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Our team here at TheGirlCanWrite puts in long hours every day to ensure that you have access to all of the information you require to make educated decisions regarding the dating world, including everything from which dating sites you should sign up for to the type of women you should be looking for.

The majority of the time, our editors, authors, reviewers, and other team members are not visible to the public; but, we thought it would be a good idea to shine some light on them today.

Introducing You the Team of TheGirlCanWrite

Susan Davis - Writer

Susan Davis


Deborah Morgan Writer

Deborah Morgan


Lindsey Morales-Andrews Chief Editor

Lindsey Morales


Arthur Lewis Editor

Arthur Lewis


TheGirlCanWrite Experts

We have a lot of experts who have contributed considerably to our achievement, in addition to the authors and researchers that work on our website. Their efforts have helped us achieve a great deal of success.

They are not employed by TheGirlCanWrite, but if we are generating content, we can always rely on their expertise or seek their advice for guidance. Our publications are assured to be a combination of the author’s writing talents and their real-world experience, and our reality specialists are well-known for their expertise in the field.

Heyley Quinn Dating Coach and Reviewer

Heyley Quenn

Dating Coach and Reviewer

Heyley Quinn is a dating coach with a difference. She doesn’t preach about how to find the “one” or offer tips on how to snag a man. Instead, she encourages women to embrace their single status and enjoy their own company. This approach has won her a loyal following, and her talk on dating is one of the most popular at conferences around the world.

As well as relationships and dating, Heyley’s talks cover a wide range of topics including entrepreneurialism, communication and self-confidence. Her engaging speaking style ensures that audiences are always entertained, and they leave feeling motivated to achieve their goals.