Arab Women

Dating Arab Women: What You Should Know About Them

Are you interested in dating gorgeous Arab women? These ladies from the Middle East and North Africa attract many foreign men, indeed. But, most Western people are not familiar with the dating culture of Arab girls. And it is the reason why many men fail to impress these ladies.

We are here to help you understand Arab women and learn the best ways to impress them. Keep reading the article to find out interesting facts and dating tips from experts.

Top cities to meet Arab women Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Jeddah, Beirut, Cairo
Top popular Arab women Kenza Fourati, Rania Al-Abdullah, Balqees Fathi, Najwa Karam, Mthayel Al Ali
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Arab Women

Characteristics of Arab Women: Appearance & Personality

How do you imagine an Arab woman? What is her appearance and temperament like? Speaking honestly, there is no one answer to these questions, as Arab girls are diverse, and every lady possesses her unique characteristics. But, we want to describe some traits that are common for most Arab girls. Take a look at the point down below to learn more.

Oriental Beauty

Beauty of Arab women is known all over the world. These ladies fascinate with their facial features and style. An average Arab woman usually has big almond eyes with long eyelashes, olive skin, and shiny dark hair. These ladies with wider acceptance love makeup and know how to highlight their best features with it.

Muslim girls frequently wear different types of hijab and traditional Arabian clothes. But there are also a lot of Arab Christians who don’t follow the same clothing rules as Muslims. So, Arabian girls can look different, depending on the region they are from, their religion, and their personal preferences.

Loyalty and Good Manners

Arab women will surprise you with their excellent manners, politeness, and kindness to other people. These ladies are usually taught from childhood to be respectful and polite, and it is a quality that makes them even more attractive. It is easy pleasure to communicate with them, as they are good listeners and know how to maintain a conversation on any topic.

Also, any Arab lady prioritizes her family and beloved people around her. They have a sympathetic soul and are always ready to help their friends and partners. When they fall in love with someone, they stay loyal till the end, and this quality makes them an amazing choice for long-term relationships.

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Mystery and Charm

It is hard to explain, but all Arabian women have a special charm that makes men fall in love with them. It is seen in these women’s eyes, posture, and tone of voice. They seem strong and feminine at the same time, and it is incredibly attractive. In fact, a modern Arab lady usually has a good education and ambitions to have a successful life. And at the same time, they know how to be a loving partner and dream about finding true love.

Having a conversation, they are always respectful to others, can talk on any topic, and can surprise you with a good sense of humor. They are open, talkative, and can charm people without any effort.

Unique Traditions in Arab Dating Culture

Courtships and relationships in Arab countries are a bit different from European and American dating cultures. If you find a pretty girl from the Middle East and want to win her heart it is critical to know her own culture and some Arab dating rules. Here are some things you definitely should keep in mind to succeed in dating Arabian girls.

  • A man is expected to do everything for his girl. Paying on a date, buying gifts, and surrounding her with love and care.
  • In Arab dating culture, courtship is a significant stage. You should prove not only to a girl but to her family that you’re a suitable partner for her.
  • You might have to wait a little longer for intimacy. Due to their bit conservative culture, Arab women are hard to get, and it even can take longer before they kiss you.

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Facts About Arab Girls: Who Are They in Real Life?

Before telling you more about dating Arab girls, we want to give you a better idea of who these ladies are in real life. Down below, you can find a few interesting facts about women from the Arab world:

  • Most Arab women have a good education. According to statistics, the literacy rate among young women from MENA countries is 88%. Depending on the country, from 40% to 82% of females have a tertiary education.
  • These ladies don’t mind having many children. In fact, they usually grow up in big families with several siblings, and this fact explains their desire to build a strong and big family. For example, the highest fertility rate among Middle Eastern countries is 3.7 in Yemen, while the average fertility rate in MENA is 2.77 births per woman.
  • Most Middle Eastern women prefer to be housewives instead of starting a career. According to statistics, only 19% of Middle Eastern females are employed.

Where to Find an Arab Lady for Relationships — Best Spots

Wondering where you can meet ladies from Arab countries? We won’t tell you about the best cities to visit, as Arab girls can be met on every continent. But, what you should know is what places to go to find single Arab women. So, here is a list of ideas for foreign men who desperately want to meet charming oriental ladies.

  • Parks and city centers. These girls like to spend time outside, walking in the park, or shopping somewhere downtown. It is a great chance to meet them, start a conversation, and ask on a date.
  • Festivals, exhibitions, and art museums. Looking for someone with the same interests as yours? Visit places of your interest. It can be an art gallery or festival. We are sure you will find many Arab girls there.
  • Online dating. It is, perhaps, the most effective way to find a special someone among Arab women. Just visit a reliable dating site, create an account, and start searching!

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How to Date Arab Women: Top Recommendations

So, you have met a perfect Arab woman and want to make her your girlfriend. Well, it is not easy to win the heart of oriental women. These girls know what they are worth and expect only the best treatment from a partner. But don’t worry, we are here to help you find the way to an Arabian girl’s heart. Follow our tips below and you will succeed for sure.

  • Don’t give up if a courtship takes longer than you expected. It is never easy to conquer Arab women, as they choose only decent partners. So, be patient and prove your feelings to your Arab girl.
  • Appearance is important. Arab ladies like good-looking men. So, make sure you look neat well-groomed.
  • Gifts and compliments are a must. Arab women love this kind of attention from men. A beautiful bouquet of flowers and a few compliments will help you to get her attention.

Are Arab Girls Worth Choosing?

Arab ladies have a lot of foreign suitors, and we can name many reasons for it. These girls possess many great personality traits that make them suitable for meaningful relationships. Take a look at the main reasons why so many single men choose to date Arabian women below if you’re not sure why you should give Arab dating a chance.

Strong Family Values

Family is incredibly important in Arab culture, and all girls are taught to value their family more than anything else in their lives. Indeed, these ladies have a lot of respect for their parents and expect to build a strong family themselves one day.

They stay loyal to their husbands and are ready to work on relationships to maintain happiness in the family. Also, they like children and know how to create a cozy atmosphere. All these qualities make Arab women perfect for marriage.

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Serious Intentions

Casual dating is absolutely not for Arab women. These ladies are looking for true love, not a one-night stand. In fact, almost all local ladies are ready to meet foreign suitors only if those men have serious intentions. We are not talking about marriage, but more about readiness to build serious and meaningful relationships. So, if you’re looking only for a wife or a girlfriend, choose to date an Arab girl without any doubts.

Interesting, Strong, and Active Women

You will feel their energetic nature once you become closer. These ladies always have a lot of interests and ambitions, and try to live their lives to the fullest. It is never boring with them. And you can be sure that your Arab girlfriend won’t control you or expect you to be around every second. Also, they are independent and don’t expect a man to provide for them. With such ladies, it is easy to build relationships that will never lose the fire of love.

Arab Women Online Dating: Why It Is a Great Option

Although you can meet single Arab women anywhere in the world, there is no better option for men to search for them on dating websites. By choosing a dating service to meet gorgeous ladies you can get a lot of benefits, and we are about to tell you about them. Here are the reasons why you should give online dating a try:

  • There are many Arab girls registered on dating sites. It won’t be a problem to find a pretty single lady that suits your preferences and can become a great girlfriend to you.
  • It is a convenient way to date an Arab woman. If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have enough time to go outside and look for love in a traditional way, dating Arab women online is the best option for you. Date ladies from any place you want!
  • It is easier than dating in person. It is normal to be nervous when you meet new people, especially if you feel sympathy for them. And sometimes you can say something awkward or act the way you shouldn’t. But, when you text a person, it is much easier to avoid such situations, as you have time to think.

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Statistics on Relationships Between Arab Women and Foreign Men

Charming Arabian women are extremely popular among men. And it is not surprising, as their beauty, femininity, and views of life can attract anyone. There are plenty of intermarriages between Arab women and foreign guys. Here are some facts:

  • More than 700,000 women from Saudi Arabia are married to foreign men. It is about 10% of all married Saudi women.
  • Around 249,000 women from Kuwait are married to foreigners.
  • In 2021, there were 155 Lebanese women who obtained fiance visas to get married to US citizens.

Why Do Arab Women choose to Date Foreign Men?

Are you wondering why the hottest babes from the Middle East choose foreigners and not local men? Of course, there are different reasons that make these girls try international dating, but we want to tell you about two major reasons:

  • They are looking for more open-minded men. It is not a secret that there is gender inequality in many Arab countries, and every year Arab women are fighting for their rights. They become more independent and educated, and local marriage traditions are not suitable for them anymore. That’s why they’re looking for guys with modern views on life and relationships.
  • They find foreign men more attractive and suitable for meaningful relationships. It is a popular opinion among women in Arab countries. Due to conservative society, Arab men are more traditional, and marriage or relationships with them is frequently full of rules. Modern Arab women are dreaming about relationships with a man who is easier to be around. They simply want to find someone with whom they would feel free and loved.

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To Sum Up

Dating an Arab woman is a great idea for foreign men who are looking for serious relationships. These ladies are not into casual dating and prefer to build meaningful relationships with a good person who they truly love. It can be difficult to conquer Arab women, but we can assure you that all the efforts are worth it. So, use our tips and try your luck with one of the gorgeous ladies from the Middle East and North Africa.


What is the best way to meet Arab women?

You can meet Arab women anywhere in the world, but the most effective way to find a girlfriend from an Arab country is by using dating sites. Nowadays, there are plenty of international dating platforms, and many Arab ladies are searching there for love. Just find a reliable service, create an account, and communicate with single girls from any place you want.

Are Arab women loyal wives?

Yes, Arab girls are devoted to their husbands and family. They are more traditional and prioritize their family above anything else. You don’t need to worry that she will cheat on you or leave without any serious reason. If your relationship is built on true love and respect, she will put all her effort into building a strong and happy family.

Why do Arab girls look for foreigners?

Girls from Arab countries have different reasons to look for foreign men. Some of them just don’t like the conservative views of life of local men and dream of finding an open-minded partner. Also, many Arab women find foreigners attractive, easy-going, and suitable for long-term relationships.