Tips for Dating French Women – Expert Guide

Dating most girls is relatively easy. Some of them prefer flowers, others love confidence and strong character in men. Some must be handled with caution, while others must be vigorous and determined. But all the basic tips fade and lose their relevance in the minute when it comes to women from France. Dating French women is a real modern art that requires not only knowledge of theoretical foundations, but also a great talent for improvisation.

Many people say that dating does not exist in France. This statement is only partially true. The truth is that girls from France are so different from other foreign girls in matters of ethics, culture, and mentality that dating them involves following the code of an alternative social institution. It is the nuances and rules of this amazing social institution that this article is devoted to.

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Key Features of the Elegant French Ladies 

Dating a French girl is not an easy task. It is possible that you will often not understand what your girlfriend wants and what she is hinting at. Dating French women is not only an art but also a test of character and intuition. A test that not everyone can pass with brilliance. So it’s perfectly okay to try to figure out your partner’s preferences and interests. A little theoretical training has never harmed even the most talented and outstanding geniuses of the practice.

If you’re thinking about to find french girl for marriage, there are some things you should know. First, they are extremely loyal and will always be by your side. They also tend to be very family oriented, so if you have children, she will be a great mother. In addition, french women are incredibly hard workers and will do anything to help support their family.

Bright and Unpredictable Temperament 

Girls from France are windy. This is not only a popular romantic cliché but also an undeniable truth. Anyone who at least once in their life dating a French woman knows perfectly well that this is actually the case. Their mood is changeable, like a gentle and warm sea breeze. At one minute they are sensual and warm, at another, they are distant and distant, like beautiful and inaccessible celestial constellations.

In order to fully answer the question of how to date French girl, it is necessary not only to learn to recognize the woman’s current mood but also to learn how to manage it. If you want a sublime and colorful analogy, then you should not be a weather vane, which always indicates the direction of the wind, but a linear sailing ship that always sails in the right direction, while weather conditions determine only the speed.

You must feel the mood of a French woman, learn to understand her impulses and thoughts. You need to be on the same page with her in order to get the most out of the relationship. Believe me, when a girl from France is on fire when she rushes to you and trembles in anticipation of adventure, it is easy and pleasant to be next to her. She is lively, bright, funny, smiling, and extremely sociable. The key to understanding success is that you have to be there at other times – moments of apathy, coldness, detachment.

You don’t have to understand and accept all of your girlfriend’s spontaneous decisions. But if you want to fall in love with your chosen one, then you must become the wind that will control her moods. To be able to make a woman from France happy and joyful even in those moments when she is sad. 

Education and General Erudition

Girls from France are smart and erudite. The next point in the multi-step answer to the question of how to get a French girlfriend is that you must comply with her. If you don’t match right now, then the first stages of dating can be flown through due to personal charisma and high-quality passionate sex. However, if a woman from France interests you not as a partner for the evening, but as an ideal party for years to come, then you have to match.

In no case do you want to allow the most terrible thing – she should never, under any circumstances, be bored with you. If you are not versed in the art and high poetry, then start trying. Demonstrate your interest in your partner by reading relevant articles and specialized literature at your leisure.

Surprise her with your knowledge – believe me, such courtesies work with girls from France much better than simple gifts. But be careful and remember the main truth, which was once voiced by a thinker, widely popular in very narrow circles. Remember: if you completely dissolve in another person, then you will cease to be the one who deserves his love.

Cultural Enlightenment

During the process of meeting French women, it is very important to always correctly assess their sincere love for a cultured society. Most young girls from France consider themselves to be real ladies, many of them are singers, artists, or street musicians. The rich creative potential of a nation is always to a greater extent expressed precisely in the character of the fair sex.

In order to meet French women and surely fall in love with you, you must not only show that you like the objects of their creativity. Constructive criticism invariably works much better than flattery in such cases. Praising the strengths of the work and criticizing the weak, you not only raise your own creative authority in the eyes of the woman but also emphasize your interest in her work.

Do not neglect your beloved’s hobbies or professional interests. For women from France, creativity is as important as imaginable. 

Refinement of the Aristocrat

Besides, every French woman is a natural-born lady. These girls combine the grace and sophistication of real aristocrats with the charm and charisma of real princesses. French women of all backgrounds love politeness, tact, and courtesy. This is perhaps the simplest lever for evoking sympathy in communication with them. Be gallant, but with an eye to the trends of modern society. Do not try to portray aristocrats from the middle of the last millennium – be gentlemen of the twenty-first century, and this will surely count for you.

Main Rules of French Dating Concept

Be Courteous

Your gallantry and courtesy is the first rule that will help you answer the question of what are French women like. Do not allow yourself to be rude, extremes, remain a gentleman under any circumstances. Indeed, only in the company of a gentleman can a girl fully feel like a true lady. And girls just love to feel like real ladies.

Be Understanding

You need to feel your partner. Understand her mood and be able to manage this mood. This moment is exactly what do French girls like above all else. It is this understanding that French girls want to see in their future spouses above all else. You need to feel your woman, understand her and pinpoint the moments for which certain words are suitable.

Be Sensual

It is important not only to understand but also to feel. Relationship with a French girl in the early stages is a constant dash across a minefield. Every word, every action may not have the effect that you first expect. It is very important to learn to understand and feel the interlocutor in a timely manner. Without this skill, you almost certainly won’t get far enough.

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Are French Girls Easy? 

Unfortunately, one cannot say that French singles are easy. They are romantic and changeable, windy and passionate, beautiful and detached. French singles can be anything but simple. Nevertheless, a long-term relationship and close acquaintance with any of the French girls fully pay for any difficulties on the way.

How to Impress a French Girl?

Impressing a French woman is not easy. You must be courteous and gallant, smart and charismatic. In addition, only intuition and developed social empathy can help you choose the right moments for the right words. However, if you succeed, you will never regret wasting time.

Where to Find French Girls?

You can find French girls in the same place as any other foreign woman. International online dating sites with appropriate search filter settings are great for this. In addition, for wealthy men, the market provides international marriage agencies, any of which will gladly find you a bride for a reasonable price.