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Do you want to buy Russian wife? Russian women are one of a kind. They are stunning, intelligent, romantic, and caring. International dating sites that offer to review profiles of Russian mail order brides at a dating website have been popular for decades. Men from the US, UK, Canada, and Europe have been interested in single Russian women for a long time, and it is for a good reason.

So, if you want to know the cost of Russian mail order bride service, you have come to the right place. Stay with us, and we will tell you everything you need to know if you want a hot Russian mail order wife from a dating website. 

Russian Women Profiles

Clare 27 y.o.
Milabelle 25 y.o.
Financial manager
Evonnia 27 y.o.
Maya 29 y.o.
Isla 28 y.o.
Roza 25 y.o.
Dental assistants
Ingrid 25 y.o.
Lola 26 y.o.
Abella 23 y.o.
Financial manager
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Facts About Of Russian Mail Order Brides 

Russian mail order brides are undoubtedly some of the most attractive women on the planet. Some of the hottest actresses and models come from Russia. These women are gifted with stunning features and easily draw the attention of men from different parts of the world. Apart from the natural beauty that Russian mail order wives have, these women will surprise you with their personality traits and attitude towards men. Let’s explore some interesting facts about Russian mail order brides:

buy russian wife

Russian women are family-oriented – Russian brides are considered some of the most family-oriented girls online. They are raised with the idea that becoming good wives is essential. They are taught how to treat men with respect and care for their needs. Russian women dream of meeting a reliable man who would want to create a family and lead. So, if you are looking for girls online for marriage, Russia is the right location. 

Russian mail order brides are intelligent – In Russia, mail order brides take education seriously and study hard to get a decent job. Most women speak English and can easily have a conversation with a foreigner. Russian females are knowledgeable and pleasant to talk about. So they are not just pretty faces but intelligent women to date and marry.

Russian mail order wives want to marry foreigners – Every year, the number of women marrying foreigners reaches 20 thousand. Beautiful Russian women dream of marrying handsome, romantic, and generous men. They find men from the US beautiful and look for chances to meet them. This is why the number of mail order Russian brides is so high. Local brides from Russia search for foreign guys online and do not lose an opportunity to get acquainted with foreign bachelors in real life. 

ServiceCostAdditional Info
Overall average price of bride$6,000When you visit site, this is the average price of buying a Russian mail order bride through professional matrimonial service.
Russian Wedding price$15,000The final price depends on the kind of wedding men want to have with their future Russian wives. Take into consideration the number of guests, the location, and ceremony. 
Dating with Russian online$100This is the average price of using a dating site for one month. If you want to video chat with a Russian girl, send presents and request contact information when you visit site, the price will increase. 
Dating with Russian offline$2,000This is the minimum price for traveling to the capital of Russia and spending a week with a Russian lady. The final price of meeting Russian wives depends on your flight tickets, the hotel you choose to stay in and quality of time you spend with your Russian bride. 

Russian Girl Does Not Need Money From Foreigners 

There is a myth that Russian mail order wives dream of marrying foreigners because of money. This is utterly wrong. When you buy a Russian bride, you can see her attitude. The majority of girls genuinely like American and English guys and find a Russian wife very attractive and sweet. It is true that foreigners treat Russian ladies with more respect and buy fancy presents for them. However, this is not the reason why Russian women want to marry them. 

The main reason why Russian girls want to marry men from overseas is being treated like women and not housekeepers. Local girls online lack respect and romance. Real Russian brides want to be loved and cared for. Disciplined and reserved Russian men seem emotionally unavailable, which upsets Russian ladies and forces them to search for more open, generous, and warm-hearted men. 

They Do Not Earn Anything From Dating Sites

Those Russian girls who you will see on a dating site are genuine women who look for love. If you think that a Russian mail order wife earns money or popularity by placing her photos on a dating site, you are wrong. Every Russian woman wants to find true love and get married, as this is a priority for every single woman in this country. 

What Are They Doing For A Living, And How Much Do They Earn?

Russian mail order brides do all kinds of jobs. Many women registered at dating sites are teachers, nurses, doctors, fitness trainers, beauticians, translators, guides, etc. Many Russian brides are interested in beauty, so they become cosmetologists, make up and nail artists. Russian women are creative and talented. They are skilled and hard-working. So, the saying that Russian brides rely on men and depend on them financially is wrong. 

russian mail order wives

On average, Russian ladies earn $800. The salary depends on their skills and experience. For example, those women who speak a few foreign languages and work in international companies can earn up to $1,500 a month.

Why do you think Russian women are so strongly attracted to foreign men?

They're incredibly beautiful.

There is something about Russian ladies that emanates beauty, whether it is their delicate face, their silky hair, or their kind temperament. In addition to their physical attractiveness, Russian women possess several distinguishing characteristics that contribute to their beauty.

They're exceptionally feminine.

In a culture where women's independence and power are increasingly valued, it can be pleasant to encounter a woman who embraces her femininity. From their attire to their speech, Russian ladies exude femininity in every aspect.

Their confident attitude.

Russian women radiate confidence, and this is a quality that American men find very appealing. They know what they want and they go after it with enthusiasm and determination.

They are very family oriented.

Russian women often come from close-knit families where the importance of family is emphasized. This can be appealing to American men who are looking for a long-term relationship with someone who will be a good mother and wife.

How Much Does A Russian Bride Cost?

The cost of buying a Russian woman after you visit site varies and depends on several factors: the site you choose to join, the number of women you are interested with, the frequency of video calls you make and presents you send. The best Russian brides can cost up to $10,000. They are the most desired girls in the database.

The True Price Of Order Brides Online

When you visit site, finding a Russian woman can cost you between $3,000 and $10,000. Here is the list of aspects you should take into account when meeting Russian wives on the Internet:

  • Fee
  • Virtual gifts
  • Text messages 
  •  Video calls
  • Contact info request

So, the total average price $6,000. Most reliable and popular matrimonial service would charge this fee. 

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Offline Expenses

If you would like to meet a Russian woman in real life, you are looking at a different price and a completely different process. In this case, you will need to take time off work and plan a trip. Booking a hotel, flight and finding a translator are just some of the things you need to think about well in advance. 

Here is the list of aspects included in your trip to Russia:

  • Travel expenses
  • Relocation expenses
  • Wedding expenses
  • Gifts
  • Restaurants 
  • Interpreter

The average price of traveling to Russia and meeting your mail order bride in real life is $2,000 if you spend a week in let’s say Moscow. If you wish to come for a longer time which will increase your chances of meeting more real Russian wives, then you are looking at a much higher price. 

Mail Order Wives Pricing In Different Popular Regions Of Brides

CityPlane TicketHotel For 7 NightsLeisure and PresentsWedding Cost
Saint Petersburg$1,300$800$500$15,000

Dating stories Russian couples

Success Story #1 Image
Howard and Diana AmourFactory logo
Howard had recently registered on a popular dating site and was perusing through the profiles of women from all over the world. He soon came across Diana's profile and was intrigued by her exotic looks. They began messaging each other and quickly hit it off. Diana told Howard about her life in Slavic country and he was fascinated by her stories. After talking for months, Howard took Diana to America and they married there. Diana quickly adapted to American culture and loved living in Howard's home. They were very happy together and soon started a family.
Success Story #2 Image
Evan and Ludmila UkraineBride4You logo
Ludmila was a beautiful young woman from a Slavic country who had registered on an online dating site. Evan, an American man, keen on dating Slavic women, soon found her profile and was drawn to her beauty and charm. After messaging back and forth for a while, they decided to meet in person. Ludmila traveled to the United States and the two hit it off immediately. They married soon after meeting and were very happy. But there was one thing that puzzled Evan about her: her family. They were all from a small town in Slavic country, and seemed to be quite traditional in their ways. He never quite understood some of their family values, but he loved Ludmila and didn't want to stand in the way of her happiness.

How Much Does It Cost To Bring a Russian Mail Order Bride To The USA Legally?

To bring you a Russian lady who you want to marry to the US can cost you up to $20,000. This price does not only include the fees of Russian bride sites but visa costs. Fiance and spouse visas are the most costly, so if you want to bring your future Russian wife to the US, be ready to pay such a price.

How Much Does A Visa Cost?

Obtaining the right visa is the primary step toward meeting your Russian or Ukrainian wife. Your date will need to apply for K-1 and then apply for the “Adjustment of Status” to transfer from the visa to a green card in the United States.This visa can cost from $800 to $2,000, depending on your date’s unique circumstances. 

russian brides cost
Mariana photo
Mariana photo
Location Kyiv
Age 24
Occupation HR
English level Intermediate

Real Story Of Men That Do Not Regret Spend Money To Meet Russian Women For Marriage 

Here are 2 stories of real men who met Russian females online. 

Buy Russian Bride Is Inappropriate Phrase 

Many men get confused why the service is called mail order bride sites that offer brides for sale. For many, it sounds rude and offends women, in their opinion. However, it is just the name of the service. There are no women for sale as Russian ladies sign up at international online dating platforms and look for foreign men. The name of a service which is called buy a Russian bride implies helping westerners to find a Russian wife who matches you, help to connect with them, buy presents for them and arrange dates in real life. 

Russian brides for marriage service have been popular for over a few decades. Western men have been interested in Slavic mail order brides for at least 20 years. Popular dating services have been helping single guys to find women who match them by marital status, interests, and relationship types for years bringing good results. The success rate at top-rated online dating platforms is above 70%, which proves that it works and single men from around the world have an excellent chance to find perfect Russian women online. 

russian women for marriage

A Step-by-Step Guide To Order Russian Mail Order Brides

If you are interested in meeting beautiful Russian brides online, you need some tips. There are millions of men looking for love online, but non all have luck. Why? Some men know what they should do if they want to buy Russian wife online. Others waste their time and money and can not really find genuine connections. 

We asked our dating expert to provide a few good tips for western men looking for Russian women for marriage to help you succeed. So, here are the essential steps you need to take:

  • Respect Russian girls culture

If you want to succeed and make a woman fall in love with you, be respectful. This is the main personality trait that Russian brides for sale look for in men. Respect their culture, which means being a gentleman. Russian women are poorer than foreign brides, but you should never bring this up. Treat them with respect and admire their company, and you will undoubtedly deserve their trust and love. 

  • Buy them presents

If you do not want to miss the opportunity and buy a Russian wife, then you need to do something that other men do not do. Buy them presents. Local girls will be happy to receive even a bunch of flowers. In Russian, this is the usual sign of interest and admiration. Popular mail bride sites feature all kinds of gifts, so you can choose what present you would like to send to a woman you fancy and want to get her attention. 

single russian women
  • Tell about your serious intentions

Russian brides for sale expect men to be confident and decisive. They fall in love with men who go for what they like, and nothing stops them. If you are looking for a woman for one night and do not want anything serious, then skip legitimate Russian bride sites, as here you will meet girls online who are interested in genuine connections and serious relationships. To impress a woman and make her want to become your future wife, you need to assure her your intentions are serious. Tell a woman that you would like to see her in real life and plan a date. 

Russian girls are extremely popular among western men. Every time a girl puts her photos on a dating site, she instantly gets the attention of hundreds of guys. So if you want to succeed and make a woman fall for you, act quickly. Send messages, call her, order presents for her, and plan a meeting in real life. A Russian mail order bride will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts. 

How Much Should Money Men Earn To Make Russian Women Comfortable?

As we have already mentioned, girls online who want to meet western guys for dating and marriage are not after money but real connections and love. Russian brides online have good jobs and provide for themselves. However, every Russian mail order bride wants to meet a reliable and responsible man who would care for her needs and make her life easier. No girl wants to enter a relationship and work day and night to provide for her and her partner. 

Russian women do not look for wealthy men but generous and caring men. The sum you should earn to make a woman feel comfortable depends on where you would like to live. If you live in Russia, $2,000 a month will be enough for a couple without children. If you decide to take your Russian bride to the US, you will need to earn at least 3,500 to feel comfortable. The sum also depends on your needs, like romantic trips, dining in excellent restaurants, going to the gym, etc. Take into account that you will need to earn more when your Russian bride gives birth. 

Facts Russian Wedding Traditions And Costs 

When you find a Russian bride online, you will also learn many traditions and facts about Russian citizens. You will discover how welcoming and hospitable local people are. Russian culture implies women have good knowledge of Russian cuisine and take care of children while men look after their families and provide for them. But what about local weddings?

If you want to marry a Russian girl, you should know what to expect. Local weddings are unique and include many interesting customs. Some of them are:

  • The ceremony

Every Russian bride and groom must have a ceremony that takes up to 30 minutes and implies both put their signatures which represent their desire to marry each other. Some couples want to have a ceremony without guests, while some invite all their relatives and friends to witness it. 

  • Smashing glasses

This is not just a local tradition, as many western Russian wives and husbands do it for good luck. The smaller the prices a glass breaks into, the better.

real russian women
  • The road trip

Straight after the ceremony, the groom and bride and all their guests go on a road trip around the city. They pose for photos and take hundreds of shots that will remind them of their wedding day. 

  • Gorko!

Gorko means bitter. You will hear this word so many times throughout the wedding. Usually, guests say this word to make the groom and bride kiss. Every time they kiss, the guests will count on trying to prolong their kiss. 

  • Bride-napping

This is a local wedding tradition that implies taking the Russian girl – the bride during a wedding. Usually, the bride’s girlfriends take her and hide her from the groom. The groom has to be persistent and find her wife. Once found, he needs to pay money (the more, the better) to take his beloved back. 

Mail order brides you will meet at reliable Russian wives services will tell you most about local weddings and dating culture, which you will undoubtedly find exciting. 

How Can We Help You Marry A ​​Russian Bride?

One thing is known for sure. If you want to meet a Russian girl, online dating is the fastest, most reliable, and even the most affordable method. After signing up at a mail order bride platform, you will be able to meet Russian brides instantly. You do not need to leave your home; you do not even need to visit another country: there is a vast number of Russian brides for marriage who would love to chat with you and get to know you. On dating websites, men from the US can have chats with up to 15 girls a day. Isn’t that what every man dreams about? 

After joining a trustworthy dating service, you will be able to get professional assistance. This means you will be offered to view profiles of mail order brides who match your criteria. Tell the team about your likes and dislikes. Maybe you fancy women of a certain height, hair, and eye color, and perhaps it does matter to you whether a woman was married before and has children. The team will take all your requirements into account and find the best matching Russian women for you. 

Russian Mail Order Brides

The statistics of couples who met online are impressive. If you are looking for a Russian mail order bride, you have a good chance of succeeding. Not only because Russian brides legal fancy western men but because online dating is the right tool for connecting with singles fast and efficiently. There are over 330 million users of dating apps, and the number rapidly grows. 

85% of couples who met online and created a family are Russian-American. So the most significant part of international marriages is created by single Russian brides and American males. This is an impressive marriage statistic and proves that the connection between mail order brides from Russia and men from the US is real and very strong. Singles of these two nationalities find each other attractive and compatible. This should give you confidence that you are on the right path and that meeting mail order brides from Russia online is the best decision. 

Russian Scam: How To Not Lose Money?

The only downside you can face when looking for a Russian mail order bride on the Internet is a scam. Yet, it does not mean that the service you are going to join will give you triples. You need to learn how to recognize law-quality mail order bride sites and avoid them at any cost. Such dating sites are typically free, so no one pays for membership, these platforms have profiles without photos and descriptions, plus these websites have tons of negative reviews on the Internet. 

Becoming a victim of a scammer and losing money is the worst thing to happen to a man who genuinely wants to meet Russian brides. There are certain red flags that you should be able to spot fast and protect yourself. Please review the list of tips on protecting yourself from any sort of scam leading to losing your funds:

  • Never send anyone money

The most common scam found at mail order bride services is when a woman asks a man to send her money because her relative is ill. The purpose of scammers is to make their victims feel sorry for them. You should never agree to send a woman money even if you have been chatting with her for some time and she seems like a good person.

Meet Russian Women
  • Never share your sensitive data

Telling a woman where you work, like the address of your company and its name, is never a good idea while you are chatting through a dating site. While conversing with ladies online, you can catch yourself in a flirty mood and send a woman your photo without a shirt and tell her about your naughty desires. However, it is not a good idea because a woman can be a scammer, and once you release such sensitive information, she may start blackmailing you. She may say she will contact your company, send her a photo and tell you what you chatted about unless you send her the sum of money she requests.

These scams seem cruel and unpleasant; however, with such a vast number of people using dating sites and apps, you can not be 100% sure that you are chatting with a real person or a person who is honest and genuine.

To avoid scams, avoid suspicious and free services with bad reputations. A good site can never be free. The fee should not be high, but at least for some price from each user, a site can implement security and protect users from fraud. 

In case you spot fraud, report it immediately. Contact the customer support team and notify the user who intimidates you and spoils your online dating experience. Most dating websites have “report user” or “block user” features that you can use for free. 


Mail order Russian girls are not just some of the most attractive girls online. They make fantastic wives as they are taught that family is the biggest value. They have excellent cooking skills to make a man happy after a hard day at work. A mail order bride from this part of the world makes a loving and caring mother. If you are ready to commit to serious relationships, your chances of finding peace and happiness with a Russian bride are very high.

Russian women, just like Ukrainian ladies, were born to become good wives and make men’s lives better. They devote their lives to their partners and take care of a happy marriage. Such a woman will make you feel loved and valued. Knowing the Russian brides cost and how to get hot Russian women at top dating sites, you should feel confident. 


How much does a wedding cost in Russia?

A wedding with a Russian woman usually costs $15,000. However, the price can change according to the number of guests, ceremony, restaurant, and location you choose for celebrating the event. Also, it can cost more if you hire a professional wedding planner.

How much is an order for a Russian wife?

Most mail order bride services charge between $3,000 and $10,000. The exact price depends on the amount of time it takes to find a perfect Russian bride for you, and what features you want to use, like video chat, sending presents, etc. Also, the price depends on the visa and additional documents that your Russian bride online may require to move to your home country.