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The ladies of Bangkok Thailand are unbelievably beautiful, generous, and devoted. Those women are ideal girlfriends and can become the perfect wives. You don’t need to imagine a date with Thai women anymore. You can do it in real life.  The internet connects us with international women and aims to unite people over distance. Here are some dating tips for Thai women and information about dating in Bangkok Thailand.

List of Top 10 Hottest Thai Women

The best way to show you the hottest Thai women is to list the most outstanding and popular local ladies. Thai girls are the culmination of beautiful character and outstanding popularity. Their killer smile attract tons of men out there. This is the kind of woman that conquers any obstacles in their way whilst maintaining basic human values. You are not likely to date a celebrity, but they are a good example for you to know what to expect from a pretty Thai woman.

Amanda Obdam

Amanda Obdam
  • Instagram link: @amanda.obdam
  • Occupation model
  • How to call her: Da
  • City: Toronto Canada

Amanda Charlene Obdam is a renowned Thai Canadian model. She was a contestant in Miss Universe Thailand 2020 and was lucky enough to receive a golden tiara. Amanda is an intelligent, compassionate person who spreads awareness concerning mental health. Moreover, she contributes by helping the kids who suffered from natural disasters. She arrived at the Thai supermodel contest with a fancy Siamese Fighting Fish-like outfit which made her popular.

Paula Taylor

Paula Taylor

Paula Taylor is a half Thai actress who started her career as a TV host for channel V. This is where she got noticed, which helped her make her way to Thai movies. There were quite a few movies where she nailed her role to a notch. Paula Taylor Instagram is quite popular, although it mostly covers her family life. Additionally, she can tell you a thing or two about Thai TV series on Tik Tok, covering interesting topics and making viral music videos.

Jane Ramida Jiranorraphat

Jane Ramida Jiranorraphat

Jane Ramida Jiranorraphat is a Thai model and actress who popularized the Thai film entertainment industry. She made a huge contribution by being a leading female character in Thai dramas. Jane Ramida Jiranorraphat Instagram went viral as the model posted hot photos there, not being afraid to reveal every single aspect of her body. She is no miss teen Thailand, but a mature woman that wants to show off.

Davika Hoorne

Davika Hoorne

Mai Davika Hoorne is a wonderful lady who started her acting career in the TV show Ngao Kammathep. She made a huge jumpstart as she got a leading role there. But her real moment of life was when she participated in Pee Mak. This is a mainstream Thai movie that is considered to be the most successful in Bangkok Thailand. She was even nominated for the best leading actress award. It is quite rare for a Thailand actress to go for a leading actress award, as the world audience caters more to English-speaking pop culture.

Urassaya Sperbund

Urassaya Sperbund

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund is a famous actress of Thai Norwegian descent. She is an intelligent polyglot and speaks about 5 languages on a fluent level. She started her acting career by starring in niche dramas. Her most famous project was The Crown Princess TV show. She plays an aspiring princess who is ready to do anything for her people. The role pretty much represents how this actress feels about the world she lives in.

Weluree Ditsayabut

Weluree Ditsayabut

Weluree Ditsayabut is a talented lady who is a paragon of feminine beauty. In 2014 she represented Kanchanaburi by participating in the miss universe pageant content. She wanted to represent Miss Thailand on a global level but passed on due to arguing with the local prime minister. She is not a scandalous person who enjoys conflicts, but she is never afraid to voice her concerns about politics. Her acting career mainly consists of smaller roles in TV shows. She sees it more as a hobby.

Sirinya Winsiri

Sirinya Winsiri

Cindy Bishop is a Thai actress who started with commercials. Interestingly, her first commercial was filmed underwater as she was a diver. She gained world recognition by winning Miss Thailand Earth, drawing lots of attention. What is outstanding is that she doesn’t look like a typical hot Thai woman. Cindy strives to reach unique Instagram photos and criticizes the media for telling how women should dress.

Chalita Suansane

Chalita Suansane
  • Instagram link:
  • Occupation Actress
  • How to call her: Namtan
  • City: Bangkok Thailand

Natural beauty and an outstanding hot model, Chalita became the representative of miss universe Thailand. Ms. Suansane is quite inspirational as she is both a Thai actress and microbiologist. She proves that you can become the synergy of both mind and body, reaching your peak. Her peak was becoming miss universe as this brings any lady to the edge of glory.

Paweensuda Drouin

Paweensuda Drouin

Paweensuda Drouin is quite an Asian beauty. She represents local culture, but at the same time, she is Canadian-Chinese. Although she is a Thai movie actress and a successful model, Paweensuda never tries to boast about her title. She’d rather don the image of an ordinary woman who sees beauty in simplicity. This is exactly how she presents herself in guest music videos. We think that being humble was one of the traits that helped her gain the title of miss universe in 2019.

Araya A. Hargate

Araya A. Hargate

Araya A. Hargate is a lovely girl and a famous business lady city of both Thai and British backgrounds. She enjoys looking after her body from an early age. You can see proof of that as she was a member of the hot Girl Power Group. Yoga is a passion she cannot deny. This lifestyle helped her reach the level of a fashionista and made her the queen of modeling. She could have gained the miss universe title without a sweat.

Sexiest Women in Thailand: Summary

Having learned lots of information about hot ladies from this county, let’s now structure all our knowledge in the table down below:

Cities with the Hottest Women in ThailandBangkok, Phuket
Most common occupationActress, model
Average age25-30

Why Do Foreign Men Prefer Hottest Thai Women?

Thai women are very attractive and they have the specificity to take good care of their families while being generous. They are generally slim, always smiling, and it seems that they have a secret recipe for eternal youth. Indeed, they look younger than others of their age. They attract men with their grace and distinctive features.

Dating stories Thai couples

Success Story #1 Image
Nick and Ling AsianMelodies logo
Nick found love on a dating site and he couldn't be happier. His new wife is kind, caring, and beautiful. She makes him laugh and feel loved every day. Nick loves spending time with her, and they are always doing something fun together. He is grateful for his wonderful life.
Success Story #2 Image
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Nick found love on a dating site and he couldn't be happier. His new wife is kind, caring, and beautiful. She makes him laugh and feel loved every day. Nick loves spending time with her, and they are always doing something fun together. He is grateful for his wonderful life.

Is There Any Difference Between the Hottest Thai Women and Average Thai Brides?

We wouldn’t say that there are some major differences between those women. Every Thai girl tries her best to look beautiful, so they reach sexiness to some extent. However, we can say that Thai brides are more favorable toward meeting with foreigners. They seek international relationships and show a great level of openness. Here are other main features of Thai girls you should be aware of:

  • A hot Thai woman is relaxing in bed. Even the most experienced of you will be surprised by the spirit and the positions they will make you discover!
  • Thai women are jealous, very jealous! Expect some intense spats if you let your eyes linger on other girls. In Bangkok Thailand, it is difficult to do otherwise!
  • They tend to spend money a lot. Few of them have experienced opulence, and they tend to enjoy life! If you want to please them, take them shopping, and you will delight them!
  • When a hot Thai woman is in a relationship, she will treat her partner with love and respect. She will become a real little angel, smiling and caring.

Guide to Meeting Hot Women on Dating Sites

The other solution to meet a Thai beauty is registering on a specialized dating site. Indeed, on a dating site dedicated to Thai people, you can quickly and easily find single Thai women who suit you because all the registered women have the exact origin and the same desire: to meet a man attracted by their character, origin, etc.

Thanks to extensive search and filtering functions, you can find other single members and profiles in a few moments. Unlike general dating sites, you don’t have to waste time going through each profile, and checking the origins because all registered members are Thai.

Do you see a beautiful Thai woman you are attracted to? Just send a private message request, and if she accepts, you will be connected via chat.

Which Site to Choose for Thai Hot Women Dating?

ThaiCupid is the dating portal that gathers the most Thai women. By registering on this site, you will be able to get in touch with English-speaking local women from Asia and more particularly from Bangkok Thailand.

How does it work if the woman lives in Thailand? The site has thought of everything! Indeed, the service automatically translates your English messages into Thai. This feature allows you to communicate without limits and to make beautiful meetings.

The Pitfalls of Dating Hot Thai Girls Online

Some girls are more relaxed than others in Thailand and make sex their profession. On the sites, you will see very teasing profiles, very sexy. When you contact a girl of this kind, do not expect to find true love! They are looking for men who will pay for them, not husbands! But that doesn’t prevent you from having a little fun.

Another recommendation is to avoid bad surprises. In Thailand, you will meet a lot of trans men. They are also persistent on Thai dating sites, so keep your eyes open to avoid being surprised at the fateful moment!

Breaking the Ice With a Hot Thai Girl

Indeed, the average level of English in Thailand is quite catastrophic, so we’re not even talking about hoping to meet a girl who speaks English. Instead of complaining, start by looking at your level in Thai, because, after all if you are in Thailand you should speak Thai. Honestly, do you know many Thais who live abroad and who complain that foreigners don’t speak Thai?

To make things right, we advise you (if you haven’t already done so) to learn at least a few things to say in Thai. That said, this paragraph might be a bit off-topic because we do think that you test the waters beforehand, just to know what she means by Aïe seupik englit nitteune.

Answer the Survey for Thai Women Online

You can be sure that the person finding you attractive will take a closer look at your account. Thai ladies want to see sweet pictures and your personality. Amazing personality attract women from Asian countries.  Knowing your preferences, aspirations, and place in life gets much easier when they do so. It is, therefore, worthwhile to spend the time filling out and figuring out some details.

  1. Your dating goals. Asian women might get nervous if you write something like “I want to sleep with the sexiest Thai women” or “looking for a cute Thai woman to marry”. Those things will come naturally later on. Instead, write that you want to meet a cute Thai girl and that Thai culture excites you;
  2. Past relationships and kids. Lying to hot Thai girls won’t do you any good. Just say that you were married and name the number of possible children you have. Lies will frighten any hot Thai Canadian model or beautiful Thai actress.
  3. Life aspirations. You don’t have to write every single tiny detail for your gorgeous lady. Leave off some nuances to surprise your pretty Thai girl later on. It creates the feeling that you can do many things;
  4. Faith and way of life. Hot Thai women are not as religious as you think. Nevertheless, it is always correct to respect the religion of a cute Thai woman. This might be an important topic for both of you.

Inviting Thai Women to Dine

One thing that usually puts girls at ease is feeding them. We suggest you start with a purely Thai catchphrase: kinkao yang? (have you eaten or not ). This might make you laugh, but know that it’s a very common question here. Instead of saying, “hi, how are you?” or “hi, did you see the weather today?”, Thai people will often ask “hi, did you eat?”.

So the breaking-ice process usually starts with that. If she answers no, you can invite her to go eat and drink in a Thai bar. And if she says she already ate, you say, “ok, let’s go for a drink” and I invite her to the same bar as if she had said no. In many typical Thai bars, there is always a menu lying around on the table, and you can be sure that by the time she’s halfway through her drink, she’ll already be looking at the menu.

How to Keep Talking to Thai Women

As far as conversation is concerned, there is no point in trying to be an intellectual, a philosopher, a super cultured guy, or the one who is concerned by all the problems of the world. Of course, it depends on the girl.

In general, if you talk about a problem outside Thailand, then it won’t be a problem for her, because it’s not in Bangkok Thailand. Thai girls are generally simple and down-to-earth girls: adapt yourself. If you want to talk about subjects that interest any hot Thai woman, it’s simple. Talk about their local culture, and they will be the happiest interlocutors.

Seducing Sexy Thai Girls the Right Way

You know where and how to meet hot Thai girl, and even if some will come to you, you will have to seduce your potential cute Thai girl more often. This is what you need to know to conquer the heart of a wonderful girl.

  • Get to know Thai culture, to discuss and exchange the values of the country. A beautiful Thai girl is easily seduced when you show interest in her country! Try to learn a few Thai words. Speaking her language is not as hard as writing.
  • Thai women are very popular, especially with Western and European men. You have to stand out from the crowd! So don’t say that you want to settle down with beautiful Thai girls. Instead, say that you are passing through the country and that you would like to discover the culture with a local. There are many foreign people in Bangkok Thailand, and not all of them are very respectful toward Thai ladies. You just have to be a real gentleman, and you will see that your seduction will work easily! Take care of your look, and don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks in their company.
  • Finally, and this is a very important piece of advice, don’t be afraid to ask for a last drink in your room. Most beautiful Thai women don’t have the taboos of western girls, and sex is nothing but a sharing of pleasure.

Dress Code for Beautiful Thai Women

Before you leave for your date, please trade your tourist outfit for something a little more serious. We are not asking you to go in a black suit, but at least opt for jeans and a polo shirt. Forget the shorts, flip-flops, and t-shirts with odd jokes. It may make you laugh, but a lot of guys dress like they are visiting their friends. For some people, Bangkok is synonymous with vacations, but you have to approach it with a bit of seriousness. In Thailand, a beautiful Thai girl can judge you by appearance.

Watch the video to learn more about:

  • Meeting Thai ladies online
  • Dating Thai girls offline
  • Stereotypes about Thai chicks

Conclusion on Sexy Thai Women

Now you are ready to meet pretty Thai women! This is the country that shines with the beauty of its people. The wives here are quite smart and show a strong level of commitment. When you are in a relationship with a hot Thai woman, you will discover a different kind of relationship. You will have a quite exciting intense experience that leads you to happier things. We highly recommend you try dating local brides.

Hot Thai Women FAQ

Who is the most beautiful Thai woman?

This is the question that is impossible to answer. The definition of Thai beauty can get quite obscure. Say you prefer blondes over brunettes. The blondes will take a biased spot within your mind, occupying “the most beautiful” title. Additionally, we support the mindset that there are no ugly Thai women and that every sexy Thai girl out there deserves your attention.

How to meet a beautiful Thai woman?

You can try Bangkok during the nighttime. You will find two types of hot Thai women at these parties: beautiful women who just want to have a good time, and that you can pick up normally, and girls who are looking for a man to spend the night or a few days with. The second type of hot Thai women might cost you some money. It’s up to you to see what you’re looking for, just know that Thailand in general and Bangkok, in particular, are places of perdition and that the beauties that populate them will quickly make your head spin!

Which cities have the hottest Thai women?

The general rule with every country out there is that you can aim straight for the capital. A nation’s capital represents the core of its citizens and attracts huge numbers of people. It can be a con, as you’ll have other contenders aiming for the same hot Thai girl. Nevertheless, there are enough hot Thai girls for everyone and there is nothing for you to miss out on.