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Millions of men will agree that beautiful South Korean women are arguably the most seductive creatures globally. No offense to ladies from other countries, but even common girls in this region can compete with iconic celebrities of any ethnic origin. So, why are South Korean girls so stunning?

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Bhoomi 28 y.o.
Da Nang
Yachi 25 y.o.
Shyla 24 y.o.
Gurmeet 26 y.o.
Adeline 24 y.o.
Social worker
Yami 27 y.o.
Pak Kret
School teacher
Shree 28 y.o.
Seema 26 y.o.
Ho Chi Minh City
Nguyen 26 y.o.
Dental hygienists
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First, they live in a unique country in Eastern Asia. Formally called the Republic of Korea (ROK), it was a small and poor country hidden from civilization. It took just 50 years to become rich, stable, and open to foreign tourists. The country is a supplier of world trends like K-pop, K-dramas, and cosmetic products. Hot South Korean women is another cultural heritage that have already become legendary.

Why Are South Korean Women So Appealing?

Girls in South Korea are obsessed with their appearances. Skin and hair care is not a habit but almost a sacred ritual already. Women use the best natural cosmetics to strip faces down to white and make their cheekbones visible by using rouge. They also use black eyelashes and bright lipstick to highlight their in-born charm. That’s why South Korean girls look so alluring. However, beauties from this country look perfect even without makeup. Their large eyes shine with innocence, and their quiet voice sounds mesmerizing.

? Popularity among Foreigners95%
? Successful Marriage89%
? LanguageKorean

Healthy food is another factor contributing to the unusual beauty of Korean ladies. The latter sticks to a well-balanced diet, while some other Asian regions cannot make that claim. For example, they eat a minimum of fried products, lots of meat, and fresh or cooked vegetables.

South Korean Women

Which Features of Korean Girls Are the Most Outstanding?

Local ladies are highly recognizable not only because of their unusual beauty. Apart from their naïve faces, they’re interesting and intelligent personalities. Do you want to date South Korean girls? Then, the following features might be attractive and even unexpected for you.

  • They are well educated.

Education is highly accessible and top-quality in ROK. Students’ impressive achievements have become possible largely due to skillful and creative teachers. Teaching is very prestigious in this country, and those working at school get a high salary of $2,500.

  • They are versed in techs.

South Korean girls are smart, like gadgets, and always hunt new models of various tech products like smartwatches, device-type solar cells, virtual touch panels, etc. When any manufacturer releases the novelty, women always try to buy it.

  • They are refined.

Aesthetics plays a role in local culture, making design, fashion, and art a part of women’s everyday life. That’s why most brides have an excellent sense of style.

  • They are very communicative.

Girls in this country like spending free time with friends in cafes. They chat, laugh, and tell stories for hours. Sometimes, they arrange bachelorette parties and even study in cafes. If you want to meet a South Korean girl, just visit one of the trendiest cafes in Seoul. It comes to 943 Kings Cross in Seokyo-dong in Hongdae, Banana Tree Cafe in Sinsa-dong near Gangnam, Boulanger Maison Bukak, CaFace, and dozens of others.

  • They are always well-dressed.

Local girls look modern but not vulgar or pretentious. They know which clothes to choose for a special occasion, looking really spectacular. So, you may be proud of your South Korean mail order wife while visiting various social events: she will shine and overshadow women around her.

  • They are faithful.

Devotion and respect for a family are within the local culture. Modern beauties from ROK are independent, but they don’t associate their freedom with cheating. They love their boyfriends and husbands and act wisely when managing conflicts.

  • They are night owls.

Many Asian girls in this region stay up late, enjoying talking, dancing, and singing karaoke. They can visit nightclubs even after work during the week. That’s why you can easily pick women in a coffee shop at midnight.

  • They are emotional.

While Chinese and Japanese women hide their emotions, local cuties do not hesitate to express their feelings and thoughts. Korean women don’t keep their pain or happiness quiet. And that’s good! Such openness and frankness facilitate communication between people with different cultural backgrounds.

  • They are patriotic.

Locals are proud of Nam Choson, as they call their native country (it sounds as “The Land of the Morning Calm” in English). They know their history and always root for national sports teams.

  • They are speedy.

South Korean brides are always busy, and that’s why they value their time. They are punctual and arrange their working days properly. If you slow down, you’ll definitely hear something from her like “Ppalli Ppalli!” that means “Hurry! Hurry!”

  • They like to touch other girls.

Yeah, girls hug, kiss each other and hold hands while walking. They don’t know the reasons for such behavior, and they don’t need them. They just enjoy same-sex communication, and there is no subtext here!

Dating stories South Korean couples

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Nick and Ling AsianMelodies logo
Nick found love on a dating site and he couldn't be happier. His new wife is kind, caring, and beautiful. She makes him laugh and feel loved every day. Nick loves spending time with her, and they are always doing something fun together. He is grateful for his wonderful life.
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Nick found love on a dating site and he couldn't be happier. His new wife is kind, caring, and beautiful. She makes him laugh and feel loved every day. Nick loves spending time with her, and they are always doing something fun together. He is grateful for his wonderful life.

What Should You Know About a Dating Korean Women?

Before dating a South Korean girl, it’s necessary to make her notice you. In this country, this task will be more challenging than in other Asian regions. Local women avoid talking to foreign men. Even if you get lost in the city and ask a woman to show the way, she may ignore you. The reason is women’s insecurities. They are unsteady and seem stricken with some infirmity. Besides, they are not sure about their English-speaking skills.

Still want to meet a South Korean woman? Here is the way. You may approach her when she rests with friends. Surrounded by compatriots, she will be more open and easy-going. The following aspect of dating couture in this country are also interesting:

  • Be ready for publicity. Local girls always declare their new love and relationships by posting photos on social media platforms. A woman can even ask her boyfriend to wear the same T-shirt or jeans to show that they are a couple. Generally, matching outfits is an extremely tangible influence of K-dramas.
  • If you meet someone special and jump into a committed relationship, you should put the ring on your girl’s finger. This is not the engagement but just another manifestation of your love.
  • When girlfriends ask their beloved men, “Have you eaten well?” it doesn’t mean they are interested in their nutrition. In fact, this phrase is a widely used greeting, an analog to the American “How are you?” question.
  • There is no need to greet your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. This holiday is for males! It means that you get sweets and presents from your woman.
  • Be ready for regular anniversaries while dating a South Korean woman. 100, 200, 300, 500, and 1,000 days of your romance are the most significant dates.
  • If you want to show your attachment to a local Asian women, just buy her candies, hold hands, and share a dessert in a romantic café. By the way, many restaurants have special dishes on menus, meaning one portion for two people falling in love.
  • Present your female partner with flowers but be careful when choosing bouquets. Most singles in this country consider a flower’s meaning. For example, the national flower Mugunghwa (The rose of Sharon) means deep affection. Meanwhile, Lilies are twofold used in both marriage and funerals.

As you see, when you date a South Korean woman, you get a new exciting experience that enriches your every day and love life. Women looking for American men are ready to open other amazing traditions of their sexual and dating Korean culture.

Lian photo
Lian photo
Location Bangkok
Age 26
Occupation Manager
English level Upper Intermediate

Why Are South Korean Singles into Western Men?

International marriages are a fast-growing trend in ROK. An average South Korean woman want to date someone from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, or the EU. Why is it so?

  • Foreigners are more independent than local guys. For instance, Americans don’t have too powerful ties with their parents who never interfere with their sons’ private lives. Boys in this Asian country are too close to their moms even when they are grown-ups.
  • Men from overseas drink less. Surprisingly, alcohol is a huge problem in ROK.
  • Western people are more loyal when it comes to sharing domestic chores.
  • Local men are very stubborn. That’s why these Asian girls often look like more easy-going partners.

There are many more reasons for local beauties to prefer foreigners. Still, all of them are deeply personal. Fortunately, women from this country don’t need financial supporters and protectors. Generally, they are not materialistic since they live in a successful country and experience no significant financial problems. Hence, women looking for love won’t sneak into your wallet.

Where to Pick Up the Hottest South Korean Girls?

How to find a South Korean single woman? If you want to see females in their authentic environment, you should go to Seoul, the capital of Rok. This is the city of love, happiness, romantic encounters, and excitement. Once you are there, just enter the first café you see, and dozens of cuties will appear in front of your eyes. However, while looking for quality females, you should consider the following spots:

  • Answer, Arena and Octagon nightclubs in Gangnam Seoul are magnificent.
  • Cakeshop, Glam Lounge, Club Made in Itaewon are famous for their parties.
  • Bars and clubs in Hongdae are overcrowded with love-seekers and beautiful singles.
  • The largest malls are the best venues to meet hot ladies in the daylight.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to travel, online dating sites will be the best choice.

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Does Online Dating Work to Find South Korean Women?

The country is a world leader in online services. Nearly 92% of the population uses the Internet many hours a day. Moreover, local providers feature the fastest connection speed globally. Besides, you’ll see many matchmaking TV programs and shows. Of course, online dating is in high demand in the Land of Morning Freshness (as people name their native land).

Still, there is another explanation of dating site’s popularity in this country. The point is that thousands of women in this area suffer from sexual and domestic violence and harassment. Hence, they choose online dating services because of their relative security.

Anyway, all that stuff has made South Korean mail order brides highly accessible for all western gentlemen. The best matchmaking services offer tons of profiles for sale. You can meet your love of any age, appearance, lifestyle, or profession. Dating sites allow interacting with brides and getting closer to Asian culture. You can learn everything about particular traditions and dating etiquette beforehand and visit your beloved bride full armed.

Of course, the best dating services with South Korean Women for marriage are not completely free. It means that you can sign up, create a profile, and even browse profiles without paying a dough, but communication requires a subscription. Some services are very affordable, and others might be a bit costly. Anyway, they work and are still a hundred times cheaper than traveling. Besides, safety and comfort play a role.