singles!

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Two Types of Asian Girls for Marriage

There are two extremely different categories of Asian bride in the world: those who are local and those who are westernized.

  • Westernized Asian singles. They have been raised in Western cultures, such as the US or Britain, and have an eclectic mix of friends (black, white, etc). Mail order Asain brides are tougher than the local ones; they are hard to tame and are somewhat sassy because they have been chased for a long time by men, especially if they are sultry;
  • Local Asian singles. Those mail order brides have been raised in their home country (Japan, China, Korea, etc) and adopt the culture, which is much stricter. They act in a respectful and shy way. Also, they are completely immersed in their race, so it is not easy to date people of other races. They are extremely shy and not used to western dating.

Why Does an Asian Wife Prefer Local Men?

The answer is that parents do not want their children to date people of other races. This is not the case for every Asian girl. Although many of them dream of dating a foreigner when they are young, most of them end up going back to their “comfort zone”, which is Asian guys.

Attracting an Asian Bride

These techniques may not work for every Asian woman, but they will work for most. So gauge the interactions and change tactics as needed.

  • Be dominant and direct. Asian bride is (normally) quite shy by nature. They have been raised to be strict. Asian wife enjoys being treated with firmness and authority, which is not always the case with Western women. It is important to be dominant and direct, but not to forget to be respectful. When approaching an Asian girl, be persistent as they don’t always take the time to listen to what you have to say;
  • Take your time. We’re sorry, gentlemen, but an Asian wife won’t come to bed with you on the first night, so you need to work at it for a few weeks. Take them out for coffee, get to know them, build a deep rapport and start progressing sexually on the third date;
  • Create strong bonds. Any Asian bride loves fairy tales. They are very romantic and love romance novels so create strong bonds with them.

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Best Places to Meet Asian Women

There are various effective solutions to meet Asian brides abroad. Some will prefer a virtual approach, with Asian dating websites which have many advantages, others will choose the traditional approach techniques which always work! The main thing is to know where to look:

  • Their country. Instead of waiting in vain for Asian mail order brides to arrive, go to their country instead and you will be spoilt for choice. Do your research, find out where the best places are, and go for a short trip to that country;
  • Your social circle. You can meet a lot of mail order brides in your social circle. The best thing to do is to meet Asian guys, as they all know some wonderful wives;
  • Asian nightclubs and bars – Check Google to find nightclubs and bars in your city that are frequented by beautiful Asian girls. You will be welcome there, it will be like walking into a gay bar. You won’t be kicked out because you’re not from an Asian country;
  • Also think about coffee shops. Enjoying a coffee in good company is anything but unpleasant;
  • Dating platforms. Surely the easiest way to meet most Asian brides ready to date Western men. Here is a list of serious dating platforms;
  • College campus – There are more and more local women on college campuses, so you can go there to find an Asian wife.

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The Benefits of Online Dating

Asian dating sites have several major advantages and notably the fact that they allow you to get in touch with a beautiful Asian wife while you are in your country. During the preparation of a trip, it is an ideal way to make some virtual meetings which will be concretised once on the spot.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that an Asian girl is, in general, quite reserved. On Asian dating sites, they will let themselves go more easily to the discussion and you will create links more quickly.

The other strength of this Oriental dating platform is the possibility it offers to find an Asian wife abroad. Depending on your city, it will be more or less easy to find Asian brides. In Western countries, the majority of the profiles are Chinese and Vietnamese women, passing through here to study or children of settled immigrants.

There are many Asian females in western countries and more and more single Asian brides are using dating sites to escape the strict family framework! Think about possible opportunities!

AsianMelodies Women Profiles

Rating 9.6
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Finding Beautiful Asian Wife When Partying

For those who prefer to go out to find an Asian lady, the possibilities are numerous abroad, because there is a large community present.

Moreover, it can be wise to attend different events that celebrate the Asian community. The Chinese New Year is often the occasion of beautiful celebrations, and hot Asian girls enjoy it. Similarly, cultural institutes and embassies of each nation organize parties related to their celebration calendars. There are many ways to celebrate with hot Asian ladies.

Finding Cute Asian Woman in Everyday Life

Asian bride lovers are lucky abroad because of the large representation of Asian nationalities. There are many Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Chinese women living and working in western countries. So, in your daily life, you will often cross paths with Asian girls for marriage.

However, it is not easy to approach Asian beauty for several reasons. Most Asian cultures operate on a patriarchal pattern. It is not good for an Asian girlfriend to be courted and date a man from another community. Also, in Asian neighborhoods in big cities, some beautiful Asian women speak broken foreign languages and might not risk a conversation with you for fear of losing face (shame is to be avoided at all costs in Asian cultures).

Finding Asian Girlfriend in Asia

If you live or travel in Asia, the opportunities to meet Asian mail order wives. You will be the exotic one, and will therefore leave with a definite advantage. However, don’t expect to find mail order Asian brides just lying on a street. Asians are prudes, and it goes for mail order brides as well.

To meet hot Asian women in Asia, you can go to bars, clubs, and discos, where mail order brides prefer to meet. Each city will have a more festive area that you will easily find by asking around at the hotel or to your acquaintances.

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Most Asian Brides Hate This

There are certain things you should NEVER say in Asian countries, here are some examples:

  • Don’t tell her you have a thing for dating local women. This is the dumbest thing you can say to her. She knows you want to have sex with her, so don’t tell her that.
  • Don’t put an Asian wife on a pedestal. It’s important to treat all Chinese girls the same because if you treat them differently from each other, you’ll look desperate.
  • Don’t talk about Asian stereotypes. Geishas and strict parents are boring topics and you shouldn’t talk about these stereotypes. Most Asian women will probably find them frustrating because she has probably heard them over and over again.
  • Don’t ask her about her nationality. Don’t ask her where she’s from, because you’ll look silly, like so many other men.
  • Don’t try to impress her with stupid “facts” about Asian countries. She doesn’t care how many bikes are in Beijing. So don’t spout such nonsense because your Asian girlfriend might get bored.
  • Don’t be too shy or reserved – Remember this: if she doesn’t respond to you, it’s not because an Asian lady doesn’t like you, but rather because she is shy. In this case, you need to take charge of the situation.

And now you know how to attract a hot Asian woman. They are beautiful and very attentive in bed, and they are worth the trouble for them.

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Tips to Date Asian Women for Marriage Successfully

European men are not very often interested in dating Asian wives the right way. Some are attracted by an exotic oriental appearance, others are looking for a new relationship and still, others want to verify the truth of the current stereotypes. The Internet has expanded the possibilities: if there is little chance of meeting then you can try your luck with an Asian bride online. But it is important to think in advance what is the purpose of dating Asian women for marriage.

What Are the Difficulties of Dating Asian Wives?

You can try simple conversations with mail order Asian brides via translators. But for a relationship, you will have to take into account the particularities of the culture and tradition. Mail order Asian brides have different mentalities, so it is necessary to choose the right communication style.

If you are looking for a future life partner from Korea or Japan, it is important to know that Koreans have a negative attitude towards mixed marriages, so foreign men may be rejected without explanation. The situation is especially bad with Asian wives – it is not very easy to have an affair with them. The situation is different with girls from China.

They are looking for suitors from other countries because on dating sites for serious relationships, there are many profiles with real dating offers.

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The Importance of Complimenting a Potential Asian Wife

If too many compliments are for us westerners a direct sign of friendzone, for an Asian mail order bride, many compliments are almost NSFW (in the good sense of the word).

For us, playing with the forbidden means starting to touch each other outside. For Asian mail order wife, playing with the forbidden means expressing their interest verbally outside. The limit is not at all in the same place, and that has immense importance.

What this means is that when you compliment Asian wives you don’t come across as a friend (who if he was Asian would never do that). You come across as a sexualized guy trying to seduce an Asian mail order bride. Therefore, if you want to seduce an Asian mail order wife, you have to verbalize your interest much more while remaining very measured in the physical approach.

This way, she will understand that you are there to seduce her, and you can kindly plan your return to the apartment with her knowing what is going on and without making her risk social death.

Real Asian Brides Don’t Like Alpha Males

Still due to the cultural discretion of many Asian girls, a guy who plays the alpha male will be rather badly seen by an Asian mail order bride. He will be seen as a guy without elegance, a gruff guy.

And this is where working on authentic connection is going to be very important. Real Asian women don’t want to feel impressed, they want to feel connected. And for that, they need to see who you are, what your dreams are, and what your fears are. When you marry Asian bride, she wants to know what it feels like to you to be in Asia and to be with them right now, your history, the things you’ve been through, etc.

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What Single Asian Women Can Offer That Other Women Cannot?

Before you start dating Asian women online, remember some characteristics of the upbringing and traditions they adhere to

  • Unlike Western ladies, Asians rarely take the initiative in relationships;
  • If Western women have become strong and independent (they even write first), then Eastern women try to appear shy and weak. They flirt and behave like little girls, despite their age. It is normal in Asian cultures;
  • It is difficult to get a direct answer to the question asked on dating services. Asians perceive European intransigence as rudeness and bad manners. Asian mail order bride enjoys pampering;
  • When communicating with an Asian mail order wife, you should give gifts and pleasant surprises. This is an essential component of Oriental dating, which Europeans often mistake for commercialism;
  • They love compliments. Any woman in the world will expect compliments from her man. An Asian girl is no exception and will always expect loving words from her man;
  • Girls become mail order brides because they know their worth. Not all, but the vast majority of Asians behave very decently in the initial stage of a relationship. They may not have an intimate relationship even after 15 dates. But Asian make good future wife.

Having met Asian mail order brides on a dating site or in real life and you are going to go out with her. So let us delve even deeper into the seduction code when you find an Asian chick.

Differences Between Asian and European Women

There are many differences between Asian and European women, but here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Asian women are typically smaller in stature than European women.
  • Asian women have more delicate features than European women. The exception is the ukranian brides, always coveted by Western men, who are recognized as the most beautiful representatives of the Eastern Europe.
  • Asian women usually have black hair and dark eyes, while European women typically have lighter hair and eyes.
  • Asian women are often considered to be more submissive and docile than European women.
  • European women are more independent and outspoken than Asian women.

Asian Men vs Foreign Men

Asian women often find western men more attractive than local men. For them, men are often handsome, kind, cultured, cute, and muscular (though it is not mandatory). So this is good news for you! You automatically score points with your looks alone. Of course, it must be at least well-groomed, and you should know that an Asian bride prefers thin men with light skin.

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Choosing a Good Location for Your Date With Asian Mail Order Brides

Looking for a cozy cafe or restaurant for your date? Choose a place that is not far from you and the Asian woman you are dating. Check the website of the restaurant or cafe you are going to in advance to see if it is comfortable. For example, you can go out to an Asian restaurant, Asian ladies like sushi, and bubble tea or you can go to an exhibition. This will show him that you are cultured and interested in art.

Dating Asian Ladies Online

To apply all our tips, you still need to know and be able to meet beautiful Asian brides. The easiest way to do this is to register on an Oriental dating website that connects Asian women for marriage (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc) with Western men. The services are accessible to everyone as long as you are over 18 years old. The registered Asian women are mainly looking for romantic encounters to build real and lasting relationships.

Asian dating sites remove the need to travel to meet people. You will be able to use the chat, private messages, or your webcam to communicate with your interlocutor. Of course, you will have to create your profile, fill in all the requested information and add a photo of yourself. Then, you can browse their profile and find Asian woman who lives near you through the search engine.

The Hardships of Approaching Asian Girls

Western men dating Asian brides has been a phenomenon for a long time. But Asian girls are a little different! They are probably the most similar to European women in terms of their personality and the way society works. So let’s go through a few things about Asian women.

Asian Brides Do Not Speak Much English

This is a minor problem in Asian countries. Asian mail order brides do not speak English very well. When you go to Asia to meet a woman, the language barrier can become a problem. So you can’t just meet an Asian girl on the streets. Fortunately, young Asian ladies try to learn English. You live abroad and you are looking for an Asian woman who lives there. You don’t have to worry about the language barrier at all. You can speak English to Asian ladies in our country. So you must learn some Asian languages too.

On the other hand, many Asian girls using online dating platforms want to learn English. You can easily find a language partner if you want to learn Asian yourself. Even if you are not a great talker, this should not be a problem on an Asian dating site. Indeed, Asian brides are very liberal sexually and are not afraid to have sex on the first night.

Asian Brides in Europe

Asian mail order brides tend to travel a lot to Europe and the US. Many even live here. Asian brides also often travel alone. You can use popular European dating sites to meet Chinese women who are already near you.

It is possible to find them on Tinder abroad or on specialized dating sites which gather thousands of Asian ladies in France, the UK, the US, Canada, etc. Dating platforms are neat as they save you time.

What Are the Characteristics of Asian Brides That Make Them So Special?

Asia is an interesting combination of conservatism and modernism. Conservative means that they still have clear roles in a relationship and marriage. Today, women and men are pretty much equal in education and career. So women are also independent and earn their own money.

However, the problem is that the number of single women is very high in Asia. You may have heard stories of men using sex robots or people who live in their small houses and only have virtual relationships.

Anyway, Asian brides can feel reserved even on international dating sites. It is part of their culture, and they can’t express themselves openly and freely on dating websites. But as we have already said, Asian ladies are liberal about dating, and it is not taboo to interact with foreigners.

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Do Mail Order Asian Brides Like Western Men?

Yes of course! Asian brides and Western men are now forming many couples around the world. As they are very independent and earn a good living, they are not in a couple only for the money (as can be the case with women from Thailand for example).

White men fascinate Asian brides because of their character, their romantic side, or their physical appearance. Even if they have a preference for men who are a bit “effeminate”, a local woman will always appreciate the presence of someone outside Asian countries.

Best Countries to Find an Asian Female With Exotic Beauty

It depends on your personal preferences. The top three Asian countries for dating are China, South Korea, and Thailand. This is where women are the most progressive and show more interest in foreigners. Japan sounds like a good option, but many people there are reserved and a bit hostile towards other nations. It is a conservative approach and we hope that Japan changes its mindset in the future.

Why Should You Consider an Asian Mail Order Bride

The thing about Asians is that they bring in a whole other set of views that are both alien and attractive. At first, you might struggle with their way of thinking and approaching girls on online dating sites, but then you get the taste of why it is worth it.

They are a perfect embodiment of progressive mind and natural beauty. They take care of their bodies not for men specifically, but health reasons. They learn self-love and then share it with their husbands on online dating sites. That is why they live long and look very young.

The True Price of Asian Mail Order Brides

The final price tag involves many different factors. First, let’s start with the fact that you are paying for a chance to meet the girl that you’ve been on good terms with. You talk to many women on many dating sites and then you try to take it to the next level by meeting in her country. If you share the same values and your love is unconditional, then you help your bride to move to your home and pay for K-1 Visa expenses. Here are the average prices based on different Asian countries:

Tickets Accommodation Food Transport Entertainment K-1 Visa Final Price
$700 – $1,100 $300 – $1,650 for 2 weeks $350 – $800 $250 – $650 $400 – $2,000 $2,300 $4,300 – $8,500

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Why Are More and More Western Men Trying to Date Asian Mail Order Brides?

Talking about Asian brides, it’s still very wide because Asia is vast, and it has many countries: China, Japan, the Koreas, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, etc. The list could go on for a long time, and the women of each country have a beauty of their own. Depending on your tastes, you might be more sensitive to the softness of Asian brides (as is the case for many), the sexy curves of Thai women, or the devastating smile of Vietnamese women. Different best dating sites offer that.

However, there are some common traits in all Asian ladies. We can point out an apparent calmness that hides explosiveness in bed or during agitated discussions, a non-tactile side in public, and an attraction for Western men. This last point is beneficial for any international dating site! If cultural differences complicate relationships, meeting an Asian woman and seducing her is not such a difficult task, since they are physically attracted by your exoticism as you are attracted by theirs!

The important thing is to take the time to know a minimum of the culture of the Asian nationality of the girl you wish to seduce. Don’t go to Asia simply thinking that you can conquer any woman. Overconfidence is a flimsy shield.

Watch the video to learn more about Asian women dating:

  • Why Asian girls make great wives
  • How to win a heart of a chosen Asian lady
  • What to avoid while dating Asians

Final Word

This is all you need to know about Asian girls and mail order bride websites. Although they share some individual traits from different countries, they have something common in their mindset. You don’t need an in-depth guide for every Asian girl out there. Stick to the main plan and try different angles to approach local women. They only seem unapproachable, which is only motivated by their shyness. Keep talking to them, and you will get the dream mail order bride.


How much is an Asian bride?

Your price tag depends on the nation that you choose on a dating site. If you go to the Philippines, then you can expect a minimum price tag of about $4,000. If you want to start your passion in a bigger richer country like China, then the price might jump to 8,000.

In what country can you buy a bride?

Most countries support buying a mail order bride and using a dating service. After all, this is not slavery we’re talking about. Buying a bride is paying the costs for the site to match you with the girl that suits your tastes. This also includes your expenses to meet in real life, as you are likely to live in different countries. Lucky that we have online dating nowadays.

Can I get a mail order bride?

Indeed you can. The process of getting an Asian bride is equal to that of marrying a foreign girl. If both of you are law-abiding, then you have nothing to fear. If your government starts asking questions then just say that this is your fiancée. Mail order bride gives out a negative connotation and makes people think that you both arrange some kind of scheme.