Dating a Shy Girl – Key Rules to Follow

When it comes to dating a shy girl, few men really understand what is required of them. Dating girls like this can be very different from anything you’re used to. In order not to scare a woman prematurely and to succeed in the end, you need to follow some simple rules.

Dating a shy woman is an art, and any art is full of conventions. Remember that you can always deviate from the rules at your own risk if you feel the need to. There is no exact algorithm for how to date a shy girl, but some basic recommendations will avoid some of the mistakes.

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Where to Find a Shy Lady

In order to start dating a shy woman, first of all, you need to find this woman. Many men draw in their heads the image of a shy and modest beauty who does not fully understand her advantages and experiences certain communication problems. For the most part, this image is stereoptic, deceptive. Simply put, there are one in a million such shy girls.

Most of the most stunning, spectacular beauties are well aware of their benefits. If they build modest singles out of themselves, it is primarily because it is beneficial to them. Such a shy woman will very quickly show her true face, and you will understand that in fact, in the case of this lady, there is no question of shyness.

Truly modest girls usually hide. They are distinguished by passionately filled profiles on social networks and on dating sites, where hobbies such as music and reading dominate among their interests. Such women are characterized by introverted traits and a love of loneliness, from which they are ready to reluctantly retreat in order to gain new experience.

It is worth looking for such girls on dating sites, carefully analyzing and sorting out the search results. You have to break the first ice in communication and make the first date in real life. Regardless of the type of girl, in the first stages it is recommended to act as tactfully as possible and first make sure that you are not mistaken with the choice of a potential darling. For example, Ukrainian women are considered quite shy, but if you want to be the envy of all men, it is definitely worth trying to find the one among all ukrainian brides.

Step One – Breaking the Ice

So, let’s say you’re in luck. You have carefully analyzed the results of search results, conducted an initial check-in the chat, and are convinced that in front of you is the woman with whom you are mentally ready to make an attempt to start a relationship. Prepare for the fact that the first steps in communication will be difficult. You will have to make an effort to get the other person to talk.

 And even if you achieved success in the evening and began to communicate with a woman completely at ease, then the ice will almost certainly return in the morning. During the night, the mood of your future bride can completely change, and she herself will wind herself up and think about your relationship until the morning. In the morning you will have to start over – and so several times, until the woman feels that she needs you.

How to Get a Shy Girl to Open Up

Dating a shy woman is an activity for real hunters. These hunters must be patient, pedantic, willing to put in a lot of effort to track down prey. It will probably be difficult in the early stages. Continuing the analogy with hunting, the first stage of communication with such a woman is a long journey through forests and swamps in search of a game.

At this stage, it is very important to help the woman open up. Believe me, it is much easier for her to close the chat with you and not make an effort to communicate than to spend social energy overcoming difficulties. You will have to prove to her that you are capable of being interesting. The key point in overcoming the first ice is to find points of contact and points of contact of interest.

Don’t talk about her biography, don’t talk too much about yourself. Try to find and grope for a common movie, TV series, writer, or author. Try to touch on high-profile topics like poetry, art, in some cases even politics and religion. The key point in the question of how to get a quiet girl to open up is a lively conversation about something that you both are really interested in. 

How to Make a Shy Girl Comfortable

If you managed to find a common topic, then congratulations – you are great! Now the interlocutor is carried away, she forgets about caution and ardently defends her point of view, or even simply agrees with you. She unconsciously rejoices at how easily and naturally communication is given. She is already practically in love with you, although she still does not know about it. A woman thinks about what an intelligent, charismatic, and erudite interlocutor you are. The main thing here is not to allow communication to subside, to change topics in a timely manner. You can breathe out on the day of the first conversation only when your chosen one dries up and goes to bed.

Step Two – Communication Establishing

The main thing in the question of how to get a shy girl is the understanding that in no case should you dwell on the first success. Such women are stubborn and very quickly return to their cozy world in the complete absence of external stimuli. You just have to repeat your first success one or two more times before you start talking about the first date.

An aggressive position on this issue will almost certainly alert the girl, push her away. You can still succeed under certain circumstances, but choosing an aggressive behavior will likely be an order of magnitude more difficult to achieve success. However, you cannot drag on for too long – you always need to keep in mind the constant problem of the friend zone looming on the horizon.

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Step Three – First Dates and Consequences 

What to Expect from Dating a Shy Girl 

The first date with such a woman will almost certainly start as if you hadn’t spoken to her at all before. Stretched silence, rare tortured remarks – this is what almost certainly awaits you in the first minute. For modest women, dating is a sudden step outside their comfort zone. A fundamentally different communication format imposes certain restrictions, and a woman will have to get used to you anew.

Be prepared for the fact that at first, you will have to speak mostly. This is in many ways similar to the first conversation in a correspondence, only now you know the interlocutor better and can have an additional impact with charisma. Your weapons will be humor and mutually interesting topics.

How to Get a Shy Girl to Like You 

If you manage to succeed on the first date and get the girl to confide in you again, then you have won. Depending on how events unfold, the date will end with either a tense goodbye, a romantic kiss, or even an invitation to continue the banquet in a more intimate setting. In the last two cases, this girl is yours.

Now she takes you as seriously as possible, she thinks about you and constantly evaluates possible prospects. Take advantage of this, direct the relationship in the right direction. Everything else will certainly be given much easier.


Where to Find Shy Girls?

Finding shy girls on the Internet is not easy. For obvious reasons, platforms that specialize specifically in modest girls simply don’t exist. In addition, not a single truly modest girl will write about herself in her profile, how shy she is with live communication. Finding such girls will have to be creative. A profile description and a list of interests can tell you the right path, but photographs are always the most correct factor in determining. Choose from photos, confirm the theory in person. If you’re in luck, go for it!

Why Everyone Loves Shy Girls?

The main reason for the general love for modest girls is the fact that for many men this particular type is catchy. Relationships with such girls seem romantic, and the girls themselves resemble a closed book. It is interesting to interact with them, it is interesting to achieve and conquer them. Shy girls seem like a kind of plot. No one knows what exactly is hidden behind the appearance until it gets very close. Shy girls are a true explorer’s dream.

Are Shy Girls Easy? 

Unfortunately, not always. These girls require a tactful, detailed approach. In addition, this is an extremely unpredictable type, and every girl on the test certainly has a bright personality. You never know what to catch when fishing in a quiet and inconspicuous pond. However, it is for this that a man adores shy girls.